Ivan Cornejo – Rising Star in the Latin Music Industry


Ivan Cornejo is an exceptional singer-songwriter specializing in regional Mexican music. His experience with heartbreak in middle school inspired his songwriting journey.

He boasts an attractive personality that draws the admiration of thousands of female fans. Additionally, his body features well-formed muscles, and he weighs around 59 kg.

He was born on November 1, 2004

Ivan Cornejo is an American rising singer-songwriter specializing in regional Mexican music. Born November 1st, 2004, in Riverside, California, he has quickly made waves within this genre by using his musical talent and emotive lyrics to connect emotionally with his audiences. At only 15 years old, he has already achieved significant strides in his career and amassed an enormous fan base across social media platforms.

Cornejo began his musical journey early and taught himself guitar through online tutorials. Soon thereafter, he uploaded cover versions of popular songs on YouTube, quickly building up a following. Manzana Records promptly recognized him and signed him as a record artist – at only 15 years old at that point!

Alma Vacia was released in 2021 to positive reviews and peaked at number two on the Billboard Regional Mexican charts. Danado followed two years later and even more successfully, peaking at 28 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Ivan Cornejo has earned himself over two million followers on TikTok and uses this platform to promote his music videos and upcoming releases and shows, including many featuring celebrities like Mia Khalifa. Furthermore, Ivan is active on Instagram, regularly updating followers about forthcoming projects.

Ivan Cornejo has not revealed much information regarding his personal life or family; he remains guarded on sharing details regarding them or any kind. We know he is a Christian of Mexican heritage who speaks English and Spanish fluently, with one older sister living nearby.

Ivan Cornejo boasts a lean physique and stands quite tall for someone his height. His slim build, dark brown eyes, and attractive features are so captivating to his fans that they cannot get enough of him! While no public romance has blossomed between them yet, he does remain single and has an affirmative sexual orientation.

He is a Mexican musician.

Ivan Cornejo is a Mexican musician who has quickly made waves in the Latin music industry. His songs draw on personal experience to inspire listeners while showing they’re not alone in their struggles. With an immense following on TikTok, two albums reached number two on the Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart.

Ivan brings great passion and energy to his music, creating emotive lyrics with real emotions that resonate with people from all generations and backgrounds. Additionally, his TikTok account features humorous videos.

Young talent Esta Danada has an incredible ability to connect with his fans. His popularity is rapidly expanding thanks to music. His debut song, Esta Danada, went viral on TikTok and became an international hit; even Billboard featured him as “Latin Artist on the Rise.”

Cornejo was born and raised in Riverside, California, and began playing guitar at eight. He taught himself via YouTube videos. Inspired by an emotional trauma he endured during middle school, his music serves as an outlet to express himself while helping others cope with their emotions.

Ivan doesn’t yet know his plans, but one thing he knows for sure is his love of playing music. He wants to continue writing and recording tracks until he becomes a professional singer and has worked tirelessly toward realizing his dream of becoming a well-known artist. Additionally, he finds joy in spending time with family and friends.

Ivan has shared little about his early or family life; however, it can be assumed that he is a typical teenager. His interests include music and listening to various styles. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and discovering other cultures; his hobbies include attending live concerts, golfing, and playing music professionally. Unfortunately, no information on Ivan’s annual earnings has been made public; a substantial sum is likely earned in his career path.

He is signed with Manzana Record.

Ivan Cornejo is a 17-year-old musician signed to Manzana Record who combines singing, songwriting, and social media influencer qualities into one dynamic individual. As part of a new wave of alternative Musica Mexicana artists, he has quickly made waves thanks to his TikTok presence and unforgettable musical hits; already, his popularity is increasing rapidly despite only being 17 years old!

Ivan began his guitar-playing journey when he was 14 years old. Soon after that, he started posting videos to TikTok featuring instrumental covers of popular songs that gained immense acclaim, drawing the notice of Andres Garcia, president of Manzana Records, who signed Ivan up after seeing his talent.

After signing with his label, Ivan began releasing songs that earned high rankings across online ratings and charts. His debut album, Alma Vacia, reached 9.4 million on-demand streams; other popular singles released include Llamadas Perdidas, Esta Danada, and Corazon Frio, have garnered millions of views via his record label’s YouTube channel.

California-born singer Danado has an exciting future ahead. Already signed up for a worldwide tour and performing at various locations worldwide. They are also set to drop their second album later this year.

Ivan Cornejo has not discussed many details regarding his early life or parents or revealed whether or not he has any siblings. As far as education goes, his educational qualifications and history remain unknown – although given his age, it would appear likely he is currently attending high school (although neither the name of its principal nor if they homeschool him has been made known to us yet).

Ivan Cornejo is one of the most well-known Latin singers and social media influencers, garnering thousands of followers on his ivancornejooo TikTok account with thousands subscribing. Here, he posts music videos, guitar-playing demonstrations, lifestyle pictures, comedy routines, and product endorsements – always up-to-date with trends!

He has a large following.

Ivan Cornejo has amassed an enormous following across social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. His acoustic-based songs combine Latin pop with urban music, with lyrics that focus on love and relationships. Due to his immense popularity, Ivan Cornejo has performed in sold-out concerts throughout the United States; viral TikTok star Ivan Cornejo recently announced Terapia Tour, which will visit major cities nationwide, also receiving multiple nominations at Premio Lo Nuestro awards ceremony, an acclaimed Mexican award show.

Teen musician Abel Alvarez is one of the artists driving regional Mexican music’s resurgence. His debut album Alma Vacia, released in 2021 and reaching number two on the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart, is one of many reasons behind its revival. Alvarez boasts over 1.6 million followers on Instagram alone, with female fans being particularly drawn to him due to his appealing looks and warm personality.

Cornejo hails from Riverside, California, and speaks English and Spanish fluently. He enjoys living an extravagant lifestyle by posting images from his travels on social media; eating healthily and attending the gym frequently are hallmarks of success in his lifestyle – his net worth has been estimated to exceed $2 Million.

His family has always supported Ivan’s music career; his parents help in any way they can. Ivan is also a student; he recently graduated high school in his hometown after experiencing a painful middle school breakup that inspired him to write songs. Although not much is known about his personal life or relationships outside his music world, one person in particular supports his wish to become a singer: his girlfriend.

Cornejo has recently succeeded and signed with a major label, represented in this deal by Josh Binder of Rothenberg Mohr & Binder, Richard Vega, and Richard Lom of WME. This deal will enable him to continue developing his music while expanding his reach.

Ivan is working hard on his second studio album with producer Nicola Cruz and is planning his inaugural North American tour, Terapia. Tickets should sell fast; fans will surely be delighted by Ivan’s acoustic-based songs that leave venues mesmerized!