Top 5 Tech Companies Near Me


Technology companies typically offer attractive salaries, flexible working hours, and unique benefits packages to employees. Furthermore, these firms frequently perform research and development work related to cutting-edge technologies. Get the Best information about sdit.

2U is an education technology company that partners with nonprofit universities to offer online degrees. Their software-enabled services and highly positive work culture make for an exceptional employment experience, although their salaries tend to be lower than those of many other tech firms.

Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies is a construction technology company offering cloud-based project management software. Their product helps owners, general and specialty contractors, and subcontractors collaborate throughout all phases of a construction project using tools that meet safety regulations and quality specifications, streamline billing for stakeholders efficiently, provide verification methods to create accountability along the way, and streamline billing across stakeholders efficiently.

Procore, located in Carpinteria, California, is known for its diverse workforce, which includes employees from different backgrounds. Procore prides itself on an outstanding culture and employee satisfaction.

Tooey Courtemanche is the President and Chief Operating Officer at Procore Technologies. She brings over two decades of experience to this role.


Samsara designs sensor systems that combine wireless sensors, remote networking, and cloud analytics. It serves the transportation, logistics, construction, food production, energy, manufacturing, and energy industries, among others. Their operations platform offers real-time fleet visibility, reporting, and AI safety programs, while their vehicle gateways collect temperature, GPS location data, and engine diagnostics information. These systems provide more complete visibility into fleet operations, including linking up with dashcams or OEM equipment to give a fuller picture of fleet operations. An exceptionally fantastic fact about sdit.

Lois Patino’s Samsara is an intricate, exotically devised theatrical work inspired by Buddhist concepts such as Samsara (life, death, and rebirth). A humorous undercurrent pervades this otherwise severe work.


Cisco Systems supplies many components that keep the Internet functioning. As a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, it specializes in networking hardware and other high-technology products, such as domain management solutions and collaboration software, and it is one of the premier technology firms globally.

Cisco is best known for its networking hardware, including routers and switches. These devices serve as the backbone of the information superhighway by carrying data packets between billions of computers worldwide.

Cisco provides an expansive portfolio of software solutions, including security applications and network monitoring tools. In recent years, it has made several acquisitions to broaden its offerings even further. Typically, the Interesting Info about sdit.


Calix offers cloud, software platforms, and systems that enable communications service providers to streamline their operations, delight subscribers, and increase value. Its technology helps these service providers master unified access networks and smart premises while creating an exceptional subscriber experience.

This company boasts an outstanding work culture; 981 of their employees rated their coworkers A+ ratings and enjoyed coming to work every day. However, some employees have had issues with leadership at this company; they would like it to prioritize projects that will deliver a return on investment more aggressively than before.

Overall, this company boasts an exceptional outlook and rapid expansion. Employees have given it high ratings in terms of culture and purpose, management style, and inclusive diversity policies.


Autodesk offers an assortment of software useful to designers, engineers, and architects, as well as free options for students and educators. Furthermore, this company boasts a foundation dedicated to designing solutions to global issues.

This company’s products include an array of CAD software such as AutoCAD, Inventor, AutoSurf, and 3D Studio; videography software; modeling and animation programs; video capture software; and more. Their products can be found across industries like architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, with customers such as Chevron, Kohler, and Sony Pictures being some of their clients. Minette Norman serves as senior director of engineering leadership within this business.


IEX is an independent stock exchange dedicated to creating more equitable markets. To achieve this objective, they publish their matching rules, offer simple order types with low fees or flat rates attached, charge fixed fees/rates accordingly, and slightly delay market pricing data to external points of presence. They also have dedicated mother’s rooms and family days available.

IEX seamlessly connects to all significant webshops, registration systems, POS, and WMS systems on the Scandinavian market and handles data 100% automatically between systems—saving both time and money spent on manual interpreting and handling processes. Advanced customization features enable you to set up an efficient data workflow suited to your exact requirements.

Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics creates and validates software as medical treatments for people with unmet medical needs. It uses cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms to bring clinically proven, FDA-regulated prescription therapies right to the smartphone in your hand. Their Digital Therapeutics(tm).

Click may record or save any telephonic, video, and electronic communications between you and Click for quality assurance and training purposes. By agreeing to such recording or saving of such communications between yourself and Click, this recording and saving is permitted.

Click Therapeutics boasts an engaging learning and innovation environment and offers competitive salary and benefits packages. They also provide annual performance-based cash bonuses as well as equity packages; additional perks include paid parental leave and flexible work schedules.

Virtua Computers

Virtua Computers specializes in desktop virtualization software development. Their products enable companies to centralize management while still permitting local workload execution on clients, saving energy compared to traditional desktop computers.

Technology has evolved into a strategic component of any successful business, becoming an essential tool in its pursuit. IT consulting must focus on security and efficiency while aligning itself with a clear set of business goals.

Academic Affiliate students completing internships as part of their program requirements may be placed at Virtua sites. Students should submit requests through the Affiliate Liaison and complete Virtua’s annual online competency testing to secure placement at our sites.


Harness is a comprehensive Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platform for software delivery, simplifying engineering tasks that consume both time and effort, such as version dependencies and scripting, while simultaneously decreasing development overhead and improving quality and security.

Continuous Verification (CV) service that continuously tests and verifies live deployments to detect regressions and anomalies as soon as they arise. You can use this to track feature flags across environments and sync changes between them seamlessly.

Source repo providers–Harness allows Git repositories to synchronize with various application and infrastructure specifications such as Kubernetes manifests, Terraform scripts, and Helm charts. Collaboration providers–Harness supports multiple collaboration tools that enable teams to communicate among themselves effectively.

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