Bergamont 2023 E-Grand Prix Bike Review


Bergamont Bicycle Company stands out as an innovator who balances tradition with innovation, perfection, and improvisation in equal measures. Their bikes are constructed using German engineering with respect for craftsmanship as their prime motivation.

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Bergamont frames are at the core of every bike and determine its look, ride quality, and weight. Their expert frame builders combine innovation with tradition for flawless construction that looks both sexy and fast!

The Encore 9.0 is an inspiring 165mm travel trail bike designed to tackle even the most challenging mountain biking trails with confidence and precision. Its sleek design features include oversized tubes and a square box housing its Bosch Cargo Line motor.

The Grandurance 6 is an aluminum gravel or all-road bike featuring an ergonomic, balanced geometry with provisions for large tires, racks, and mudguards. Ideal for exploring new trails on weekends. The linkage-actuated single-pivot rear suspension boasts 140mm of travel with embossing on pivot points for ease of operation and sealed bearings for durability.


Bergamont’s first completely new model for 2023 appears similar to an endurance bike at first glance, featuring flat bars instead of drop bars, flat rimmed tires, a rear carrier, the Mahle X35+ hub motor, which delivers 40 Newton meters of torque, hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano SLX and Deore as well as Syncros components and RockShox suspension fork with 100mm travel.

Bergamont recently introduced a trekking bike model equipped with Bosch Smart System: E-Ville Edition is fitted with PowerTube 500 battery, Performance Line CX motor, and Intuvia display to meet everyday use with an emphasis on sportiness. It replaces previous models powered by Fazua Evation mid-motor, reflecting Bergamont’s trend toward providing more sporty drive concepts in its comfort bikes.


The Sweep 4 is similar to the Bergamont E-Grandurance we’ve tested, boasting an impressive specification at its price point. Equipped with Shimano Clari’s groupsets, hydraulic disc brakes, eyelets for mudguards racks and stands, as well as various eyelets for mudguards racks and stands, it appears like an incredible value; unfortunately, its allure is marred by its uncompromising ride and lack of dropper post; though this makes riding faster less fun compared to how enjoyable a dropper would make riding easier overall; regardless it remains worth checking out this great-looking bike worth it’s potential!


As with other brands, Bergamont produces its e-bike components. This model features a Bosch Performance CX Line motor and 500wh PowerPack — the most significant external battery available — along with a Purion display and an “eMTB” mode to access all available power. Furthermore, this bike provides smooth three-ring drivetrain shifting action, a wide gear range that should cover most terrain conditions, and quick-stopping caliper brakes for added stopping power.

At first glance, the Sweep 4.0’s frame looks both sleek and robust thanks to its straight lines and oversized tubes. A square box houses its Bosch Cargo Line motor and features an in-house designed cover to protect against dirt. A RockShox Pike RCT3 fork handles suspension duties up front with Monarch RT3 rear shock as the primary shock. Magura MT4 brakes seem underpowered, given this bike’s speed and weight.


Bergamont indicates that Mavic Allroad wheels offer an ideal blend of road and MTB traction, with ample clearance for wider tires. Schwalbe G-One Allround 35c tires perform admirably on gravel tracks and fire roads during dry weather rides; when it comes to riding through mud or other types of precipitation, they might require something with more grip like WTB Cross Boss rubber for maximum grip.

Bergamont utilizes a Shimano Claris group drivetrain and reliable caliper brakes on its carbon Grandurance frames and forks, with low profile mounts to allow full coverage fenders and mini front fenders to minimize spray back into the rider’s face. Complete bikes also come equipped with a mini front fender as a deterrent against spraying around onto riders.

The Bosch Performance CX Line motor offers an expansive power range while also giving riders access to all available assistance through eMTB mode. This gives riders a more natural riding experience; when exerting more effort, the bike responds with additional power.


Bergamont stands out as an innovative manufacturer that prioritizes high-quality components and superb handling in their electric bikes, offering tremendous value at competitive prices.

They offer a selection of different e-bikes designed to meet every cyclist’s needs, from road bikes to mountain bikes. Their most popular model, the Bergamont E-Ville, is equipped with Bosch Performance Line CX motor technology for robust and sporty performance. It also boasts straight lines and oversized tubes to give it an eye-catching appearance.

The philosophy of Hamburg company Paul-E Bikes is that cycling can provide solutions to many of the issues facing urban society, from congestion and pollution to rising fuel bills. By riding safely, quickly, and comfortably to work, shops, or the theatre via bicycle, one can overcome congestion, pollution, and fuel bills. Their 2021 Paul-E e-folding bike epitomizes this St Pauli philosophy with its stepless hub gear from Enviolo with Gates belt drive transmission, 4th Generation Bosch cargo motor, and PowerTube battery providing 625 Watt-hour capacity.