Disney Trading Cards


Disney is entering the trading card game market with their debut offering, featuring iconic characters such as Cruella de Vil and Maleficent.

This game allows players to assume their favorite Disney heroes and villains using reimagined art, with organized play support. Set for release this fall.

1991 Impel

This set, released during the height of the 1990s trading card craze, remains one of the most acclaimed sets ever. Featuring an extensive checklist and plenty of holograms, its cards are divided into subsets such as Teams, Weapons, Rookies, Arch-Enemies, and Legends, with each card featuring its own front image and action image on the back; additionally, it also contains extensive amounts of information about Wolverine and Spider-Man as some examples of notable cards included within.

Cards feature engaging text and symbols in their corners that may indicate the characters’ power level, attack type, or status.

As well as characters, this set contains non-character cards that provide additional insight into the WCW era. Some cards offer “Overview Cards,” giving an overview of wrestlers in a period; others feature historical events like Starrcade ’91 and Great American Bash ’91; others offer background details such as name, birth date, and other personal information about wrestlers.

This 177-card set showcases original artwork and statistics on every card, featuring full-color illustrations on the front and detailed stats sections on the back. Furthermore, each card includes short biographies and lists of accomplishments and achievements for every wrestler and manager within WWE. There are even cards dedicated to all-star wrestlers and managers!

These cards provide an engaging way to gain greater insight into the G.I.Joe universe. Not only will you learn more about its characters and weapons, but this set also features reprints of comic book covers and a complete checklist listing every card in its location.

Cards can be an engaging way for children to explore collecting. Easy and inexpensive to find, cards make great additions to any collection. They are an effective way to develop social skills and language while introducing children to fantasy worlds and adventures.

2003 Upper Deck

Sports fans might already know of Upper Deck. Their high-end trading cards make great collectibles found online and at local card shops – making collecting an enjoyable hobby shared among family, friends, and history lessons!

Upper Deck offers various products, such as the 2003 Upper Deck Series One set featuring top rookies in the NBA. Each card in this set is numbered and features action shots of players; 24 packs of five cards are in a box. Furthermore, these cards boast anti-counterfeiting holograms to make counterfeited cards easily identifiable.

As well as its regular cards, this set offers several major chase cards: Sketch Cards featuring artwork by Disney artists who contributed to its release – these rare and often fetch premium prices; Reel Piece of History cards feature frames from movie prints – these were given away exclusively at Hawaii Trade Conference in June 2003 with one featuring Hideki Matsui of the Yankees as its subject!

The UD Rookie Exclusives basketball set was introduced midseason, featuring some of the NBA’s most desirable rookies and veterans. Each card in this collection features full-color images with player information printed inside its borders; 30 feature action photos of NBA rookies, while another 30 showcase veteran stars from around the league.

UD also released the limited 63-card Patch Stripe Exclusives card set, featuring jersey material from either the 2000 or 2001 All-Star Game batting practice jerseys of players participating. These were exclusively sold in Series One retail packs. In addition, one-of-a-kind Superstar Scrapbooks cards were only ever offered within this series; one such book-style card even contains its own book!

The UD Honor Roll LeBron James card is one of the most valuable LeBron cards, featuring a small patch from his jersey that has been taken as part of its design and limited to 499 cards. Each edition also comes with either silver or gold embossed die-cut parallels, which further increase its price; one PSA-graded Mint 9 copy recently sold at auction for over $300,000.


D23 is Disney’s official fan club and offers paid Gold memberships and free General memberships, with numerous perks, including discounts on Disneyland tickets and exclusive events. Gold members receive an annual gift from James Fauntleroy designed platinum Mickey Mouse Leader of the Club Milestone Statue, which will be shipped out during spring 2023 to all their Gold members.

Gold members now have four designs to select for their membership card and certificate this year, from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel characters – each design boasting platinum lines and silhouettes of these beloved characters. Disney features Tiana, Baymax, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Stitch, and Tinker Bell Mirabel Madrigal. At the same time, Pixar boasts Joy Buzz Lightyear WALL-E, Miguel Rivera Meilin Lee Rey Skywalker BB-8, and Chewbacca C-3PO. At the same time, Marvel has Captain Marvel, Loki Groot Groot, and Iron Man to complete this roster of characters!

D23 offers unique benefits at Disney World and Disneyland and hosts exclusive events throughout the year for its Gold members – from attending D23 Expo biennially to various smaller gatherings. Gold members gain entry by showing their D23 card; membership costs only $99 annually or $129 for two people.

Gold members can take advantage of various perks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and D23 event ticket and merchandise discounts exclusive to Gold members; these discounts usually sell out fast! Gold members also have access to special D23 events like Disney100 Celebration, which often occur within one of Disney’s theme parks or nearby.

D23 card members can take advantage of an exclusive lounge at Disney Expo to relax and recharge during panels and meet fellow fans. The lounge features comfortable seating areas, charging stations, and food offerings. Plus, it gives them time to check out product announcements!


Disney+ is a new streaming service offering users movies, TV shows, and live sports content from Disney brands like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and The Simpsons. Plus, there are the latest episodes of classic TV shows and films from their archives – currently, it costs $65 per month to subscribe!

Disney is commemorating their 100th Anniversary this year with a range of products, such as a card game featuring iconic characters from their history. Partnered with Ravensburger (renowned for puzzle games), known for producing collectible tin sets with limited runs created.

These cards were created to honor Disney’s legacy and plans, providing fans with an easy way to collect iconic characters from Disney. A 66-card tin set makes an excellent addition to any collector’s library!

Though Disney was reluctant to reveal the gameplay details, they assured fans that it would differ significantly from Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. Their family-friendly TCG will feature iconic artwork of beloved Disney characters with new ones featuring song cards for them to “sing” without using ink!

This card game takes place in Lorcana, with players acting as Illumineers who explore a contraption known as the Great Illuminary treasury that houses all of Disney’s classic stories and songs – providing Illumineers access to classic characters for adventures! Each card will come equipped with one of six rarities such as Hero, Villain, Enchanted Inkwash, or Stained Glass rarity levels.

Ravensburger, a tabletop game maker best known for Dingbats and Escape production, will co-produce this title and debut it this fall at local gaming stores and major retailers; fans can preorder online. Disney has begun advertising the product by showcasing iconic Disney characters such as Goofy.