Utah Car Shows


Utah boasts a rich car culture often celebrated at car shows throughout the year – one such event being the 2023 Steel Days Car Show.

Car show visitors have begun noticing a change. Rides once considered uncool are increasingly desirable again; one such vehicle is the Ford Pinto.

The Beehive State’s Car Culture

Utah boasts a vibrant car culture. Automotive enthusiasts attend shows year-round to display their prized automobiles and mingle with fellow auto enthusiasts. While some events feature classic models, others highlight cutting-edge models – there’s sure to be something at Utah car shows to suit any taste!

Utahns know the beehive is their state’s symbol, yet few understand why it was chosen. The industry is included as one of Utah’s mottos, and the beehive symbolizes workers coming together in harmony to form an economically productive society, an idea that has long represented Utah’s citizens, both past and present.

As a result, Arizona is an economic powerhouse and home to an impressive car culture featuring exotic cars driving down city streets or along canyon roads.

Salt Lake hosts several car shows and parades each year. One such event is the Salt Lake Trolley Tour, which attracts large crowds of spectators each year. Here, you’ll find everything from vintage Cadillacs to classic Ford Mustangs at this free-to-attend event that is the epitome of local car culture.

Sponsors of this event are committed to giving back, and all proceeds from Need 2 Drive and 118 Racing merchandise sold at the show this year will go directly to Utah Foster Care, marking two consecutive years when all profits went toward supporting this local nonprofit.

Utah car shows are more than just an event for enthusiasts to gather. They are an integral part of Utah culture and bring people from different walks of life together. Therefore, you must remain up-to-date on Utah’s car shows to participate while displaying your favorite vehicle!

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The “Utah Car Czar”

Utah is home to an active car culture, and one of its leading figures is known as “Utah Car Czar.” He serves as an authority on all things automotive and is often present at local car shows where automobile enthusiasts gather together and display their prized automobiles.

Organizing a car show requires careful preparation. First, choose an expansive location that can host both spectators and vehicles. Next, establish a registration process for car owners wishing to join the show – online or physical registration forms can work just as well – and then promote the event through social media, local newspapers, and car enthusiast communities.

At your show, provide security and crowd control measures that ensure participant and attendee safety. After the car show concludes, take stock of its success by gathering feedback from participants and spectators; using this knowledge, organizers can better enhance future events.

Upcoming Salt Lake Car Shows

Utah’s car culture is alive and kicking! With vintage automobiles or cutting-edge sports cars to satisfy any enthusiast, Utah offers plenty of events throughout the year that cater to car enthusiasts of all types. Read further to gain more insight into Utah’s car scene and their famed “Utah Car Czar,” then plan a visit to one of Salt Lake City’s many car shows!

The Firme Image Lowrider Car Show first made its debut in 2002 and since then has become an annual national event, drawing participants and spectators from across the nation. The Firme Image Car Club hosts it and is open to members and guests of all ages. This showcase of lowrider vehicles, including trucks and classic cars, boasts live DJ music to keep people cheering while competitors hop their vehicles to their beat while bouncing around an obstacle course to win a trophy. Michelle Kawahara and Cassie Evancich are just two artists showcased during this event!

Kulture Krash’s art and car show in Copperton offers an alternative approach to car shows: this family-friendly event combines eye-catching artwork with classic car exhibits for an informal car show experience with a Halloween theme. As a fundraiser for Angel’s Hands Foundation – an organization dedicated to helping children living with rare or undiagnosed medical conditions – Drill ‘Em All Hot Wheels Group repainting basic hot rods so they look more realistically painted; Cassie Evancich of delicate pinstriping vehicles has traveled from other states just for this event!

If you’re in Gardner Village and love classic collectible cars, check out the Classic Car Show on the fourth Thursday of every month – it’s free admission, and guests are encouraged to bring food and drinks! For more information about this show, visit their website.

Memorial Day Car Shows

Memorial Day is an occasion to recognize those who have served our nation while also serving as an opportunity for families and friends to come together. Looking for something fun to do this Memorial Day? Visit one of Utah’s Memorial Day car shows.

This weekend is UMC’s fourth-annual Cruzer Palooza car show, showcasing classic and custom vehicles of all shapes and sizes to car enthusiasts of all ages. Open to the public and free to attend.

West Jordan’s Memorial Day Ceremony and Car Show offer another fantastic way to kickstart the summer season, featuring free admission and food trucks! Don’t miss this free event that promises plenty of memories!

Cache Valley Cruise-In, Logan’s three-day car show, kicked off its inaugural day this year with many classic vehicles and their passionate owners, such as Glenn Beck, who brought out his 1934 Petersen Boat Tail Blower Bentley (which once belonged to Jay Leno!). One highlight included Glenn Beck’s 1934 Petersen Boat Tail Blower Bentley, which once belonged to Jay Leno himself!