The Advantages of Having 22-250 Brass in Stock


Rifle brass is an essential element in handloading. No matter if it’s being used for shooting targets or hunting purposes, having access to high-grade rifle brass is vital to successful results.

Lapua World-class brass begins with high-grade raw materials and superior smelting and metallurgical competence, as well as rigorous inline and postproduction quality assurance testing.


The 22-250 is an excellent cartridge for varminting or whitetail hunting, capable of shooting a range of bullets from light 35-grain flat-based varmint bullets all the way up to long-range VLD match bullets weighing 90 grains. Furthermore, its potent punch is perfect for groundhog and squirrel hunting – making this cartridge an excellent option for people wanting to expand their varmint rifle’s reach further afield.

Rimless cases are easily reloadable and feature more oversized primer pockets than many factory rifles, making them an excellent option for beginners or those who don’t wish to deal with multiple primer pockets. Their rimless design also helps prevent expansion, making accurate loading much simpler.

When selecting a load, it is essential to take into account both your bullet type and target application. For varminting purposes, a 1:14 or 1:20 twist rate would work perfectly with lighter bullets; any faster rate may provide increased velocity but could potentially choke them too much and lead to jacket failure.

Heavy target bullets require either a 1:10 or 1:8 twist ratio, as these need a more potent powder that won’t overheat or damage your case – Hodgdon’s Extreme powders would make for suitable candidates in this regard.

Another critical consideration in selecting a load is your rifle’s bolt lift and ejector mark characteristics. If these characteristics become stiff or you notice any ejector marks, it may be time to reduce your charge. Furthermore, pressure levels within an individual gun’s capabilities may differ significantly due to factors like barrel length, seating depth, and powder lot. Therefore, always start 10% below your recommended load to be safe.


22-250 rifle brass ammunition is an increasingly popular choice among shooters due to its durability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, its wide array of firearm compatibility makes this ammunition perfect for both novice and expert shooters and reloaders alike – offering high muzzle velocity with a flatter trajectory, which can make long-range shooting much more straightforward and enjoyable!

Reloadability is one of the critical benefits of 22-250 brass cartridge cases, as they can be reused many times before becoming worn out and ineffective. When maintained and cared for properly, 22-250 cartridge cases may last you for years and allow you to maximize your shooting experience.

All Sig Sauer casings are constructed from quality American premium brass and undergo stringent in-line and post-production quality assurance testing for reliability and durability. Fully drawn containers ensure consistent internal volume while resisting case stretching or brittleness; their anneal process is monitored closely to prevent excessive dimpling of primer pockets; all instances are deburred on both the inside and outside neck to ensure exceptional reliability and performance.

Lapua brass starts with high-grade raw materials and industry-leading smelting and metallurgical expertise and undergoes stringent in-line and post-production quality controls, with particular consideration for hardness, solidity, and grain structure. Lapua brass weight-sorted to within + or -0.5 grains before trimming to length for final sizing and chamfering of case mouth interior and exterior edges before weight sorting and weight sorting to within + or -0.5 grains weight tolerance before final sizing/chamfering of case mouth both inside and out for flawless functioning performance.


The 22-250 is a highly versatile cartridge for many reasons. Its combination of versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent choice for target shooters, hunters, reloaders, or anyone seeking long-range shooting capabilities. Furthermore, its high muzzle velocity and flatter trajectory make long-range shooting possible, while its relatively light weight helps reduce recoil and ensure accurate shots.

Midsouth offers a comprehensive selection of 22-250 rifle cases from top brands like Hornady, Lapua, and Nosler that are primed or unprimed – as well as once-fired rifle cases – perfect for handloading. Our primed and unprimed options provide easy reloading.

Serious handloaders demand only top-quality components when it comes to reloading their firearms, and Lapua rifle cases meet that standard with their superior raw materials and metallurgical expertise. Their rugged and durable cases make for effortless extraction after firing and can withstand repeated reloading cycles without issue. Plus, Lapua’s precision-made components have been tested up to 30% overpressure – meeting all standards set by Commission Internationale Permanente!

No matter whether it be targets or hunting, Lapua reloading components are an ideal solution. Crafted from top quality raw materials and featuring multiple head stamp options for convenience. Each Lapua component weighs within +/-0.5 grains tolerance before deburring and chamfing both inside and outside the case mouth to meet our stringent quality control.


The 22-250 is an economical and versatile choice for target shooting or hunting, offering high velocity to penetrate targets at long range and reach the game at close quarters. Furthermore, its lightweight construction helps minimize recoil and increase accuracy; when loaded correctly, it makes an excellent option for competitive shooters as well as hunters alike.

Lapua brass stands out as being of world-class quality, crafted from superior raw materials, and subjected to stringent metallurgical testing processes for maximum case strength, which prevents stretching or brittleness over time. Their primer pockets are carefully measured while every case undergoes constant quality monitoring so as to maintain long-term use without losing their integrity.

Lapua reloading components are ideal for serious reloaders who demand maximum performance and durability from their rifle ammunition. Built to withstand repeated reloading cycles that far outstrip other products’ lifespans, Lapua’s high-precision production process also makes them the premier choice among hunters and target shooters alike.