Toilet Partitions Enhance the Beauty of Your Facility


Toilet partitions (also known as bathroom stalls or restroom cubicles) add to your facility’s aesthetic appeal and come in various styles and materials to meet your design and privacy needs. What do you need to consider about vách ngăn vệ sinh compact

One Point Partitions offers five popular toilet partition materials: powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, phenolic core, and stainless steel. Each material provides its own set of advantages that work well in specific environments.

Hiny Hiders(r) Partitions

Hiny Hiders solid plastic restroom stalls are durable, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions. Available in multiple colors and textures with a 25-year warranty guarantee, they make an ideal addition to facilities seeking extra levels of privacy.

Bathrooms are among the most frequently visited spaces within any facility, making them highly visible to occupants. Ensuring they feel protected is crucial, while ineffective partitions could leave them exposed and uncomfortable.

Solid plastic HDPE toilet partitions differ from their counterparts made of laminate or phenolic in that they do not absorb moisture, helping prevent mold growth that could result in unpleasant odors and respiratory problems. Furthermore, power-washing won’t damage or rust these partitions as efficiently.

Other toilet partition materials can rust and delaminate over time, while solid plastic toilet partitions remain impervious to dent, scratch, corrosion, graffiti, mildew, and bacteria growth. Furthermore, solid plastic partitions don’t need to be painted every few years, which reduces VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions in the air.

Scranton Products provides standard colors and finishes for Hiny Hiders partitions, but their customization options allow your facility to meet its exact needs. Reed requested that OSU school colors be applied to their stalls while including door engraving capabilities that allowed OSU students to personalize the restroom space further.

Powder-Coated Metal

Powder-coated metal partitions may be an economical choice, but that doesn’t mean they lack style or durability. Crafted of galvanized steel and covered in a thermosetting powder coat that is electrostatically applied to ensure uniform coverage across its entirety, these partitions resist fading, scuffing, staining, and other signs of wear-and-tear damage. Choose from contemporary colors with anti-graffiti properties for an additional upcharge that conceals and resists marks left by graffiti tags and vandalism.

Powder coat technology differs significantly from painting in that it produces more robust, longer-lasting finishes. Powder particles have electrostatic charges that attract and stick to grounded metal surfaces. After being heated in an oven, this makes an easy-care coating that won’t chip or flake over time.

Powder-coated partitions also offer another benefit that some manufacturers provide: no-sightline solutions that eliminate gaps between doors, panels, and pilasters. Hadrian employs an effective no-sightline solution by employing continuous stops with hinge-side fillers to block all visible sightlines completely.

Powder-coated partitions are an excellent choice for high-traffic public bathrooms, as they are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Available in multiple mounting styles, powder-coated partitions can be installed either during new construction or upgrades on existing installations. In addition, these eco-friendly partitions help meet LEED standards while being cost-effective compared with alternative options.

Solid Phenolic

Phenolic partition material is one of the most challenging options on the market and is often considered the premier choice among facility managers who want their restrooms to appear modern and luxurious. It resists moisture-induced mold growth without support from mold spores or bacteria colonies and is highly durable against any force, such as blunt impact, without being damaged or torn.

Phenolic restroom stalls are considered an eco-friendly and safe material because they do not contain urea-formaldehyde resins and emit low levels of emissions; in addition, their composition includes high post-consumer recycled content. Unfortunately, however, they can be affected by bases and oxidizing chemicals, which could potentially damage or discolor them; consequently, they tend to come in darker hues for optimal use.

Solid phenolic restroom stalls, like HDPE toilet partitions, come with either a black core or color-thru core to meet aesthetic preferences and performance needs. Choosing between either option doesn’t affect performance directly; it simply adds personal design elements. In addition to color choices and hardware upgrades like wraparound hinges made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy and slotted keepers to prevent unauthorized entry to their stalls, phenolic restroom stalls feature vandal-proof features like Class B fire ratings while being vandal-proof while being easy to install – making them suitable options for schools, public transportation hubs or any environment where vandalism risk exists – making them an excellent option suitable choice when installed securely within their premises – making them ideal for schools, public transportation hubs or any area vulnerable to vandalism such as public transport hubs!


Glass toilet partitions offer a modern touch to any commercial restroom. Crafted of tempered safety glass, these partitions create an airy and open atmosphere within any given space while being resistant to staining and easy to maintain – perfect for restrooms with high moisture or humidity levels.

Glass is an attractive and functional material for restroom design, though it is more costly than some alternatives. Customizable to meet specific dimensions, glass easily fits into any space seamlessly—be it frost-coated for privacy or frameless for an unobtrusive aesthetic. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, reducing your washroom’s carbon footprint!

Prior to purchasing bathroom stalls, ensure you take the time to assess your facility carefully. This will enable you to establish the exact dimensions and requirements for your new restroom, thus minimizing installation problems. Once your measurements are in order, hire professional manufacturers/installers. These experts will ensure your stalls arrive quickly with all necessary hardware installed quickly. They will also conduct quality assurance checks to meet both aesthetic and functionality standards before providing you with an extensive warranty protection plan to safeguard your investment.