Will be the Most Important Attribute Of An Excellent Leader?


Some leaders may actually think of themselves as gods. This statement is not as far-fetched as you may think, since apparently, some followers have a very way to expect of their market leaders to be gods, being able to perform miracles.

Why these statements? I believe compelled to address this issue due to the fact, that if we look at the lives of some leaders, we can scarcely be blamed for being convinced that they see themselves to be gods. The things they at times do [and go away with]; the things they say [and get applauded for]; and the examples they established [as well since directives they issue] can only stem from one huge misconception, namely, that they feel they are elevated to a stage far above that of standard earthlings. They live just like they actually believe they are gods. Man-made Gods!

Their management positions put them in a put where they have power in the destiny of others, and in addition, they enjoy using it, even if this would mean ruining the lives connected with some along the way. As for their selves, however, they have a totally different range of rules that they live by means of.

But [as with several other things in life], you can find another side to the piece that deserves being seen. Let’s be honest, very few corrupt, overbearing, egocentric, self-righteous, jealous, money-crazy, power-crazy, control-freaky, autocratic, or perhaps abusive leaders, started off their particular careers with the intention to become unbalanced, unpopular, self-centred market leaders. Many of them started their occupations doing uncomplicated jobs, rather than even thought of becoming leaders. But, when they eventually became leaders, they will become sucked into a method that changed their existence altogether.

Wrong expectations:

Oftentimes the Organisation, [be it politics, business, or perhaps church] creates unacceptable expectations of a leader. Someone with the required attitude, individuality, qualifications and experience will be voted in as head, but as soon as he or she becomes the leader, the same people that voted for him assume him to become somebody else. I use seen many humble, practical workers [and Pastors] being chosen as leaders, and then changed by just a power-centric society into anyone you could hardly recognise.

What is it that changes any person from being the humble, dedicated diligent individual, to an autocratic, power-drunk, selfish, or obnoxious [ouch! ] boss? There are more reasons than is usually discussed in this short document, but two causes I always have personally seen required perhaps most often were [a] the allows within a power-culture-oriented organization, and [b] unrealistic expectations of admirers.

An organisation with a power culture has a way of changing every boss into becoming power-hungry, and others that will not adhere, are terminated. Perhaps you have not paid attention to that, but take a typical power-drunk leader, [and appreciate God not all leaders may be like this], and find out who his or her friends were before he or she became a leader.

Then talk with them and find out what has been like before, and how he or they changed. Also, see if he or she still has the same friends he’d before he became this specific important leader. You might be shocked to find out how many lost their particular friends in the process of becoming market leaders, and why this took place. Once a leader becomes taken into a power-drunk system, he or she sacrifices more than he or can manage, to become a person he or likely never wanted to be.

Disastrously, the same system that was terrible them in will definitely spew them out all over again.

[The second reason for his / her change], Unrealistic Expectations By means of Followers

Again, this is not seen as a rule, as there are various other circumstances and powers required, yet consider the following:

You, yourself are voted into a leadership situation for your steadfast regular values. Among others, he is shown admiration for his outspoken posture on the importance of marriage. Still, as soon as he becomes their particular leader, the followers set out to change their idol directly into somebody they would never have selected for.

Tragically, the same supporters, who voted in a serious family man specifically for his or her steadfast traditional values, do not let him time with his loved ones when he becomes their head. He now belongs to his or her followers [they think], and they insist on his focus. He has to pamper every single follower and look after the requirements of everyone but his own friends and family. In the end, I have seen quite a few walks out with neither friends and family nor followers.

Why you can ask? “Because he was definitely not the person that we voted for”. But, in many cases, it was often the followers that changed the pup into a person they didn’t need or like.

The point I always want to make is that it is not easy to get leaders to succeed. However, I’ve noted that there is ONE specific trait that will help a leader succeed considerably more than anything else.

To be a brilliant leader, you must be a brilliant follower.

In the universe, you can find but one person who does not have access to a need to follow a leader. The face is God. He has simply no higher authority to look around. He is the highest authority.

You should definitely the rest of us, we are looking for a leader. I do not properly care whether you are the president of the biggest government in the world, you continue to need a leader. Even Christ was very clear about His or her need to follow and comply with God. He specifically discussed how He never did whatever He had not seen His or her Father do, and never mentioned anything He did not listen to his Father say. [John 5: 19, eight: 28 & other Scriptures refer] Jesus is the perfect example of an outstanding innovator. Yet at the same time, He was an ideal example of outstanding fans.

When you are a good follower, happened only have the ability to listen to your own leader [ultimately God], but also the ability to listen to your own followers. Being a good fan is the only safeguard towards being changed into a person that ultimately loses it all.

The problem along with ineffective leaders in many cases is not really about the person being a bad leader, but being a weak follower.

If you cannot follow, that people lead. Even if you know the many tricks of the trade, transferred all exams, have the abilities, and whatever else you might think important, you cannot be more essential than Jesus, and He trained us not to do anything we now have not seen our Utterly divine Father do.

As for a person’s followers out there reading this, please do not try to change your leader right into a local god. He is not really, cannot be and never will be our god. He is a person like you and me also. For you to be a good fan, you must follow God’s system in your heart, and allow a person leader to do so also.

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