Best Kid Friendly Restaurants Near Me in NYC


At NYC’s best kid-friendly restaurants, kids will enjoy delicious cuisines and an enjoyable dining experience. From burgers in Harlem to Dominican cuisine in Washington Heights, this city has something for every palate and taste bud!

Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square offers an unforgettable dining experience for children and their parents, featuring singing waitstaff performing Broadway tunes as guests enjoy their meals.


Dining out with children doesn’t have to be limited to pizza and burgers! Many of NYC’s hottest new restaurants and longtime classics provide family-friendly menu options so parents and children can relax during meals without feeling pressured into making decisions or giving in. You may even find places that cater specifically to food allergies or picky eaters!

This casual American restaurant specializes in seafood, steak, salad, and pasta cuisine, but its forte lies in serving kid-friendly meals such as chicken wing appetizers, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese, along with dessert options like shakes and ice cream sodas.

This upscale diner is perfect for kids, offering something on its menu to meet everyone in your family’s tastes – from classics such as grilled cheese sandwiches to more exotic items like fondue burgers or their famous doughnut grilled cheese sandwich! It has spacious dining rooms with flat-screen TVs and games perfect for little ones – available across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens!

Meat Ball Shop

The Meat Ball Shop, a local chain offering imaginative meatball sandwiches and salads, makes an exciting dining destination for children. Offering classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetarian, mashed potatoes, green beans side dishes, and spaghetti as sides; for something smaller, try their sliders available as well!

Hell’s Kitchen restaurant’s lively and energetic atmosphere makes it the ideal location for dining with friends or family. Their diverse menu boasts seasonal vegetables, market-driven salads, sandwiches, handmade ice cream sandwiches, craft cocktails, and approachable wines – the ideal setting to share the joys of fine dining!

This restaurant is open late and serves lunch and dinner daily, offering outdoor seating to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Friendly, helpful staff members offering delicious desserts like ice cream sandwiches and homemade cookies make this an excellent option for families with young children. Using Postmates, you can order conveniently by adding items to your cart and then choosing “pickup” when checking out.


Benihana first opened in 1964, and ever since, it has been a family-favorite restaurant. Renowned for its unique dining experience that allows them to sit around a teppanyaki grill and watch as their meals are prepared in front of them, guests also find plenty of entertainment both children and adults can enjoy here.

The restaurant features brightly-hued interiors and flashing decor to engage children, providing them with a pleasant environment for dining. Offering everything from burgers and fries to chicken and salad and a selection of desserts.

This restaurant is the ideal spot for quick family meals, offering delectable cuisine in stunning interiors. Plus, a wide variety of drinks – smoothies and juices included! – will leave everyone wanting more!

The Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain is a modernized version of classic 1950s soda fountains, offering traditional short-order fare such as grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, children will be delighted by delicious ice cream sundaes and floats; adults can indulge in milkshakes, tea, coffee, or beer to complete their dining experience.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Kid-friendly restaurants are an excellent place for families looking to dine out. Offering food options suitable for even the pickiest eaters and offering an inviting environment, these eateries provide food and entertainment during their meals – keeping children engaged during each course!

New York City offers many kid-friendly restaurants that specialize in different cuisines – sushi, falafel, and ramen can be found among them – making these eateries perfect for parents looking for alternatives to pizza or burger joints when dining out with their children.

Postmates makes locating some of NYC’s best kid-friendly restaurants easy by providing an app-based ordering system and convenient delivery service that fits your schedule. For instance, when visiting with family, Oath Pizza provides pizza deliveries to their hotel or apartment!

Instead of offering activities to keep children entertained, these restaurants specialize in fine dining for all the family. When searching for the best kid-friendly restaurant near me in NYC, look for ones with delicious cuisine, pleasant environments, and options tailored specifically for picky eaters.

Los Tacos No. 1 Restaurant

This iconic NYC taco chain offers one of the best kid-friendly dining experiences in NYC. Located at Chelsea Market, its charming environment provides a welcome respite from diner fare while its delicious food will keep kids satisfied for hours! Their extensive menu boasts all your favorites (cactus, pork, and carne asada tacos are just a few examples!) with homemade corn tortillas that are fluffier and softer than typical street or market tacos; pair that with horchata or tamarindo drinks for even more comforting dining!

Long lines can judge popularity during peak hours, but it is well worth the wait as the lines move quickly and the staff are friendly. If the long wait doesn’t appeal, check out Los Mariscos or Times Square locations; both offer some of the finest Baja fish tacos. For optimal dining experiences, always opt for corn tortilla (with its flour made of lard) as this option offers the best experience; don’t forget to ask for lime, and order some guacamole alongside red salsa; complete your meal!

Petite Maman Restaurant

Celine Sciamma tackled gender identity and familial tension in Portrait of a Lady on Fire, her Queer Palm-winning 2019 film. Now French director Celine Sciamma returns to exploring childhood reveries and unanswered questions through Petite Maman – featuring two powerful child actors without resorting to mawkish sentimentality or emotionally manipulating score – but still manages to move audiences without ever resorting to unnecessary tears-inducing background score manipulation.

Sciamma’s film may seem slight – Nelly and Marion stage a play, explore their mother’s emotional distance from them, and build a fort in the woods–but her ability to convey so much with subtle gestures and short scenes speaks volumes about how children perceive life. At 72 minutes long, this slim movie never feels too long!

Petite Maman is an exquisite example of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterful work; it reminds us how magical and magical childhood can be through its eyes. Sciamma draws us deep into emotional territory while using the French countryside as her backdrop to craft a captivating movie experience that will remain with us long after viewing is complete.

Vic’s Restaurant

Great Jones Street offers the ideal setting for enjoying delicious, rustic-modern cuisine with friends or family members. Their menu boasts an impressive variety of tasty offerings sure to please everyone; among the highlights is squash blossom pizza featuring crispy squash blossoms layered over creamy ricotta on an airy thin crust, as well as cacio e pepe spaghetti, which features crispy shelled beans in creamy cheese sauce for the perfect dish!

Vic’s is an updated version of Five Points, the farm-to-table eatery that opened on this block 1999. Owners Victoria Freeman and Marc Meyer (Cookshop, Shuka, Hundred Acres) decided to close Five Points before reopening it as Vic’s in October 2014.

The new restaurant serves locally sourced Italian-Mediterranean fare with an emphasis on pizzas and pasta made with flour from New York State, in addition to desserts, antipasti, and brunch dishes like frittatas and baked eggs – at affordable prices – making this an excellent casual meal option in the city.