Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union Routing Number


Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union was established by W.D. Fussell in 1954 in Katy, Texas, and currently provides service to teachers across 13 Texas counties. Their CD accounts offer competitive APYs.

ABA routing numbers are nine-digit codes used to identify financial institutions and banks within the US. These numbers enable electronic transfers or wire payments.

Routing Number

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union Routing Number is a crucial way to identify any financial institution. The first two digits identify the bank, while the last three indicate which Federal Reserve district it belongs. Routing numbers help users quickly transfer funds between banks as well as locate branch locations rapidly.

BVSCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative that offers its members financial services, such as savings accounts and checking accounts, at reasonable rates. Their primary purpose is to help their members save money while providing competitive financial products at affordable rates. Membership is open to employees of Boulder Valley School District, Estes Park School Districts, as well as numerous private schools, Catholic parishes, and employees’ immediate family members.

Credit unions are financial cooperatives that allow their members to share risks and reap benefits through saving and lending at fair and reasonable interest rates. A credit union is governed by both state and federal law to safeguard its members’ assets, most significantly, their deposits and investments, which are insured up to $250,000. Moreover, these financial cooperatives provide low-interest-rate borrowing options through particular government-insured loans called Jumbo Certificates.

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union not only offers traditional banking but also an impressive selection of online and mobile services. Through their mobile app, customers can check their account balance, make transfers, pay bills remotely, and more from anywhere – while their website provides educational articles and videos designed to assist their members in navigating all aspects of online banking.

BVSCU provides its members with free ATMs across the country, accessible using its locator tool. Simply accessing from your computer, tablet or smartphone allows you to quickly locate one near you; search by tag or location or use our convenient search feature! Once found, tapping on one provides more details, such as operating hours.

Branch Address

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union of Katy, Texas offers various checking accounts with low APY and no monthly fees for customers to open accounts with them. Customers may also make deposits via mobile apps; these deposits will be processed more slowly than at branches and may require further verification from the bank.

An ABA Routing Number is the nine-digit identification of any bank or credit union located within the United States. It serves to identify which institution should receive wire transfers, ACH payments, or direct deposits as well as connect online banking accounts to employers for direct deposit purposes or transfer funds between accounts.

An American Bankers Association Routing Number is a unique 9-digit code assigned to every financial institution by the ABA. This allows customers to identify which bank is being transacted with, with four digits representing a particular Federal Reserve district while three more provide their unique identifier.

Finding an American Bankers Association routing number (ABA Routing number) for any bank is simple visiting their website or calling customer service. Their ABA Routing number should be printed on the bottom left side of their checks or website; if it can’t be located quickly by searching by name or location, it can help save both time and effort in finding it.

Brazos Valley Schools’s routing number is 313085288 and their Katy, Texas branch can be found at 438 Fm 1463 Road; their opening hours are seven days a week with full service banking provided through ATM and drive-through window facilities; they are insured by National Credit Union Administration.

BRAZOS VALLEY SCHOOLS CREDIT UNION is the sole BRAZOS school credit union located in Katy, Texas, and can be identified by its ABA number of 313085288, situated on the lower left corner of their check and followed by a symbol that looks similar to an upturned frowning face.

Contact Number

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union has an ABA routing number of 313085288 that you can find printed at the bottom of every check issued from them. Knowing your routing number is vitally important as it’s used to connect online accounts to bank accounts and set up direct deposit with employers, as well as many other situations. Routing numbers typically appear printed nearer the lower middle on checks or deposit slips depending on which bank issued them – to find yours, look for an icon with a frown face bracketed around the number!

Brazos Valley Schools CU Katy Branch is situated at 438 FM 1463 in Katy, Texas (TX). With one employee working there, this branch specializes in Federal Credit Unions under Depository Institutions sector.

As opposed to banks, credit unions are not covered by the FDIC; instead, they’re covered by the National Credit Union Administration, a government body responsible for overseeing federally insured credit unions. This provides members with peace of mind knowing their deposits are safe.

Credit unions typically don’t impose minimum balance requirements or fees, though some may charge a monthly service fee. Constantly referring to the account terms is key in understanding these costs, while many have attractive APY rates as well. Furthermore, considering security may also impact how much APY they provide.


Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union provides information about its products and services on its website while also offering an online banking application that allows customers to manage their accounts from any location – deposit checks directly and make payments using this application! Furthermore, there’s an FAQs section and blog as part of their offering.

American Bankers Association (ABA) routing numbers are nine-digit numeric codes used to identify financial institutions or bank branches within the US. They’re essential when transferring funds between different banks or making direct deposits; you can even use them when filing tax refunds or debiting tax payments it! In most cases, this number can be found on the bottom left corner of checks or deposit slips with its unique frowning-face icon to quickly differentiate it from other numbers.

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union (BVSCU), founded in 1954 to serve teachers from Waller County, Fort Bend County, and Katy Independent School District, was expanded in 2007 to serve a 13-county region of Texas, with assets totaling an estimated $1 billion and membership totalling over 80,000 members.

Contrary to some other types of financial institutions, credit unions are not covered by the FDIC; instead, they are insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency responsible for overseeing credit unions with similar insurance provisions as those found within FDIC policies.

When depositing checks at BVSCU branches, you will need to provide your routing number – a nine-digit code that identifies its physical location. Its first four digits designate which Federal Reserve district it belongs to while its last three are used as an ABA check identifying number that allows BVSCU to stand out amongst other ABA member financial institutions.

On your check, the American Bankers Association Routing Number should be located near the lower left corner. Also, be sure to include your phone number just in case the bank needs to reach out in regards to deposit. This could prevent any potential errors during the processing of your deposit.