How to Submit Blogspot to Popular Sites


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Submit your blog to Alltop.

Blog submission sites present bloggers with an invaluable opportunity to increase SEO rankings and expand their audience reach. Submitting to such sites should be undertaken carefully in accordance with each website’s rules. Otherwise, risk could result in penalties from those managing them.

To submit your blog to Alltop, first create an individual account and fill out a form with your information. Included should be details on its URL, RSS feed address, and name of its owner, as well as a brief overview of your blog.

Once your blog has been submitted to Alltop for consideration and publication, it will be reviewed before being approved and published online. Once on Alltop, your traffic should increase significantly; reviews can take anywhere from one day to a week, depending on how busy the site is.

At first, you must submit your blog only to quality blogspot directories. This will ensure it gets indexed quickly and has the most excellent chance of being discovered by search engines. In addition, try submitting it to multiple different sites, as this increases your odds of being featured as one of Alltop’s featured stories.

Submit your blog to Technorati.

Technorati, an indexing website for blogs, can help your blog reach a larger audience by indexing it. Include a unique token when posting your blog; once found, Technorati will add it to its list of tagged blogs, resulting in an increased visitor count for your site. Check out the Best info about guest blogging services.

Log into Technorati (or create a free account) and click “Start a blog claim.” When asked for information, fill in your URL and nickname; using keywords can help improve search engine rankings, while depending on the nature of your blog, logos may also be compelling; people tend to ignore portraits in search results.

Once your blog has been submitted, Technorati will email you a claim token, which must be included in a blog post so it appears in your RSS feed. After publishing it publicly on your blog site, visit their check claim page and verify if your claim was successfully claimed.

Being part of Technorati provides another benefit – being able to install a search that enables readers to search your blog as well as others indexed by Technorati – this tool can be beneficial for small businesses that seek greater exposure in the blogosphere.

Submit your blog to Digg.

Digg offers many ways to promote your blog. Submitting posts directly or through RSS can get them featured on the front page if they receive enough votes, while social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Reddit display your submission on their home pages for maximum exposure.

Step one is creating a Digg account. From there, you can connect with other bloggers by adding your blog and publishing articles through Digg. Additionally, follow other users and share their submissions – this will allow you to build up a community of Digg users, find new content, and make connections between bloggers.

An effective strategy for getting more organic Diggs is finding a power digger and asking them to submit your stories. This will allow it to reach more readers quickly, though keep in mind that most power diggers will stop promoting posts within 24 hours and may stop contributing their votes and engagement with it altogether.

Encourage a Digg culture on your blog by featuring top-rated stories prominently on its home page, giving your blog an initial spike of traffic, which should pay dividends later with increased visits from loyal readers as well as increased RSS and bookmark subscriptions.

Submit your blog to StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is an internet search service that lets you navigate the internet by categories, such as music, travel, or sports. Additionally, you can select specific topics, such as dog surfing or marketing, to see relevant content. StumbleUpon uses algorithms to match you up with similar articles and websites instantly after signing up – free!

StumbleUpon makes getting your blog out there easy with three primary approaches. One method involves manually submitting it directly through their site by clicking on their small profile picture at the top right and choosing “Add This Page.”

Add-ons for browsers allow users to submit content as they browse the internet automatically – this provides a simple yet efficient method for getting it out there to thousands. Finally, StumbleUpon also offers Paid Discovery, which is an affordable way of marketing your blog content online.

Once your blog is posted on StumbleUpon, you must stay involved with its community by regularly contributing your content to StumbleUpon. Do this by signing in at least once weekly and submitting one of your pages directly into StumbleUpon.

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