Bullitt County Public Schools Schedule


Bullitt County Public Schools’ schedule accounts for all holidays that are important to students. Holidays provide them with an opportunity to have fun and relax, making these days truly special through extracurricular activities and experiences.

Michael Age’s parents protested the program proposed by Bullitt County on the grounds that it relies upon total method instruction; their Individualized Education Plan specifies oral method education.

School Closing Dates

Bullitt County Public Schools in Kentucky is a public school district serving 12,590 students at 25 public schools. With an average testing ranking of 7/10 and being recognized amongst the top 50% of public schools in Kentucky, this school system specializes in providing equitable educational opportunities to children from low-income and wealthier backgrounds while working to bridge any achievement gaps between them and more affluent students. Bullitt County Public Schools have also been honored for their commitment to sustainability and innovation within education.

The school district provides an array of programs and activities designed to keep students engaged with learning. This includes extracurricular activities, after-school programs, summer camps, and clubs and organizations such as band, choir, math club, science club, and chess club that all help keep the learning fun while at the same time providing benefits.

Bullitt County Public School District recognizes that every student possesses unique strengths and challenges and strives to tailor instruction accordingly. Employing innovative approaches such as online resources and blended learning models, this district seekseks to create a safe, supportive learning environment where all children can flourish to reach their maximum potential.

Shepherdsville District’s portfolio covers over 2 million square feet. To reduce energy consumption and emissions, significant investments were made in upgrading HVAC equipment, lighting systems, DDC controls, and electric school buses, as well as an onsite solar PV array to reduce its carbon footprint further.

Bullitt County Public Schools’ aim to enhance excellence and equity extends into efforts to improve college readiness scores, with initiatives including increasing enrollment in STEM subjects, strengthening teacher quality, increasing parent involvement, and partnering with DonorsChoose for classroom projects – in fact, DonorsChoose has funded over 300 classroom projects that have helped attract new families and increase enrollment!


Bullitt County public schools observe various holidays throughout the year, such as national, state, and local holidays. These breaks provide students and teachers with an opportunity to attend these special days with family members or friends, giving them full enjoyment and celebration! In addition, these breaks provide school employees a much-needed respite from daily work tasks.

Bullitt County Public Schools offers education to children from pre-K to 12th grade in a safe and supportive learning environment, nurturing each student’s development to reach his or her maximum potential. Our commitment to academic excellence, innovative programs, and community involvement empowers every student to realize his or her true potential.

Education at GEMS Academy emphasizes developing all areas of a child’s development: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Their dedicated teachers strive to offer each child optimal learning opportunities, taking into account individual student strengths and challenges in providing personalized teaching methods tailored specifically for each one.

The school system fosters healthy lifestyle habits by teaching the importance of healthy eating habits and physical activity, including sports participation. Students can take part in extracurricular sports programs as well as clubs and fine arts programs designed to meet varying interests and hobbies. Furthermore, its gifted and talented program recognizes students with exceptional abilities who receive services designed to help them excel further.

Additionally to celebrating national, state, and local holidays, Bullitt County High School recognizes some special community celebrations, such as Bullitt County Fair Day in June and Oaks Day on the Friday before Kentucky Derby weekend in May.

Students should contact their school district regularly for up-to-date information regarding school closings and holiday schedules. While schools make every attempt to keep their calendars accurate, these dates could change at any time.

School Start Dates

Bullitt County Public Schools provide an abundance of fun and educational activities throughout their calendar. Offerings range from extracurricular programs such as band, choir, math club, science club, and chess club to summer camps and robotics programs, as well as academic competitions and contests that enable students to learn while having a blast and staying healthy!

The school district offers courses spanning preschool through 12th grade. Their mission is to deliver a high-quality education that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional growth for every child they serve. Recognizing each child has unique strengths, challenges, and learning styles, they wish to accommodate with tailored instruction for every student in attendance.

This school district includes 25 public schools serving 12,590 students in Kentucky. It ranks in the top 50% of public schools for its average testing score (7/10), and its reading and math proficiency scores are higher than the state average. Graduation rate stands at 89%.

At 92% White, 5% Hispanic,, and 4% Black, its racial composition stands out. Additionally, its student-teacher ratio stands at 17:1. Additionally, the district offers numerous educational programs tailored towards autism patients and gifted kids.

Teachers in the district are highly trained and motivated to provide an outstanding education to their students. Many are actively working to bridge achievement gaps between students from different races and economic backgrounds but still face funding hurdles when funding classrooms. It is, therefore, vitally important that local educators receive support by considering DonorsChoose – an online crowdfunding site specifically for educators – for donations to their classrooms.

Extracurricular Activities

Bullitt County Public Schools offers an array of extracurricular activities designed to allow students to pursue their interests and expand their skill set outside the classroom. These include academic clubs, sports teams, and many programs promoting physical fitness and teamwork, as well as opportunities to build leadership abilities and discover passions.

As part of their regular curriculum, the district offers advanced placement and dual credit courses, as well as updating curriculum and technology in order to enhance student learning. Their efforts have resulted in both high test scores and reduced dropout rates.

School districts have also prioritized sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives, working to reduce emissions while improving efficiency with new HVAC equipment, lighting fixtures,, and DDC controls, exploring onsite solar PV as well as electric school buses as part of these endeavors.

District 254 provides additional support to its students through Discovery School, an innovative program that allows students to build college credits before graduating. Utilizing less traditional teaching methods and giving open-ended questions that require solving, Discovery School will enable students to prepare themselves for future opportunities and get ahead of their competition.

The school district has also partnered with local businesses to offer their students hands-on learning opportunities. Through these partnerships, they can explore careers such as healthcare, engineering, and culinary arts while participating in CTE programs that prepare them for specific occupations.

Students should participate in extracurricular activities like marching band, sports, and academic teams, as well as summer camps to give themselves a sense of achievement and build their character while also learning the value of hard work and perseverance in life.

Bullitt County School Board, located in Mount Washington, Kentucky, is a public school district serving students from Shepherdsville, Lebanon Junction, and Mount Washington, as well as small sections with Louisville postal addresses. Their schools have been consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as among the best in Kentucky.