The 3 bests lash lift kits in USA


Lash lifting has been in vogue for a few years now. But with the arrival of countless players on the market, it is difficult to find the right kit.


So we decided to test many of the kits on the market. Also, we collected opinions from professional beauticians about the kit they were using, especially the ones they recommended.


After this survey, three kits stood out. We give you the pros and cons of each. We hope this will help you make the best choice.


Number 1: The black lash lift France kit




In the first position, we find this kit from the French brand Lashlift France. It is a black kit containing tools to make a professional lash lift in an institute or DIY from home.

Advantages of this kit :

Complete: For the blow, this kit is complete; everything is included. This is a significant point.

No dye: the brand has always promoted the “no dye” on its networks. And we can say that the kit is dye-free. This is a reassuring point for those who have fragile lashes. The professionals interviewed also confirmed that their clients were reassured when they mentioned the “no colorant.”

Fast: While a private individual may not see any particular advantage, it can make a big difference for a professional. It’s 5 minutes on average with this kit, compared to 10 minutes with the classic kits. So you will be able to take twice as many clients for appointments. For the cost of labor, you can double your sales!

Easy to use: This kit is very easy to use. We think that even a beginner can use it. The fact that it is complete makes it even easier.

Disadvantages of this kit:

We didn’t find any drawbacks to this kit. It is the best compromise regarding quality/price ratio for individuals and professionals.


Number 2: The Peggy Sage kit






In second place comes the Peggy Sage professional kit. This kit is very well known in the professional world. However, we don’t think it’s suitable for a home user.


Advantages of this kit:

Complete: This kit is complete.

Single-dose lotions: The products are single-dose, facilitating the application in beauty salons.

Product used in training: For a professional just starting, it can be reassuring to use the same kit as the one used during his training.

Disadvantages :

It’s not an eyelash lifting: although this kit claims to allow for eyelash lifting, the shape of the silicones suggests that it’s more of a lash perm kit. However, this point should be taken with a pinch of salt because some professionals may manage to do an eyelash lifting with this shape, although the professionals we interviewed confirmed the contrary.

Not suitable for individuals: This kit is reserved for professional use. Indeed, it is not practical for a private individual.

Number 3: The lash lift kit from Cilsexpert






In the third position comes finally the kit of at Cilsexpert very well-known professionals.

Advantages of this kit:

Complete: This kit of lashes enhancement is complete, as of the two others presented above.

Includes ribbons: This is quite rare in an eyelash enhancement kit, but it’s super useful when you need to maintain your client’s lower lashes.

May offer benefits for signing up for training: if you plan to train in eyelash enhancement, opting for this kit may grant you benefits on the training fee (information to be confirmed).


Not made for a private individual: Among the kits presented, this is the one that is least suitable for individuals. It is a kit reserved for professional use.


In conclusion, not all eyelash enhancement kits are suitable for home use. Although the three previous kits stand out, there is a wide choice of eyelash enhancement kits on the internet, and it is up to you to find what suits you best. We hope you enjoy this article. Feel free to leave us a comment!

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