3 Types of Outdoor Business Signs


Investment in an attractive outdoor business sign can bring new customers and boost your sales significantly. Signs Now’s professional sign design team will conduct an in-depth audit of your property to understand local code requirements for the optimal placement of your desired character.

Customized signs can make your business a local landmark while simultaneously building top-of-mind recall for your brand.

Awning Signs

Outdoor business signs are a powerful way to draw customers in from either street or parking lot and make them feel at home in your storefront. Select a design that complements building architecture and customer perception for maximum effectiveness.

Outdoor business signs offer the added advantage of providing more design choices, enabling them to match your desired atmosphere for your company. Awnings, for instance, can be tailored in various ways to attract customers while matching your exterior color scheme well.

An awning’s straight bottom can create a contemporary, cutting-edge aesthetic suitable for modern or newer businesses. At the same time, frills, waves, or other unique shapes may produce more traditional or homey aesthetics that better suit older, more established brands. Furthermore, the font can also be customized according to the desired impression.

Canvas awnings are among the most widely-used choices for crafting tops, offering a casual yet inviting atmosphere to any salon, boutique, or jewelry shop. Furthermore, canvas provides an air of sophistication in hotels or shopping centers seeking to convey luxury and elegance.

Canopy signs are an attractive and versatile signage choice suitable for many businesses. Made of fabric or metal, canopy signs feature an overhang ideal for displaying business information, branding messages, or logos. Furthermore, their customizability means they make great decor options in salons, jewelry stores, restaurants, or specialty shops looking to project a more elegant image.

Channel letters are an economical outdoor sign that provides continuous 24/7 marketing for your company. Commonly used to display company names or slogans, illuminated channel letters can also increase visibility at night. Plus, they come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, such as Dura-wood, which provides natural wood aesthetic while remaining ten times more potent than aluminum!

Freestanding Signs

Are You Running a Local Business? Know That Attracting Passersby Is Crucial. A well-designed outdoor sign can convey brand messaging and boost curb appeal in the neighborhood – but how can You Achieve The Best Results?

Your sign should also be made from durable material that can stand up against weather and time. Crafting characters out of premium-grade materials ensures they can withstand elements and endure through years of use.

Metal is one of the top choices for outdoor signs, as its versatility allows it to be formed into many designs and sizes. Dibond is another versatile choice made up of plastic and aluminum composite. Dibond can be formed into almost any shape you can think of and comes in an assortment of colors; furthermore ARMOUR-Wood makes for another excellent outdoor signage material; its solid wood core surrounded by aluminum can easily be formed into different shapes.

Monument signs are perhaps the most impressive form of freestanding signage, often consisting of one structure with design elements incorporated into its construction that can be lit for dramatic effects. Pylon signs also stand out, often used as roadside advertising or to direct traffic toward shopping centers or complexes of buildings.

Post and panel signs are an inexpensive yet effective way to market your business. From simple to elaborate designs, post and panel signs make an impression first impression and are easy to update as information changes – in fact, 60% of businesses that add or improve their signage experience increased sales!

Decorated sign headers, base caps, t-straps, and iron scrolls can add the perfect finishing touches to outdoor signage. These accessories can complement your company’s logo and color scheme while serving as focal points in your neighborhood. Dimensional letter signs offer another eye-catching option that features 3D letters for a striking visual impact, and illuminated versions can even provide nighttime visibility.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are an ideal option for outdoor business signage. Common uses for these signs include menu boards, discounts and special offers displays, and directions. You can find post and panel signs in all styles and sizes to meet any need, from contemporary to more traditional looks made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl that can even be carved to give them their distinctive style. They’re often used as seasonal promotions, such as for ski resorts using seasonal promotions with specific outdoor signs for each season to highlight events happening each time of year.

One of the great benefits of outdoor business signs is creating an unforgettable first impression with customers. People always make snap judgments about businesses, and your signage can either make an impressionable positive or negative on them – this is why choosing high-quality fonts for branding your logo and signage are vitally important.

Font selection can give your brand its signature “feel.” There are various kinds of fonts, each one representing something unique about itself. Sans serif fonts offer a clean and straightforward appearance without extra feet or curly cues on letters; these types are great for outdoor business signage and have easy readability by most. Conversely, script fonts offer feminine charm.

Decorated fonts add a sense of luxury and should only be used sparingly, as they can make your brand seem overdone. Pick something you love that embodies your brand personality when choosing decorative fonts.

Light box signs are great ways of keeping information visible even in dim lighting conditions and can be used alone or combined with other business signage. Flag signs also help attract attention during outdoor events like trade fairs or garden shows by sticking into the ground, creating 24-hour visibility of logos or brand names displayed there.

Window Graphics

An eye-catching window graphic can make your business name stand out among competitors. These vinyl signs can feature photographic images, an enlarged version of your brand logo, or designs that don’t cover all window surface areas. They can either remain permanently displayed in your windows as permanent displays or can quickly be taken down and used for short-term messaging – such as advertising special deals or limited-time offers.

Decal decals are practical marketing tools in fast food restaurants, retail window displays, and new construction/remodeling projects. They aim to attract passersby’s attention quickly so customers can read what is displayed. Different colors of self-adhesive vinyl may be used depending on the desired visual effect and readability – white decals tend to provide maximum contrast with both window surface and text, creating maximum readability for customers.

Window graphics can help businesses communicate essential information to customers, including hours of operation, phone numbers, and website addresses. Window graphics also serve as an excellent way to highlight products for sale, showcase creative work by the store, or highlight special events such as sales or giveaways, which encourage customers to come by at specific times of the day or week.

Window signage offers many benefits for any business, even those on tight budgets. Vinyl signs can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization and will help achieve branding goals. A compelling character, which matches its exterior’s branding elements, is essential in making an impression first impression with potential customers and can create strong bonds between a building’s appearance and customers’ memories. Get started now – contact your local SpeedPro studio directly to make custom-designed business signs that work!