Mechanic Shop Near Me in Kolkata


GoMechanic in Kolkata offers comprehensive car repair and servicing solutions, from maintenance to scheduled cleaning services, denting painting, and wheel care. It provides everything required for optimal car performance – everything a driver needs for optimal health and functionality is here!

They boast the specialized tools and equipment required to handle bodywork that you won’t find at a standard garage, plus they provide warranties on each job completed.

Aman Motor Works

Are you searching for a mechanic shop near you in Kolkata? Look no further than Aman Motor Works. Offering complete car repair services ranging from tire and wheel care, cleaning, and detailing services, as well as OEM parts and products to ensure safety, they boast an experienced service team to get your vehicle back on the road again quickly.

Aman Motor Works in Dhapa offers quality auto services at 14 Arupota Road. Their comprehensive list of services includes oil/oil filter changes, wiper blade replacements, air filter changes, scheduled maintenance visits, new tire installations, car battery replacement, and brake work. Their professional service technicians can easily handle routine tune-ups and major engine repairs.

As one of Kolkata’s premier auto repair shops, they provide outstanding quality service at a competitive price. Their highly qualified mechanics specialize in diagnosing any issue plaguing your vehicle and provide warranty coverage on their services and work.

Aman Motor Works has long been recognized as a premier auto repair facility, offering top-quality auto services at reasonable rates. Their friendly staff is dedicated to keeping your car running in top condition, offering an array of payment methods and making payment for their services simple. Furthermore, Aman Motor Works stands out as one of the few garages in Kolkata, offering a full range of tire repair and replacement services with state-of-the-art tools to help customers locate what fits them perfectly for their vehicles.

Aldrich Automotive Works

Aldrich Automotive Works is one of the best mechanic shops near me in Kolkata. They provide various services, such as paint protection, window tinting, and free car diagnostic services. Their prices are very reasonable, and they even offer lifetime warranties on their work!

This shop has been in business for over two decades and has long been recognized as one of Kolkata’s premier multi-brand car repair workshops. Their specialized team of technicians provides repairs, maintenance, and 247 roadside assistance for all major brands. Furthermore, Teflon, ceramic, and antirust underbody coatings for cars are offered, as well as full-service car wash capabilities with dent repairs available.

Limited Liability Partnership firm founded on 14 June 2016. Their registered office can be found at 174 Cal Jessore Road in Kolkata, with Aditya Sarkar and Uday Sarkar serving as Designated Partners of the firm and GST-compliant registration number being 19ABFFA9355G1Z6.

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Shree Automotive

With numerous mechanic shops in the market, making an informed decision when selecting one is essential. A reputable car repair shop should offer top-quality services at reasonable rates; thus, prior experience in the industry should also play a role. Furthermore, good car repair shops should provide free estimates and consultations to make sure that you receive optimal care.

Shree Automotive is a multi-brand auto service center with a team of dedicated employees, offering a full selection of services and payment options tailored specifically for each vehicle’s individual needs. You can pay in cash, by debit/credit card, UPI-BHIM/Paytm, or even UPI. Contact them on their phone number or visit their website to gain further knowledge about them and their products and services.

Sharad Kedia founded his company as an Ashok Leyland dealer with three districts under operation. Through hard work and customer loyalty, however, it quickly expanded into one of the largest dealers in the eastern zone. Soon after, they expanded their portfolio by including Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicles and CNH construction equipment sales; currently, they are one of their top dealers for both brands.

This company provides comprehensive car services, from general repairs and maintenance, air conditioning repair, electrical work repairs, painting, parts sourcing for all makes and models, and knowledgeable staff who will assist in finding precisely the domain for your car.

Unlike traditional car repair shops, they utilize cutting-edge technology to minimize risk to frames, corporation seals, and other vehicle components. Equipped with tools such as SPOT center and MG welding, it can reduce frame destruction while extending its useful life and saving you from replacement expenses. In addition, scheduled maintenance and new tires are provided, along with repairs to engines and brakes, to ensure safe driving on the roads.

Zenith Auto

Zenith Auto is an automotive repair shop near Kolkata offering essential car maintenance such as oil changes and tire replacement services, diagnosing more complex vehicle issues, and planning repairs accordingly. Their high-level technology and premium quality products allow them to use cashless service across their network garages in Kolkata; you can quickly pay using Digit.

Zenith Automotive Holdings Limited (‘Zenith’ or ‘the Group”) announces its Annual Review.

An old saying says: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! With this in mind, let’s have some fun making our next masterpiece together. Historically, the Group has focused on the company car fleet business for corporate customers; however, recent developments have enabled it to provide an array of asset types, services, and funding solutions covering an increasingly broad segment of UK vehicle parc, with consumer vehicles covered through ZenAuto and ElectricAuto brands offering personal contract hire as well as various service offers and short-term lease solutions. Zenith’s approach to managing interest rate risk on vehicle financing is consistent across all funded deals (agency and back-to-back funded) through their securitization platform, thus eliminating interest rate risk for their customer base on all such sales financed by it.