Peng Shuai Shirts Hit Melbourne Park


Melbourne Park has seen a flood of Peng Shuai shirts being distributed as fundraisers vow to give out copies at the women’s final. But Tournament Director Craig Tiley maintains that any shirt bans will be assessed individually.

Allriot designed this anti-censorship t-shirt to encourage readers to read banned books and support ideas that challenge the status quo. Wear it proudly as you show your support for freedom of speech! It’s the ideal way to show you’re standing up for freedom to read!

Show your support for the freedom to read with this powerful and thought-provoking t-shirt. It’s the perfect way to show your support for the freedom to read.

At a time of politically driven moral panic, book banning is making a comeback with gusto. These efforts focus on books by or about marginalized communities such as people of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals – something the ACLU has been fighting back against both in its libraries as well as by protecting First Amendment rights in court.

Since this latest round of challenges and bans, we’ve witnessed an upswing in slogan t-shirt trends meant to express political viewpoints or personal identities. From incomprehensible–such as Hollywood Gifts’ “Men in Music Conference” T-Shirt is only relevant for diehard Lana Del Rey fans–to broad-based and tongue-in-cheek transgressive statements like Boycrazy’s “fag” T-shirt (itself known for pro-LGBTQ tees).

Though slogans may seem offensive or inappropriate, they’re emblematic of today’s cultural moment. They mirror deep feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety among many in today’s society, often fuelled by social media misinformation or fake news; these t-shirts serve as a potent reminder that governments increasingly regulate what people read and watch in the name of safety or morality.

But these tees are particularly dangerous because they demonstrate an acceptance of authoritarian censorship–that it is acceptable to restrict speech that might offend or upset us–that’s unacceptable and must be challenged head-on. Censorship has long been part of American life; indeed, it dates back centuries – fighting it remains just as essential today.

Banned books have detrimental short and long-term repercussions for students, parents, teachers, librarians, and authors. When books are banned, it sends out an undesirable message that certain viewpoints or debates are either unacceptable or irrelevant – an undesirable lesson anyone wants their kids to learn. That is why we designed our “I’m with the banned shirt” to celebrate reading freedom while fighting book censorship in America. Wear it proudly to show support for books you adore while showing allies your commitment against anti-intellectualism and bigotry!

Printed on a high-quality t-shirt.

Our shirts are crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton for maximum comfort during rallies, protests, or everyday activities. Choose between v-neck or crew neck styles; short, baseball length sleeves; slim or relaxed fit options; and fabric weight options that range from light to medium or heavy fabric weight.

Allriot’s anti-censorship tees encourage you to seek out hidden nuggets of truth lying beneath the surface, challenge assumptions, and stand up for ideas audacious enough to shake up society. Wearing this anti-censorship shirt is an ideal way to show support for freedom of reading!

Our unisex “I Read Banned Books” tees are ethically made of organic cotton in a factory that meets strict labor, health, and environmental standards. Union printed for preshrunk durability; available in white with mauve embroidery, soft pink with poppy embroidery, and mint with accurate green embroidery.

Made in the U.S.A.

Shopping sustainably when it comes to fashion is essential, and buying Made in the USA clothing is one way of doing that. Unfortunately, most consumers don’t make this a priority when making decisions; in your closet right now, there may already be clothing made outside the U.S. due to American companies outsourcing production overseas – most commonly China, Vietnam, and Indonesia due to few shirts factories being left here at home; even when these do exist newer generations of manufacturers don’t want the commitment that owning one would require, leading to less and fewer Made in USA products available resulting in less Made in America clothing in general on shelves today than before!

When purchasing clothing made in the US, you can be sure it will be of much higher quality than its non-US counterparts. That’s because their producers must abide by stringent quality control measures and environmental safeguards as well as follow a more rigorous design and manufacturing process – often costing them more money initially; yet in the long run, this investment in human rights and the environment pays dividends as their clothing production becomes more efficient and effective.

Made-in-USA clothing can also be more eco-friendly than imported garments because they do not need to travel thousands of miles before reaching you, reducing fossil fuel use and pollution emissions while eliminating the risk of hazardous chemical contamination during delivery.

If you love Made in the USA clothing, one great way to support our mission and show your support is by purchasing one of our Read Banned Books unisex t-shirts from our store. Wearing this t-shirt shows your dedication to free and open access to information and knowledge – something that book banning and censorship threatens. Each sale also helps fund literacy programs and donate books directly to communities in need.

Available in a variety of sizes.

Our embroidered unisex t-shirt comes in White with Mauve embroidery, Soft Pink with Poppy embroidery, and Mint with True Green embroidery for your convenience. Made ethically from 100% organic cotton in a SMETA-certified factory that adheres to high labor rights, health and safety regulations, as well as ecological environmental practices, this piece stands out from its competition!

This shirt is an effective way to demonstrate your support for reading freedom and challenge book bans. Wear it at rallies, protests, or whenever you want to make an impressionful statement!

Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund benefits organizations working year-round to expand access to voting and empower new voters. In addition, The Crooked Store donates part of the proceeds from this shirt to Out of Print’s literacy programs in communities in need, as well as book donations in communities that need them. Whether for yourself or as a gift for bookworms – any book worth banning deserves to be read!