The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch


An unlikely transformation from a lowly soldier to monarch! His story of dedication and perseverance will serve as a lesson for future generations.

Character Over-Rated: This occurs when a soldier is given an inappropriate rank; while this can be amusing in humorous media, more serious military media would find this lacking plausibility.

The Story

Few things in manga are more satisfying than witnessing an earnest man rise from humble origins to fulfill their true potential like Eric went from a lowly soldier to becoming a monarch. Eric earned the respect of all who knew him through his dedication and exceptional courage in battle – swiftly rising through the ranks of the army before finding himself unexpectedly adept at handling politics; his insight helped the kingdom weather many storms easily.

One day, however, Samuel came forward and offered to find a solution when its king died without an heir. Lords and generals were divided as they tried to decide who should rule; civil war seemed imminent until Samuel proposed a tournament in which the strongest warrior would be chosen as the new king – this idea quickly won over all parties involved, and soon it was clear Samuel was their ideal candidate as fair, just king who put his people before all else; under Samuel’s wise and rule the kingdom flourished further than ever before!

A story of an unlikely transition from low-rank soldier to monarch is an inspiring testament to perseverance and the human spirit. It’s an inspiring reminder that greatness does not belong only to those born into wealth or privilege – with hard work and dedication, anyone can realize their dreams of greatness! Additionally, leadership qualities and a sense of justice are critical components of success, and those with these traits will always be respected and admired by their fellow man.

The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch is an engaging manhwa packed with exciting battle scenes, fascinating characters, and plenty of action. While some cliches exist (such as time travel), the great fights, good pacing, character development, and battle tactics compensate for these drawbacks. Magic or Ki, knights, and battle tactics also play vital roles.


A low-rank soldier’s ascent to monarchy is an inspiring story of perseverance and dedication, showing anyone from any background can achieve greatness with hard work and exemplary leadership. Furthermore, this tale illustrates that commitment and leadership are integral to success.

Chris, the protagonist in this story, was born into a modest village on the kingdom’s edge and dreamt of adventure and escape from his humble existence. To pursue these goals, he joined an army as a low-rank foot soldier but soon rose through the ranks due to his extraordinary battling skills, commitment to his people, and sense of honor – eventually earning him respect among peers and becoming monarch.

The MC is highly caring and profoundly values his friends and family. He’s an exceptional protector of those less fortunate, often making sacrifices even at risk to himself for his comrades’ welfare. Additionally, he’s an excellent fighter able to use Wiz to aid their cause during battle.

In the previous chapter, the MC freed some children being held captive, an act which violated the law and is now being pursued by the crown. He also faces attacks by various thief guilds, which have begun attacking him on sight.

Lind and Pixie join the heroes, with Lind being an expert poisoner on the Northern Continent while Pixie represents her native land as the best poisoner on that continent. Additionally, there’s now an even more significant threat in Orc Lord, who has already shown up to disrupt them!

The MC has already shown his worth in several battles, such as the Orc War. He showcased his abilities, using Wiz to defeat them while merging two types for increased power and speed. Now, as they prepare for another exciting arc with new challenges that will test his courage and strength, he knows they’ll win in style!


The story of a low-rank soldier becoming monarch is an engaging and captivating one, featuring action-packed battle scenes and beautiful themes like ordinary people pushing themselves past what they believed possible, such as this manga’s main character constantly going himself beyond his limits to achieve greater heights of excellence – showing just what can be accomplished when dedicated men put forth effort towards becoming powerful monarchs themselves.

The main character, or MC, lives in a modest village on the edge of his kingdom but longs for adventure and an escape from daily routine. So, he enlisted in the army, quickly becoming a skilled and dedicated soldier. Unfortunately, when King Lear died without an heir, his kingdom fell into turmoil as various lords and generals struggled over who should rule, and civil war was imminent.

Samuel came forward with his support, suggesting a tournament be held to choose a new ruler for the kingdom. Volunteering himself, Samuel faced stiff competition from other skilled warriors vying to be chosen king – yet eventually emerged victorious and was named ruler.

Under Samuel’s wise and fair leadership, the kingdom flourished under his wise and proper guidance. Trade and commerce thrived while its army strengthened. Its citizens revered Samuel; his legacy is one of greatness.

Current Story Arc MC has set out to make his territory secure and prosperous; unfortunately, his efforts have led him into conflict with thief guilds who now plan to bring him down. Additionally, his actions have angered the Crown, who cannot stop pursuing him further.

The MC is an incredible and selfless warrior – but his story is a powerful reminder that greatness does not require birthright or privilege to achieve. A tale of perseverance and dedication by an ordinary soldier to rise through the ranks to become monarch, this book should inspire all. Everyone should read this story!

Release Date

The story of how an unlikely figure rose to power through hard work is an inspiring and timeless example of perseverance and shows us that greatness does not depend on being born into wealth or privilege alone; hard work can bring success no matter your background or circumstances. Additionally, good leadership with an equal sense of fairness can assist people in overcoming even their most formidable hurdles.

Samuel was initially a low-rank soldier; however, he quickly earned the respect of his superiors and was promoted to higher ranks due to his exceptional fighting skills and dedication. With time, he eventually led all armies before finally ascending the throne as monarch; his wise and fair rule brought peace and prosperity back to the kingdom.

This manga has already generated much excitement among its viewers as each chapter released has given a thrilling narrative experience. With more exciting chapters being published soon and potential twists in this upcoming chapter release, viewers eagerly anticipate who will prevail and how they will take down enemies.

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Manhwa, which features the story of an ordinary soldier becoming monarch, has recently become one of the most-read titles. Its captivating plot leaves viewers eager to see how things play out in subsequent chapters.