Illinois Passes The Purge Law On January 1, 2023


On January 1st, 2023, Illinois will enact its version of The Purge movie with the implementation of the SAFE-T Act – this law will eliminate cash bail and allow judges to determine whether someone needs detention based on individual cases.

TikTok users have begun comparing the new law and The Purge movies – which depict a dystopian future where all forms of crime, including murder, are legal for 12 hours each year – and this law. Unfortunately, however, such comparisons do not bear comparison.

What is the Purge Law?

The Illinois Purge Law is a new legislation that eliminates cash bail for certain crimes, prompting concerns among members of the public that this will increase crime rates. Some have even drawn comparisons between this new law and the horror movie The Purge (where crime becomes legalized for 12 hours once annually) and Illinois’ Purge Law, yet these fears appear unfounded since Illinois judges will still determine if suspects pose threats or flight risks before making their ruling on bail release decisions; otherwise, they remain behind bars until their trial date.

Cash bail will allow many arrested for minor offenses like DUIs to avoid jail time more efficiently. Still, its repeal has critics, including some Republican lawmakers who call it the Purge Law due to criminals going free until their crimes have been thoroughly proven in court. Critics fear this law will allow violent criminals to return and endanger communities more than necessary; however, legal experts argue this bill does not permit the release of dangerous suspects, and it will ultimately be up to judges who determine who represents a threat.

TikTok users have used the new law to make parodies of The Purge movie series, including one video featuring a siren from Purge 1 playing. At the same time, the Chicago mayor discusses it – this clip has already been watched over one million times!

Users have also used this new law to parody other popular movies, such as A Star is Born and The Greatest Showman, with videos that address social issues such as racism or gun violence – some videos even reached over 5 Million views on YouTube!

The Purge Law is a part of the SAFE-T Act.

The Purge Law is an unprecedented new legislation set to effect on January 1st in Illinois, abolishing cash bail and allowing people to remain out of jail while their case is heard. While this represents an incredible step toward criminal justice reform in America, residents fear this change could turn Illinois into a breeding ground for crime. Ultimately, however, The Purge Law will transform how criminals are dealt with within its borders, with lasting implications for its inhabitants.

The SAFE-T Act will do away with cash bail for certain crimes such as second-degree murder, robbery, burglary, arson, and kidnapping, giving courts greater leeway when determining whether an individual poses a threat to their community or not. Furthermore, it requires judges to consider ties to local communities when making decisions about the bail status of suspects.

Many law enforcement agencies have expressed concerns that the new law will encourage criminals and make keeping offenders off the street more challenging. One prominent critic of this measure is J. Hanley of Winnebago County State’s Attorney, who filed suit to stop its passage by rubbing against the state in court.

Some have likened Illinois’ new law to the dystopian horror film The Purge, in which violent crime becomes legal for one night each year. Others have labeled it a “nightmare” that puts residents at risk. Either way, its impact will have far-reaching ramifications on Illinois’ criminal justice system and the nation, impacting thousands of lives directly or indirectly.

People have expressed concerns that the law will make it easier for prison companies to charge high phone fees, smuggle prisoners into jails, and collect millions in kickbacks as kickbacks from criminals. It could even encourage the spread of terrorist organizations.

The Purge Law will change the criminal justice system.

Illinois recently passed a law to reform criminal justice within their state, eliminating cash bail and permitting criminals who do not pose a threat of harming others or fleeing before the trial date to go free before their trial date if no danger of harm exists or they run away from court proceedings. This new Pretrial Fairness Act law will have significant ramifications on Illinois citizens as it will also prevent people who are innocent from being detained because they cannot afford the bail money needed for release from custody.

Critics believe Illinois’ new criminal justice reform law will enormously affect criminals roaming freely on Illinois streets, increasing crime, including murders. Furthermore, innocent people could also become at greater risk due to this change.

Critics of this bill claim it would lead to something similar to The Purge – an action horror film in which violent crime becomes legal for 24 hours every year – however, this assessment is incorrect as the SAFE-T Act will not cause any purges whatsoever.

Illinois will benefit significantly from passing the SAFE-T Act for several reasons: firstly, taxpayers will save millions; secondly, it will help to reduce racial disparity in criminal justice; thirdly, it will improve the quality of life for low-income residents; and lastly, it will eliminate discriminatory policing practices.

Essential to keep in mind is that judges still hold ultimate authority regarding whether a criminal can stay free until the trial begins. While cash bonds have been discontinued under this legislation, judges still can hold someone until their test and conviction of crimes occur.

Critics claim the SAFE-T Act will positively impact Illinois, yet some believe it could open it up to drug cartels. This claim is false as the law will only permit certain non-detainable offenses such as second-degree murder, aggravated battery, arson, and kidnapping to be considered under its jurisdiction.

The Purge Law will have a significant impact on the citizens of Illinois

Illinois is making history by becoming the first US state to pass a contentious new law that many liken to the action horror film The Purge. Beginning January 1, 2023, this law will eliminate cash bail for certain crimes and require police response only within 48 hours to ankle monitor alerts from ankle monitors.

Many have drawn comparisons between Illinois law and The Purge because criminals will now be free to commit crimes without fear of arrest or imprisonment, increasing violent crime and civil unrest among Illinois residents. This law will devastate its residents, who now live with constant concern for their safety.

The SAFE-T Act, shorthand for Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity Today, has been passed to reform California’s bail system. Under this new law, cash bail will no longer be needed for offenses such as second-degree murder, robbery, burglary, aggravated battery, and arson; additionally, it will change how people are arrested for low-level drug offenses.

No matter their concerns, this law will not lead to the dystopia depicted by The Purge movie. It’s important to remember that laws in our nation reflect what most people want; government may not always hear out public voices when making decisions concerning justice systems and other essential aspects.

Though this legislation is an improvement, Illinois citizens still must protect themselves and their loved ones from those seeking to harm them and their family members. Citizens in this state must stay vigilant and safeguard themselves even if they are innocent of any criminal activities.

This point should be considered as the nation watches what happens in Illinois. Whether or not this law creates the dystopian society shown in The Purge or fixes issues in its criminal justice system, its results will be felt worldwide.