Choosing a Paving Contractor


Maintaining your paved surface increases property value and adds to its aesthetic appeal, as well as reduces wear-and-tear, prolonging its lifespan and increasing property values. Regular upkeep can minimize wear and tear, prolonging its longevity. Choose the best asphalt paving contractor in Garden Grove.

Before hiring a contractor, research their reputation, qualifications, and experience, as well as client testimonials and quotes, to help make an informed decision.

Education and Experience

Paving contractors lead teams that construct, repair, and maintain various pavement surfaces, including highways, airport runways and taxiways, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. To advance in this field, many contractors take classes or enroll in formal apprenticeship programs—typically lasting three or four years and including both classroom and on-the-job training—but some opt for informal experience-based advancement instead.

Experienced pavement contractors should be your top priority for any project you have in mind to ensure a successful result every time. Be sure to ask potential contractors for client references and review their portfolios online to see examples of projects they have completed before making your choice.

Be sure to obtain free estimates from multiple qualified contractors, reading through each quote carefully and noting its details. Many paving companies provide warranties on their work, an indicator of quality workmanship. Be wary of paving companies with only positive Google reviews, as these may be fake; instead, ask for client references so you can speak directly with clients to obtain honest opinions from them.


Paving contractors rely on professional equipment to complete projects quickly. Their services may use asphalt-laying machines, compactors, pavers, and sweepers, among others, to construct roads, driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks. It’s important to ask what equipment the contractor uses before hiring them for your task—hiring one with top equipment will guarantee high-quality results in completion time and costs.

Dump trucks are an indispensable piece of paving contractor equipment used to transport asphalt mix from its source to work sites. Some dump trucks raise their front ends so the asphalt material can easily slide out, while others use a gate at the bottom of their beds to do this job. A material transfer vehicle may also be attached.

Cold planers are another piece of heavy equipment. This machine features a rotating drum with many carbide-tipped road milling teeth to grind away at old pavement surfaces and remove them, producing milled HMA (hot mix asphalt). Once completed, this material can then be transported away via a conveyor belt.

A paver is an essential paving contractor machine used to lay down hot asphalt mix. Equipped with a self-leveling screed that ensures concrete can be laid level, this tool is versatile in terms of its applications for contractors. Rakes and rollers are essential construction tools used for asphalt compaction—they reduce air volume in HMA mixtures so they bond more readily with the soil below.

Work Environment

Depending upon the scope and scale of a project, paving contractors may require extended periods on site. They should come fully prepared with adequate safety equipment and training; additionally, operating machinery that needs expert knowledge might also require them. When considering potential contractors for hire for your paving job, make sure these factors are taken into account so you can make an informed decision about who best meets your needs.

Paving contractors should establish quality control programs to ensure that they use only appropriate materials and follow all relevant regulations. Regular safety training sessions should also take place so all personnel understand potential hazards as well as proper procedures to follow, which should reduce insurance claims or lawsuits in the future.

Selecting a professional asphalt contractor with an excellent reputation, extensive experience, and free consultation/quotes is key to ensuring a successful paving job from start to finish. When making this decision, be sure to compare the costs, timelines, and warranties/guarantees of each potential contractor before selecting one for your job—this way, you’ll ensure everything runs smoothly from beginning to end! Additionally, an established paving company should offer warranties on their workmanship as part of their commitment.

Job Duties

Pavement upgrades not only add to the visuals and value of a commercial or residential property but can also increase safety for those living or visiting it. Ensuring the job is completed efficiently from the outset requires hiring an experienced contractor specializing in paving techniques to get it completed flawlessly.

A paving contractor’s job duties typically include operating construction equipment like a skid-steer, backhoe, vibratory compactor, and power broom. They must also know how to lay asphalt using a paver and tamp gravel, dirt, or concrete for tamping purposes. In addition, these professionals must read and adhere to job plans or specifications while setting up and adjusting equipment before communicating with other crew members on the job site.

A paver operator reports to their foreman and is accountable for operating an asphalt paver efficiently and safely. They should ensure the paver is loaded appropriately when receiving asphalt from a plant, tarping its load securely before moving to its final job site destination. They also liaise with trucking ticket and equipment rental companies to arrange material deliveries and return paperwork in a timely fashion.

Mid-Atlantic Asphalt’s managers participate in daily tailgate meetings, conduct job site inspections and document any issues on-site, promote and enforce Mid-Atlantic Asphalt’s safety program with field personnel, and coach hourly workers to reach performance goals while encouraging teamwork and collaboration.