Rubenstein Law


Rubenstein Law has long championed the rights of accident victims. Their attorneys specialize in personal injury and medical malpractice law and strive to help clients obtain all compensation due them.

Rich has extensive experience litigating product liability cases and designing and implementing gray market countermeasure programs for his clients. Additionally, he has successfully defended trademark infringement actions.

Exceptional legal services

Rubenstein Law has advocated for accident victims for over three decades. They specialize in personal injury, civil rights, mass tort, and complex litigation cases and offer personalized legal services at the highest quality level for every one of their clients. From initial consultation through verdict or settlement negotiations, they take great care in returning calls and emails promptly while always keeping your best interest in mind.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein is an esteemed New York-based civil rights and personal injury lawyer known for handling several high-profile cases. Often described as an outstanding advocate and change agent, Sanford Rubenstein has appeared as a guest on numerous television programs and quoted frequently in New York City newspapers.

Established in 1988, Rubenstein Law has grown into a firm comprising more than 50 Attorneys, including 20 Partners and 12 board-certified litigators. Their attorneys specialize in personal injury cases such as auto injuries, slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful deaths, and medical malpractice. Furthermore, Rubenstein Law specializes in mass tort cases such as defective drugs, dangerous medical devices, and chemical exposure, with some successful clients receiving millions in settlement.

Rewarding career opportunities

Rubenstein Law offers rewarding career opportunities to attorneys and staff across Florida, highlighting a solid presence across Florida with clients that need assistance and an exceptionally supportive work environment allowing ample room for growth – making Rubenstein Law an excellent place to build legal careers.

Rubenstein & Rynecki was established in 1988 and specializes in representing clients involved in personal injury, mass tort, and civil rights claims. Since that time, they have amassed over $800 Million in settlements and verdicts for their clients and have extensive experience representing victims involved in car accidents, medical malpractice, and police brutality cases.

Our lawyers take on a diverse caseload, which allows them to gain valuable experience and acquire new skills. This helps them be more efficient at their jobs while offering better services to clients; furthermore, this keeps them engaged and motivated in the workplace.

Rubenstein Law prioritizes providing superior legal services and recognizes the need for employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Understanding that attorneys and staff thrive when given time for themselves and the pursuit of personal interests, Rubenstein Law offers flexible work hours and competitive compensation packages to attract and retain talented staff members.

Sanford Rubenstein, one of New York City’s premier civil rights attorneys, has become widely renowned as an outspoken, legendary, and change-making advocate in civil rights cases nationwide. He has represented victims who had been sodomized by New York City police officers at police precinct bathrooms across the city in several high-profile cases like Abner Louima’s lawsuit.

Nicole Armstrong, CEO of Rubenstein Law, joined LitiCast to share how her firm utilizes data to enhance and expand. She discussed the advantages of practice area diversification, using software tools for automated processes, and using all available metrics to assess a firm’s success – watch this video below to discover more!

Work-life balance

At Rubenstein Law, an emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy work-life balance to enable attorneys and staff to perform at their best in the office. Employees benefit from flexible schedules that allow them to balance personal life obligations and pursue outside interests while at the firm. Furthermore, Rubenstein Law offers competitive compensation to recognize its employees’ hard work and dedication.

Attorneys at our firm enjoy an eclectic caseload, which allows them to develop new skills and gain experience in various areas of law. This helps our attorneys become well-rounded litigators. This, coupled with our firm’s mission of making a difference in communities everywhere, makes us an excellent place for attorneys and staff alike to build rewarding careers.

Defendants’ assertions that the Guidelines “do not prohibit advertising past results through television, radio or any other medium” and that the Bar failed to notify Rubenstein that he risked professional discipline are directly at odds with record evidence — including both Tarbert Declarations. Therefore, this Court denies Defendants’ motion for summary judgment.

Competitive compensation

Rubenstein Law is a legal firm dedicated to representing both individuals and businesses in personal injury, car accidents, legal matters related to intellectual property rights, securities fraud, antitrust issues, product liability disputes, and other civil matters. Their lawyers possess extensive trial experience for high-stakes civil cases relating to securities fraud, antitrust violations, product liability issues, and intellectual property matters. Rubenstein Law prides itself on its strong client commitment and willingness to take complex cases to court trial.

Beyond business transactions and commercial litigation, this firm also provides other legal services. Their attorneys have in-depth knowledge of business environments to offer creative solutions, making the firm stand out from competitors.

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