The Best Hunting Rangefinder 2023


A top hunting rangefinder 2023 should provide intelligent features, such as angle compensation to account for wind and fog – especially if hunting from treestands or elevated positions.

A few models can do this, such as the Maven RF.1 with its Forest mode that enables you to identify objects hidden by trees or brush.

Leica CRF 2400-R

The Leica CRF 2400-R rangefinder is designed to deliver accurate measurements of distance. Its compact form factor, easy operation in all weather conditions, advanced optics, and robust laser provide high-quality results. This device is suitable for hunting or any outdoor activity where precision is critical.

The CRF 2400-R features an advanced ballistic calculator that considers several variables, such as angle, temperature, and air pressure, to help determine appropriate adjustments for long-range shots. In addition, its scan mode makes target tracking and identification simple, while its long-lasting operation ensures its longevity. Powered by an internal CR2 battery for efficient performance.

This rangefinder was explicitly made for bowhunters and rifle shooters. It is lightweight yet sturdy, with a high-speed laser. It provides clear images in any lighting condition with its large field of view and convenient zoom feature, measuring up to 2,400 yards, making it the perfect companion for hunting and long-distance shooting.

Leica Rangemaster rangefinders are widely respected, providing a premium experience at an attractive price point. Their compact size and rugged construction make them easy to carry or handle in rough conditions; plus, their manufacturer offers an extended lifetime warranty!

The Leica CRF 2400-R rangefinder uses an innovative method for calculating distances. Initially displaying LOS (Line of Sight) space, then EHR (Equivalent Horizontal Range) distance helps users quickly identify targets within their surrounding terrain and the target itself. Furthermore, this rangefinder boasts an impressive laser beam divergence of 0.5x 2.5mrad!

The Leica CRF rangefinder is one of the most widely used western hunting rangefinders on the market and offers high optical performance at an attractive price. Featuring crystal clear Leica glass and 7x magnification for clear vision even in dim lighting conditions. Water resistance with AquaDura lens coating keeps dust at bay; easy operation via fold-down eyecup is also an added feature that caters to glasses wearers.

Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W

The Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W is an older rangefinder that still packs plenty of punch. Equipped with features like last target mode and true ballistic range/wind, this unit will ensure you hit your intended mark every time, even when conditions vary significantly. Plus, this model comes with one of the best repair/replacement warranties – perfect for golf!

True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology features 25 selectable ballistic groups that correspond with most manufactured and hand-loaded rifle cartridges, providing dead-on shoot-to distances up to 800 yards with pinpoint accuracy compared to old-school rifleman’s rule accuracies that may differ by up to 10-15 inches at longer ranges.

This updated RX-1400i boasts the same vibrant red TOLED display of its predecessor but now comes equipped with advanced technologies designed to withstand even harsh conditions, from rain or snowfall, as it features waterproof and fogproof designs as well as laser pulse lock capabilities that let you use the rangefinder while holding down its power button, to avoid accidental measurements of objects in your line of sight.

Last Target mode is another incredible feature, locking onto the farthest object in its path so grasses or twigs don’t obstruct an accurate reading. Furthermore, an adaptive focus system adjusts the lens to provide clear views even when zooming in closer.

Another unique aspect of the RX-1400i Gen 2 is its versatility in programming for different shooting styles, including bow mode, which calculates angle-compensated ranges for uphill and downhill archery shots. Flightpath automatically determines an optimum aiming point based on target height and position; this feature helps eliminate obstacles while finding clear shooting lanes to get closer to your target – ideal for bow hunters who must make accurate long-distance and steep-angle shots.


The AOFAR HX-1200T rangefinder is an outstanding budget rangefinder for hunters that is easy to use and affordable. This device boasts numerous features to help hunters, such as its auto-off power feature, which helps conserve battery life; its large display, compact size and lightweight, which makes it portable enough for archery hunting; and its scan mode, which provides continuous readings.

Another excellent rangefinder for hunting is the Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W, a perfect rangefinder with multiple modes that allow for accurate shots while calculating wind speeds and tripod adaptability. Furthermore, this device uses DNA laser technology for precise measurements and durable materials for weather conditions.

This rangefinder is easy, giving you all the data to decide your next shot. Compact and lightweight, making it suitable for hunters in any environment; waterproof for added peace of mind; the display is clear and easily read; multiple modes available depending on your needs – this rangefinder delivers!

Contrary to other rangefinders, this model features both reflective and non-reflective rangefinder technology for hunting. This means it can measure the distance between you and your prey in both daylight and darkness and is also great for tracing targets, increasing your odds of hitting them successfully. In addition, two years of VIP support and a lifetime customer service guarantee give customers peace of mind when purchasing this product.

Nikon Rangefinders

As a golfer, an accurate yardage can make all the difference when choosing your club. A great rangefinder can be an invaluable aid; not only does it tell you how far away the flag and hazards on your course are, but it can also assist with knowing exactly how much to adjust your shot based on the slope of green or hazards like bunkers – helping ensure every shot hits perfectly every time!

The Nikon COOLSHOT Pro II Stabilized rangefinder has earned praise from numerous golf players for its stability, accuracy, and ease of use. Equipped with 6x magnification and featuring Nikon’s HYPER READ technology to guarantee fast response times – which means quickly locking onto flags to calculate yardages without hassles or issues. Its multilayer coating ensures optimal use in all weather conditions without glare or fogging up!

One of the significant aspects of this rangefinder is that its various modes can be quickly selected with one button press. There are two golf modes – slope and non-slop – as well as first target priority and scanning mode that lets you switch between single targets or multiple objects – that make this rangefinder an invaluable companion on hilly courses, where knowing exactly how much of an incline there is crucial to winning your round.

Another feature that makes this rangefinder outstanding is its incline and decline angle compensating technology, allowing it to calculate the true ballistic range of any target. This can help determine which club to use based on distance and angle – particularly helpful if shooting from a treestand.

Another significant aspect of this rangefinder is that it is built to last with a rugged case to guard against impacts. Furthermore, water resistance makes this rangefinder even better, and it features a high-resolution screen for precise viewing.