New York Lottery Midday Lottery Results


This page provides New York Lottery midday lottery results shortly after each drawing. These winning numbers can also be found at retailers, local newspapers, and television newscasts. Browse the Best info about Live Draw SDY.

Choose four numbers between 0 and 9, or use Quick Pick and allow the computer to choose for you randomly. Each play costs either $0.50 or $1 per round.

Pick 3

Pick Three lottery is a daily lottery game in which players select three numbers between 0-9 for the chance to win a set prize. There are two drawings per day: midday and evening; tickets must be purchased by noon of that day’s drawing. Each play costs $.50 and can include either a straight bet (to match numbers in exact order), box bets that allow any combination of numbers, or combination tickets that include both linear and front/back pair selection.

Additionally, to pick three numbers, players have the option of including a “Wild Ball number” for increased odds of success. Each play costs an extra dollar; however, this might lead to larger prizes! It is an ideal option for anyone hoping to try their luck at winning big-money prizes!

To play Pick 3, purchase a play slip and choose either Midday, Evening, or Both as the drawing time and select either EZ Match or Wild Ball as play types. Up to five consecutive drawings at once may be purchased; alternatively, a multi-draw ticket allows you to select up to and including 25 successive draw dates in advance.


CASH POP game offers players an exciting way to win cash prizes with ease. Draws take place every day at 8 a.m. (Early Bird), 11 a.m. (Late Morning), 3 p.m. (Matinee), 7 p.m. (Drive Time), and 11 p.m. (Prime Time). Prizes begin at five times the dollar amount spent per Pop; overall odds for winning CASH POP prizes average 1 in 15.

Players have two choices for selecting their numbers: either select their numbers themselves or use QuickPick and let the Lottery terminal choose for them. They may also play for up to six consecutive drawings by selecting Multi-Draw; their printed ticket will show which POPs were set, along with the dollar amount per POP and total cost, as well as potential prizes that may be won if their numbers match those drawn by Lottery terminal.

The game is live in four jurisdictions- New Jersey, Trinidad & Tobago, Georgia, and Kentucky- each with a distinctive structure explicitly designed to meet local market needs. As its popularity increases in these jurisdictions, the IGT Game Development & Portfolio Management team will evaluate player data on player behavior and purchase patterns to inform future deployment decisions; additionally, they’ll create many customizing features so players can tailor a draw game specifically to their preferences and needs.

Win 4

Win 4 is New York’s twice-daily lottery game, giving you the chance to win great prizes seven days a week! Draws take place each day at 2:30 PM and 10:30 PM EST with tickets costing just $1 per play; prizes are distributed evenly among ticket holders on a pari-mutuel basis, which means every ticket holder has equal odds.

To play Win 4, choose four numbers between 0 and 9 or select Quick Pick to let the computer choose for you. Additionally, Front Pair, Straight/Box, or Combination plays can increase your odds of success; tickets may be purchased at authorized Lottery retailers with prizes starting as small as $25; this game can also be found online.

Use the Win 4 results page to see if you won in our last drawing! The latest winning numbers from each draw, along with their Lucky Sum, are displayed here, along with past winning numbers by selecting an earlier date from the table below. For more information about each draw, please visit either midday or evening results pages or scroll all the way down the page to the bottom – alternatively, you can visit All Results to view all results simultaneously!


The New York Numbers midday lottery game provides a straightforward way to enjoy Lottery play without being present for evening drawings. Held daily at 2:30 PM and distributed through Lottery retailers, results of these draws are published within 30 minutes after they take place; you can also view past midday Numbers results by selecting the button labeled ‘View Past New York Numbers Midday Numbers”.

When playing New York Numbers, you have two main options for purchasing tickets: straight or box. Straight tickets match numbers drawn in exact order, while box tickets cover all combinations that could occur with them; you could even combine serial/box tickets to increase your odds of success! To purchase one at your Lottery retailer, tell them you want to participate in either the Midday or Evening drawing, and they will provide tickets accordingly.

The Lottery draws take place Monday through Saturday evenings and can be watched live on local television news broadcasts, the Lottery app, lottery retailer locations, or by signing up for my lottery. No midday or evening drawings take place on Sundays or Christmas Day; for more information regarding how to play and odds, please visit their official website.