Lighting Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Durga Puja brings abundant light that must illuminate homes to prepare them for its celebrations. A professional Kolkata lighting designer can analyze your home’s layout and structure before developing an effective lighting plan to decorate it.

This store lives up to its name by offering an impressive collection of decorative Diwali lights for the ceiling, walls, windows, and doors – including Jhalar lights series bulbs and mode-changing lamps.


Ivory Lighting Shop in Kolkata offers an impressive variety of lights to make any home more festive and joyful, including affordable fairy lights available in multiple colors and styles, an extensive collection of jar and Chinese lamp styles, and a comprehensive range of light bulbs. This store is undoubtedly one of the top lighting providers available in the city!

Ivory Lighting offers affordable and artistic unique Diwali light decorations at Ivory. Their selection includes lamps for ceilings, windows, and doors and their famous Jhalar/Bulb series, which is excellent for living rooms and exterior decor. Furthermore, Ivory is known for their fantastic jar lights – the shop offers many other unique lighting accessories, too!

Bow Bazar is another popular destination for affordable Diwali lights. From Rabindra Sarani, BB Ganguly Street, and Nirmal Chander Street, you will find vendors selling all sorts of lamps at very competitive rates – with stores also selling fancy LED strings that make excellent party decoration ideas!

Park Street area of Kolkata provides another affordable yet attractive Christmas lighting option, featuring stores selling beautiful snowflake string lights for your home. Perfect for festive gatherings and family celebrations alike, they create the illusion of a winter wonderland in any home while being easy to maintain and come in various colors – you can even buy multiple sets to reduce costs!


Mahal Lamp Shades is a Proprietorship Firm founded in Kolkata 36 years and 11 months ago, operating since 1978 under Services: Retail sale of household furniture. Their registered office can be found at G-2 Mangal Jyoti Ward 70 227/2 Ajc Bose Road, with total revenue reaching Rs 625000 per annum.

Mahal Lighting Store near me in Kolkata provides everything you need to add radiance and festivity to your new home for Durga Puja celebrations. With their impressive collection of ceiling, wall, and table lamps that match any decor – their Indian designs are festive while prices are highly affordable! They even have modern chandeliers that add regal touches. Their friendly staff is helpful and offers free delivery services; head there today to discover a lighting store you won’t want to leave! You won’t be sorry you came!

Crystal Lighting Shop

Swarovski crystal lighting fixtures are an easy and luxurious way to bring sophistication and luxury into any room or for redesigning without an extensive overhaul. Available in various sizes, these fixtures can fit easily into most entryways and rooms without disrupting their look, and chandeliers from Swarovski make even greater statements!

This shop can be found adjacent to Victor Brothers on Park Street and in an alley behind them and specializes in specialty lightings like study lights, mirror and wall scones, stand lamps, ceiling lamps, and an impressive variety of ceiling light fixtures to meet any style or theme.


Ezra Road near the city center offers exquisite designer lighting from heart-shaped hanging lamps to tubes of glittering light – and more besides! Visit Ezra Road today and experience luxury designer lamps! Their beautiful fixtures can add an air of elegance to your bedroom, office space, or kitchen; there’s even an impressive array of LED ceiling lights designed to meet every mood and need!

Kolkata Lighting Shop was established by a group of passionate lighting enthusiasts, making them one of the oldest and best-known names in their industry. Specializing in traditional and contemporary lighting styles, their products include chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, table lamps, LED bulbs, switches, and other accessories.

Reputable lighting store. Their helpful and knowledgeable team will guide you in finding the ideal fixture for your home and provide tips on maximizing their use.

This shop in North 24 Parganas district of Kolkata is known for its innovative lighting solutions. Inspired by ‘Marici’ – a Buddhist deity associated with light – and designed as an experience gallery over three levels. Salient Design Studio completed this multidisciplinary project under Vivek Singh Rathore’s leadership; their team developed innovative energy-efficient schemes and solutions designed to heighten the retail experience through energy-saving plans and solutions.