Are Moissanite Rings Worth It?


Moissanites are rugged, durable gems with exceptional brilliance compared to diamonds. Moissanite’s doubly refractive property creates its trademark sparkle and sheen, making this gem shine brightly. Wedding bands from Momentwish Jewelry: a little class for every event. Check out the Best info about moissanite rings wedding bands

To identify whether a ring is Moissanite or a traditional diamond, look for its fire and facet doubling from the side-view; this is an effective way of spotting quality stones.

1. It’s a symbol of love

Moissanite rings are beautiful symbols of love and remind you that your partner will always be by your side – which is why many couples opt for moissanite engagement rings over traditional diamond engagement rings.

Moissanite is one of the world’s most brilliant and durable gemstones, standing up well against everyday wear while remaining free from scratches, chips, or cracks – an excellent choice for daily wear rings!

Moissanite engagement rings can also be more affordable than their diamond counterparts. They can even be resold at lower prices, making them perfect for those on a tight budget looking for an engagement ring solution.

Moissanite shines with its ability to capture and reflect light, making the gemstone shimmer with sparkle. Furthermore, it boasts an excellent dispersion value, meaning its hues can cover an array of shades.

Moissanite rings have quickly become one of the most desired symbols of love due to their affordable yet beautiful appearance. You can purchase them online from retailers like Brilliant Earth or Amazon. They make a perfect engagement ring option if you want something original and unique – plus, they can even be customized.

2. It’s a budget-friendly option

Moissanite rings offer stunning gemstones without the high price tag of diamond engagement and wedding rings. They are an ideal alternative for couples seeking an elegant arrangement or wedding ring option without breaking the bank.

Moissanite gemstones offer the benefits of diamonds without their associated ethical issues – lower prices, lighter weight, and more explicit surface are among the many attributes that make it ideal for ethical concerns surrounding mining and gemstone sales. This makes Moissanite an excellent option for ethical consumers looking for gemstones.

Moissanite does not darken over time as cubic zirconia does. Therefore, you must clean your moissanite ring regularly to prevent dirt and oils from collecting on it that could detract from its sparkle.

Lab-grown moissanite tends to be more colorless than their diamond counterparts; for instance, Charles & Colvard estimates their Forever Brilliant moissanite to approximate diamond color grades G to I.

Lab-created moissanite offers a more affordable alternative to colored gemstones like sapphires and rubies, though still expensive on a per-carat basis. As newer gems have yet to stabilize as much in price like diamonds have done, moissanite may prove more budget-friendly in the short term than their more established counterparts.

3. It’s durable

Moissanite is an exceptional option for engagement rings due to its superior durability. Additionally, its cost is considerably less than diamond equivalents – you can buy one for approximately 10% less!

Moissanite is not only durable but also a stunning gemstone. With a high refractive index and more sparkle than a diamond, many find its sparkling qualities irresistible, while for others, it may become distracting – therefore, choosing one that resonates with you is vital.

Moissanite stands out among jewelry products by being nearly indistinguishable from diamonds. Even jewelers use the diamond test, an established method for verifying whether or not stones are natural, to assess them.

Moissanite engagement rings have long been popular because of their durability and similar appearance to diamonds. Though not considered conflict-free gemstones, Moissanite passes the Kimberley Process, ensuring it is ethically sourced.

Moissanite can be difficult to find in physical stores, making online shopping the superior option. Here you can browse a more comprehensive selection of loose stones and jewelry. Additionally, shopping at reputable retailers with stellar reputations and reviews is essential; choose those offering return policies, as this ensures the highest levels of satisfaction from your purchase experience.

4. It’s beautiful

Moissanite makes an attractive alternative to diamond engagement rings for those concerned about its violent production process or seeking more sustainable engagement rings. Its durability makes it much less expensive than diamonds, and it still boasts all the sparkle and beauty of natural diamonds!

But it’s important to remember that not all Moissanite is created equal; some pieces resemble diamonds more closely than others, and the color may vary accordingly. When shopping for Moissanite, be mindful that its carat weight will differ significantly from that of diamonds – as such, if comparing prices, it is wiser to opt for larger carat weight stones with fewer carat weight.

Moissanite has come a long way in recent years, and newer colors resemble those of natural diamonds more closely. If you’re shopping for older Moissanite pieces, be wary to scrutinize their body color – classic Moissanite typically features yellowish-green tones. In contrast, more modern samples from brands like Charles and Colvard may be colorless. Additionally, older Moissanite may feature telltale fire or facet doubling qualities from any angle; for the best results, it is wise to observe your stone from various directions while moving it around before purchasing it.

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