Best Cardiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali


Doctors can treat and prevent heart diseases. The best ones will conduct a physical exam, inquire about your family history, and order electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, or CTs to detect potential risks.

Cardiologists can treat chest pain, high blood pressure, and other problems with your heart valves, vessels, or other structures. Furthermore, they provide advice to help you develop healthier lifestyle habits.

Dr. Vinayaga Pandian Sakthivel

Dr. Vinayaga Pandian Sakthivel is one of the premier cardiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali, with over 12 years of experience as a highly qualified cardiologist. His credentials include an MBBS from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and DNB-General Medicine from NBE New Delhi.

Dr. He is renowned for his interventional cardiology techniques, such as angioplasty, stent placement, and atherectomy. Furthermore, he embraces technology like virtual reality and 3D printing, allowing him to provide more personalized care to each patient. You can book an appointment with him through Medigence to comprehensively evaluate your heart condition.

Dr. Sanjay Nathuram Kanthe

Dr. Sanjay Nathuram Kanthe is one of the premier cardiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali, having practiced medicine for more than 28 years.

He specializes in non-invasive cardiology, cardiac ablation, coronary angioplasty/bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

He has an impressive list of affiliations, including several renowned hospitals and clinics. Please check out his profile page for a detailed overview of his expertise.

Dr. Chetan Bhambure

Dr. Chetan Bhambure is one of the premier cardiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali, with expertise in Coronary Angioplasty/Bypass Surgery, Non-Invasive Cardiology, Heart Transplantation, and Electrocardiography (ECG).

He holds a doctorate and extensive medical practice experience. Throughout his career, he has performed over 4000 angiograms, and 2000 angioplasties either assisted or independently.

He has extensive expertise in correcting congenital heart defects and arterial switch operations on pediatric patients, with over 50 research publications in prestigious national and international journals.

Dr. Asha Ahuja

Dr. Asha Ahuja is one of the premier cardiologists in Kalyan & Dombivali. She graduated from Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai, in 1982 before earning her MD in General Medicine at that same institution four decades later in 1987. Currently practicing at Shivneri Hospital in Ulhasnagar, Thane, Dr. Ahuja has been in this industry for four decades.

She is also co-founder and president of Operation ASHA, an organization with a mission statement that strives to reduce tuberculosis (TB) infection among India’s urban poor. She has received numerous trophies and awards for her public health efforts.

Dr. Jayesh Dhareshwar

Kalyan & Dombivali boasts many talented cardiologists, but Dr. Jayesh Dhareshwar stands out. With 21 years of experience, he is an experienced professional with an excellent reputation within the medical community.

Our highly-trained cardiologists can handle all your cardiac needs, from an EKG to complex open-heart surgery. You’ll get the highest quality treatment at a competitive price. To schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation today – you won’t regret it!

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Dr. Krishna Prasad Irniraya

Akkayya, the eldest daughter of the renowned Irnaraya family, is married to U. Padmanabha Kunikullaya, a senior advocate in Kasaragod District and Kerala High Court.

The couple had four sons and two daughters. They reside in Kodyamme near Kumbale, with the eldest being Vishnu Irniraya – a renowned surgeon who served the Kerala Govt. Health Service as an Assistant Surgeon.

He is a highly-respected doctor who takes great pride in his work. He prioritizes the needs of his patients and continuously strives to enhance his services.