FWD Car Insurance Review


FWD is a car insurance company that prides itself on providing a high level of flexibility to its customers. They don’t force you to name additional drivers or worry about premiums if you get an accident; they offer ample overseas coverage in West Malaysia and Thailand, and their Lifetime No Claims Discount (NCD) Guarantee ensures you retain your NCD at 50% for life.

Lifetime No Claims Discount (NCD) Guarantee

You may be eligible for a car insurance discount if you have a proven track record of being a safe driver. This is often called a No Claims Discount (NCD), and it can save you up to 80% on your premiums over time, depending on the provider.

FWD offers this kind of discount with their basic policy. This means that they will automatically reduce your insurance premiums by up to 60% if you have been insured with them for five years and continue not to make claims during the following year.

They also offer a No Claim Discount Protector that allows you to maintain your NCD whether you have made a claim, which is a nice extra feature that other insurers might not offer.

FWD also has a fantastic set of overseas benefits, including courtesy cars, a competitive daily transport allowance, and a lifetime repairs warranty, which makes them an excellent choice for any motorist who wants to travel with peace of mind.

Family Protection

Having a family can be a significant life event. Planning a wedding, expecting a baby, or adopting a child are all essential triggers to start thinking about protection.

Protecting your client’s family against the financial impact of death, critical illness, or loss of income due to an accident or ill health is vital. Taking out a policy now can ensure they are covered if something happens.

It is also essential to review their policies regularly. Whether it is a home, auto, or life policy that is coming to an end you should make time to sit down and talk about what they need.

Family protection covers are affordable and can be tailored to meet your client’s budget. They include critical illness cover, which pays out a lump sum if your client is diagnosed with an illness or condition that is covered. They can also have income protection, which will pay out a monthly income if your client is unable to work.

Any Driver You Trust to Drive Your Car

The Any Driver You Trust to Drive Your Car benefit is a great way to save money on your insurance. It means you can insure any other drivers you know well, such as relatives who regularly use your car or babysitters who take care of your children, without having to name them on your policy.

This is especially useful if your family members travel abroad and need to rent a car. Similarly, any adult child who moves in for some time can also be added to your policy, provided they’re listed as a household member and not a permissive user.

FWD offers a range of car insurance plans and add-ons to suit your needs. They’re an excellent choice for affordable, comprehensive coverage with an array of benefits that will make life easier if you get into an accident. The company is also a good option for young drivers as they can waive the excess of S$2,500 for young and inexperienced drivers.

Overseas Booster

Fwd is one of the most digital-forward car insurers, ensuring that customers can seamlessly shop and buy insurance online. The claims process is also streamlined, making it easier to get your insurance done quickly and efficiently.

As for coverage, FWD has three tiers of Comprehensive plans to choose from Classic, Executive, and Prestige. All three offer relatively generous benefits, including loss of use (LoU) and 24-hour roadside assistance (RWA), towing costs, daily transportation allowance, and legal fee coverage for third-party liability cases.

They’ve also got an Overseas Booster, which can help protect your car in West Malaysia and parts of southern Thailand when you’re on holiday. The Overseas Booster is an excellent addition to any driver’s insurance policy, especially if you plan to drive in these countries often.