Manulife Reviews


Manulife is one of the largest life insurance companies in Canada and the world. It has also set the pace for digital innovation in the field.

It offers up to two million dollars in life insurance coverage without medical underwriting. It also has a unique program called Manulife Vitality which rewards policyholders for living healthy lives.

Business Term Coverage

Manulife Reviews Business Term Coverage

If you are looking for life insurance that offers protection from death or disability, Manulife may be the perfect fit. They offer a wide range of products to suit your individual needs.

They have been around for over 170 years and are one of Canada’s leading life insurers. Their products include term life, whole life, and universal life insurance policies with various investment options.

The company has a strong reputation for treating its employees well. Their verified online reviews show that their staff is professional and helpful, and they generally respond to inquiries promptly.

Manulife Vitality

Manulife reviews Vitality, a wellness program that rewards policyholders with points for healthy choices and activities. These points are then exchanged for gift cards and discounts on premiums.

When you sign up for eligible term life, universal life, health, or dental insurance policy from Manulife, you’ve also given a smart watch (Garmin Vivofit 4 or Apple Watch Series 3). This device will track your physical activity and provide you with vitality points that you can use to earn rewards.

The rewards vary but can be anything from gift cards to lower life insurance rates. The program also encourages users to make healthy choices by tracking their daily activity, completing tests and doctor visits, and practicing self-care.

The Manulife Vitality App uses data uploaded from a user’s wearable device (Garmin Vivofit or Apple Watch) to create a weekly plan tailored to the individual’s current health status and how dietary and lifestyle choices affect it. It also features articles on healthy eating, self-care, and coping strategies for stress management, among other topics.

Health Insurance

Manulife is a well-known Canadian insurance company that provides various insurance products. Its services include life, extended health, accident and sickness, travel coverage, and investment solutions for individuals and businesses.

As one of the oldest and largest insurers in Canada, Manulife is a leader in digital innovation. For example, they were one of the first life insurers in the country to offer a complete electronic application process.

They also provide coverage without requiring medical underwriting as long as you are over 50 years old and in good health. This is great if you don’t want to go through the hassle of a medical exam.

They also have a unique product called Manulife Vitality, which rewards you for staying fit and healthy. It is offered through a partnership with The Vitality Group(tm), a global leader in interactive, personalized wellness programs.


Manulife offers various financial services, including insurance, investment management, and banking. The company also provides financial advice and group benefits plans.

GICs from Manulife are an excellent option for those who want to earn interest on their money. These investments typically have terms of one to five years and offer higher rates than you’ll get from other central banks.

However, they come with a high minimum investment and can be difficult to cash out before the end of the term. If you’re planning on taking out your money early, consider a longer-term non-redeemable GIC from another financial institution.

With a strong reputation for customer service, Manulife is a reliable company that can answer your questions quickly and easily. It’s also a good choice for those with a busy schedule or who don’t have time to do their banking. They also offer a mobile banking app and online account access. For more information, check out their website.