Samanco Ice Cream Fish


Samanco is a delicious Japanese dessert consisting of an ice cream-filled fish-shaped pastry filled with custard or sweet red bean paste (anko).

Ice cream-filled version of this snack is perfect for cooling off in hot summer weather; its light, refreshing nature makes it the ideal treat to satisfy your sweet tooth and adds visual appeal with sauces and sprinkles that enhance its flavor and appearance.


Samanco ice cream treats were first invented in Korea. Due to their immense popularity, similar fish-shaped treats emerged across Asia; today, the joy can be found worldwide, and multiple flavors have been created and promoted via social media campaigns and celebrity collaboration.

The name Samanco comes from the Korean term for carp bread, “bungeoppang.” Its unique fish shape pays homage to this symbol of good luck in Korean culture, while its success can also be credited to its distinct flavors and attractive aesthetics. Samanco utilizes innovative marketing strategies to remain relevant and engaging.


For those searching for fish-shaped ice cream treats, saman by Imuraya (a Japanese food company) offers an ideal treat. Comprised of vanilla ice cream combined with red bean paste for an indulgent and delectable treat on any hot day!

Due to its distinctive shape and cultural relevance, saman has become an iconic cultural symbol in Korea. It appears in dramas and movies as well as being an increasingly popular souvenir among tourists visiting Korea. Furthermore, the brand employs clever marketing strategies, including celebrity endorsements and social media campaigns like #SamancoChallenge, that have helped increase product visibility and sales.