Anthos Capital Partners With Values-Driven Asset Owners


Anthos Investment Advisors had for many years provided values-driven investment management exclusively to the Brenninkmeijer family and related philanthropies and pension funds. But this year, they have decided to open their platform to other values-driven asset owners.

Emily White shared with us her experiences working at Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook and Snapchat and how she approaches investing at Anthos Capital.

Impact Investing

Impact investing is a form of investment with positive social, environmental, and economic consequences. It helps create a more sustainable world by addressing poverty, gender equality, and climate change. Impact investing has quickly become popular among family offices and institutional investors.

Studies have found that impact investments yield higher returns than traditional investing and can significantly enhance the lives of impoverished people, local economies, and employment opportunities. They can also reduce environmental impact while bolstering community resilience – all while being an excellent way to support growth-stage companies working to change lives for good!

GIIN Investors’ Council brings together leading family offices, endowments, foundations, and pension funds worldwide to strengthen impact investing practices. Members share best practices and collaborate on improving impact strategies while attending educational workshops and networking events together – learning from one another along the way! GIIN’s Investors’ Council helps identify potential investments to invest in while creating an international network of like-minded investors.

Family office investors are drawn to impact investing because it offers unique advantages, including low costs, an impressive return on social impact investment returns, and access to an expansive network of industry players. The attraction for impact investors also stems from The Investors’ Council providing an important forum to discuss critical challenges and opportunities within this space.

Anthos Capital is a value-based asset management firm dedicated to positively contributing to the world by investing in growth-stage private companies at the forefront of change. All investments are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals such as No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Climate Action.

Anthos Venture Partners has an impressive record of investing in venture capital funds that drive technological innovation, such as Machine Zone, Honey, and ApplyBoard. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Anthos has raised more than $26 Million in funding.

Values-Based Investing

Values-based investing allows investors to align their investments with personal values while seeking financial returns. It gives people confidence that their money is not supporting companies they find morally objectionable – which may have prevented them from participating in the stock market in the past. Values-based investments include socially responsible investing (SRI), environmental, social, and governance (ESG), impact, and faith-based investing – each has unique strategies and benefits.

SRI involves screening out industries considered unethical, such as those producing tobacco, weapons, or pollution-inducing chemicals; ESG investing employs an objective evaluation methodology to select investments with an emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability; faith-based investing employs guidelines from religious teachings to avoid investment in certain activities such as gambling, adult entertainment, nuclear power or tobacco production.

Individuals looking to invest based on their values now have numerous options, from robo-advisors and brokerage firms offering portfolios explicitly tailored to them. ESG investment strategies or value-based investing are central features of many of these portfolios. Others focus on themes or sectors such as gender equality or sustainable agriculture – more options may become available as regulatory changes drive greater transparency and accountability within ESG reporting.

When considering values-based investing for your portfolio, you must seek guidance and support from an expert wealth management professional. Your advisor should help identify your values, research investment options, select an advisor or platform, and monitor it against your goals and values. Furthermore, consider teaming up with an integrated services firm, such as a fiduciary advice or estate planning firm, that can incorporate values-based investments into an overall financial plan to protect assets while diversifying them appropriately.

Fiduciary Management

Dimple Sahni is the Multi-Asset Impact Manager at Anthos Fund & Asset Management, an investment firm founded on values-based investing within a single-family office. She leads the team responsible for initiating investments, managing relationships, and executing strategies within multi-asset impact investments within Anthos’ fund’s portfolios across private, listed, and tangible assets – serving as the de facto Mixed Asset Impact CIO role for Anthos.

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This venture capital firm invests in venture capital companies with transactions between $10 – 50 million, with headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and ten employees working there.

Investment Strategy

Anthos Capital is a values-based investment firm offering expert management of multiple asset classes. Their services extend to family offices and their philanthropies, pension funds, and other assets. At the same time, their focus lies on creating a just and equitable society, with companies that drive innovation shaping the future in their portfolio. Furthermore, they specialize in early and growth-stage investments.

Anthos Capital was founded in 2007 in Santa Monica, California. The firm invests primarily in North American companies operating within consumer products and services, technology, business services, financial services, or similar sectors. Anthos specializes in early and growth-stage investments and operational support for its portfolio companies.

The company’s investment strategy seeks to generate long-term, sustainable returns by blending impact investing strategies with market-based approaches. Their team includes experts in private equity and diversified investing. Their portfolio contains over 67 direct investments and two funds; notable holdings have Delysium, Yummy, and Railsr and stakes in Blackstone Life Sciences that bring essential medicines and healthcare technologies to market.

As well as managing an impact-focused portfolio, the firm oversees a traditional venture capital fund dedicated to growth-stage private companies at the vanguard of change. Their team targets opportunities in the Internet of Things, mobile infrastructure, communications software, and web applications sectors. It has helped establish many startups within its portfolio, such as Fraud Detection and same-day delivery services.

As a scout for Anthos Capital, you’ll have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with team members in identifying and researching new investment opportunities. You will participate in intensive training for one week and be assigned a mentor to assist. Throughout this experience, you’ll meet founders and CEOs and learn how to evaluate growth-stage businesses.

Anthos Venture Scout Program provides an ideal way for individuals interested in venture capital to gain insight into its world while becoming part of an engaged community. You’ll get an inside glimpse of life as a VC while working on real projects – you may even earn a stipend along the way!