FxPro Forex Trading Pro Review


FxPro is a Cyprus-based forex broker with an excellent reputation for fairness and transparency. It is regulated by three tier-1 regulators and won a “safest broker” award in 2019.

They have competitive no-commission trading and a good selection of accounts. They also have great mobile apps and a variety of trading platforms.


FxPro offers a range of trading tools, including currency conversions, required margin, pip value, stop loss/take profit levels, and swaps. In addition, there is an economic calendar and a trader’s dashboard to help monitor all their favorite assets in one place.

Forex trading software helps traders save time and execute trades instantly. It also allows them to backtest and paper trades their strategies.

For beginners, the learning center at FxPro contains a variety of mini cards that explain concepts such as “What is a stop out?” and “Is it possible to make money from trading the market?” This makes it easy for newcomers to get a grasp of the basics.

The broker’s cTrader platform is a good option for beginner and advanced traders. It includes Level 2 DoM (Depth of Market) and one-click trading. It also displays market sentiment data, allowing users to make informed trading decisions.


Forex trading software provides several features for testing strategies and improving a trader’s overall performance. These include backtesting and paper trading, which can help traders refine their techniques and avoid market hoaxes.

A top forex trading platform can also provide advanced technical analysis tools. These features can make a massive difference in how traders invest in currencies and manage their assets.

In addition, these platforms can boost the speed of order placements and enable a microsecond time leap advantage over paper trading. This can save a trader’s money by catching market hoaxes before they lose any.

FxPro offers three web-based platforms: MetaTrader, cTrader, and its proprietary FxPro Edge. It also supports a wide range of third-party solutions across these platforms.

Trading conditions

Trading conditions can be a significant factor for traders when choosing a forex broker. You must ensure that your broker is reputable and trustworthy, offers reliable customer support, and keeps your funds secure.

It would be best to consider trading conditions based on your risk tolerance. A good rule of thumb is not to trade more than 1% of your capital on any single trade.

In addition, you should take into account the type of instruments you want to trade on. Some currencies, commodities, indices, and cryptos have different trading conditions than others.

FxPro offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, equity indices, cryptocurrencies, and futures. Its pricing is competitive, and its trading platforms are top-notch.

Customer support

FxPro offers a variety of customer support tools, including live chat, email, and phone. The broker also has an extensive library of educational materials to help traders navigate the complex world of online forex trading.

A good customer support program is a must for any broker, and FxPro does a stellar job. Their customer service is fast, multilingual, and provides relevant answers. They are also one of the few brokers that offer real-time market data and charts, which is a big plus for active traders. The company has other exciting features, such as a free demo account and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. It also boasts an extensive range of trading instruments, from the classic forex pairs to more exotic options such as indices and cryptos. Its fees are among the most competitive in the industry. It is also an excellent choice for a novice, as its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate.