The Cheese Pizza Meme on Discord


Have you been on Discord recently and seen the cheese pizza picture being shared around? This meme ties back to both CP anagrams and Pizzagate; more specifically, its letters C and P can mean anything from Podesta emails to child pornography; here are some examples:.

What is Discord?

Discord is both a chat app and social media platform, enabling users to set up private or public servers that host text and voice chats among multiple people at the same time. Each server can also be broken down into smaller channels for specific topics of conversation.

As Delilah discovered, Discord can also serve other communities besides gamers. For example, Delilah joined one that discussed TV genres; there are servers dedicated to book clubs, fitness groups, memes, and dating.

As with any social media platform, Discord may contain inappropriate material; however, Discord’s community guidelines stipulate that servers with adult content be clearly labeled and only accessible by those over 18.

Parents can utilize Discord’s Family Center to monitor their kids’ accounts and start an open dialogue about appropriate online behavior. More details regarding its features, privacy settings, and safety settings can be found on its website.

Getting Started

Joining a server is the ideal way to explore how Discord works and learn its inner workings, whether that means joining book clubs or dance classes. When entering one, you will automatically gain access to text channels and voice channels – separate spaces where text conversations take place, while voice channels allow users to chat directly with one another within their server.

To join a voice channel, click on the microphone icon in your user panel (bottom left on mobile devices). For even more privacy and noise suppression features such as Krisp noise suppression – perfect for blocking out lawnmowers or your neighbor’s dog barking – enable Krisp from within voice settings; text formatting options like bolding, italicizing, and spoiler tags help organize conversations as well.

Text Messages

Discord offers many features designed to make communicating with friends more accessible, including text message interoperability. Enable this feature in your settings and text your friends like you would using Pulse SMS or Android Messages.

One helpful feature is being able to respond directly to someone’s post by adding a greater-than sign and space (>) before their name, thus automatically indenting their message and informing others that you are quoting them.

Use the same markup to highlight text. To emphasize something, place an asterisk at both ends of your desired text – similar to HTML’s I> and em> tags – while for underlining text, add two underscores at either end – this technique can also be helpful when mentioning someone or posting links. For more information about Discord text formatting go to “User Settings” then “Text & Images.”

Super Reactions

Discord now offers an exciting feature called Super Reactions that allows users to respond to messages with full-screen animated effects. While regular reactions may only offer thumbs up, heart, or smiley face responses, Super Reactions allow for more nuanced responses with a full range of animated animations available – each Discord Nitro subscriber gets five free Super Reactions per week.

Though it can be amusing to see animated party birds or bursts of confetti appear on your screen, keep in mind that not everyone will take it well. Super Reactions should only be used in close friend group chats where no one may take offense at them or lighthearted posts made on public servers.

Unfortunately, Discord’s recent move to include Super Reactions, where users traditionally found reaction buttons, has led to accidental usage and has caused much displeasure among many users. Coupled with limited usage (5 per week), as well as no way of disabling them altogether, it has left many frustrated (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Discord must address these concerns by offering non-Nitro users either an option to toggle them off or offering alternate button placement for this feature.