How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts is a new feature on YouTube that enables content creators to upload videos that are one minute or shorter in duration. YouTube will select a frame from your video as its thumbnail by default; however, you can easily alter this setting with just a few steps. Choose the best youtube thumbnail downloader.

An eye-catching thumbnail can entice more viewers to your YouTube Shorts, and this article will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

1. Select the video

Video creators know the power of an eye-catching thumbnail can make or break their video’s views, so choosing an appealing photo related to the Content is critical. Thankfully, changing YouTube Shorts thumbnails is simple with these steps.

First, open the YouTube app and choose a video you’d like to edit before tapping its “Edit” icon. Next comes a window with various settings allowing you to adjust its title, description, thumbnail image size, etc. Finally, click the “Save” button to save all its changes.

Though YouTube Shorts do not officially support custom thumbnail creation or alteration, there are ways around its “For Now, You Can’t Change the Thumbnail On Your Short” error message. TubeBuddy can help find and create custom thumbnails for videos; another alternative would be taking a screenshot of whatever video is to be uploaded onto YouTube.

Finally, an image editing or graphic design application may help create your YouTube Shorts thumbnail. Ensure the chosen image meets YouTube’s technical requirements (high-resolution PNG files of less than 2 MB are recommended). Avoid complex photos or those with acceptable fonts, as they could become hard to read when scaled down for thumbnail display.

2. Go to the “My Videos” section

Thumbnails are an integral component of YouTube videos, and YouTube Shorts are no exception. Thumbnails attract viewers, increase views, and potentially allow for the monetization of videos. YouTube provides various options to create custom thumbnails for your videos, though the process can sometimes be challenging.

If you have ever attempted to upload a YouTube Short video, you may have encountered an error stating, “For now, you cannot change the thumbnail on your short.” This happens when trying to edit a video under one minute long.

YouTube recently upgraded its platform, giving creators more control over how the thumbnail for their Short is chosen when uploading it to the site via iOS devices. This offers creators greater flexibility over how their video looks when uploading Shorts onto YouTube.

An engaging thumbnail can make all the difference between a video that gets plenty of views and one that remains unseen. By customizing one that matches the content of your video, you can increase viewership and improve the chances of seeing your video by more people. However, changing thumbnails on short videos may prove tricky, so here are a few considerations you must bear in mind before changing its thumbnail.

3. Go to the “Basic Settings” section

Changing your YouTube Shorts video’s thumbnail for maximum engagement and views is essential to increasing viewership and engagement. An attractive thumbnail can make all the difference between someone clicking and watching your video and someone passing by it. Thankfully, YouTube Shorts offers several easy ways to customize it that require no technical expertise whatsoever.

YouTube is working on adding a feature allowing creators to choose their thumbnails for Shorts videos during the upload process, similar to how creators can select one when regular videos – this will provide creators with a powerful way of getting more views for their videos and increasing brand recognition.

YouTube Studio app makes it easier than ever for content creators who need to edit and manage videos while on the go to change thumbnails of their short YouTube videos. Download it on Android phones or tablets now.

Essential to keep in mind is that the YouTube desktop version does not permit changing thumbnails for shorts uploaded from mobile devices; therefore, to change thumbnails correctly on uploaded shorts from this platform. Uploading using mobile will ensure your video uploads in its proper format and size.

4. Click on the “Change Thumbnail” button

Thumbnails are one of the critical aspects to consider when producing a YouTube short. An eye-catching thumbnail image should attract viewer interest and accurately represent your video’s subject matter. YouTube provides several pre-selected thumbnail options; alternatively, you can upload custom photos to customize its look further.

Thumbnails appear when someone watches your YouTube video and are essential to increasing its view count. A high-quality, creative, and realistic thumbnail can entice users to tap play, thus expanding your viewership count and views for your video. But be mindful that viewers must be able to click it easily!

YouTube is currently working on an option that will enable users to change the thumbnails for YouTube Shorts videos, but until this feature becomes available, editing requires using YouTube Studio. Once open, scroll down to Content, select your video, then click “Edit Thumbnail.” This will open your video’s settings, where you can choose your desired thumbnail.

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