Best Salad Near Me in NYC


The best salads in New York range from nutritious to delectable. Boasting fresh ingredients that satisfy both hunger and taste buds, these restaurants provide healthy lunch options that meet all your nutritional needs.

Grubhub has curated the city’s best options when it comes to salad, from large buffet-style spots to independent cafes that specialize in serving delicious salads.

Asian Chicken Salad at Boba Cafe

New York City offers plenty of delicious salad options, no matter your diet trend or simply looking to increase your green intake. From the sweet Spinach and Goat Cheese salad at Serafina to Somtum Der’s spicy Papaya Salad – here are some of the city’s finest salads in NYC.

Boba Guys is always busy but worth the wait – their homemade boba is made using their owner’s grandmother’s recipe with all organic ingredients. Their menu includes drinks and bite-size meals, such as chopped chicken salad or mallawach (Yemeni puff pastry pancake with feta and sauce), which are must-try dishes.

East Village residents love this Greek restaurant for its incredible salads and vegan-friendly offerings, such as amazing vegan-friendly salads that won’t weigh down their stomachs. Their saganaki makes an outstanding appetizer, while their avgolemono and moussaka dishes should not be missed either! Save room for their irresistibly decadent baklava as an absolute must!

This delicious salad features deliciously flavorful and succulent grilled chicken that’s hard to finish, set among delicious ingredients such as roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and kalamata olives for a rich array of textures and tastes. Finish it with creamy feta for an irresistibly indulgent experience – one of New York’s best salads!

Gotham’s seafood salad is an East Village favorite and an absolute must for any foodie. Chef Alfred Portale’s inspiration behind its creation? He adapted dishes he had discovered while living in Florence, including Spanish octopus, scallops, and shrimp poached in lemon-olive oil with herbs, shallots, and spices added for an ultra-fresh experience!

If you’re craving more than the average salad, look no further than this East Side gem for an unforgettable lunch experience. They boast some of the city’s most unique salads, like quinoa and goat cheese salad with pomegranate vinaigrette or chicken Caesar with smoked bacon and toasted sunflower seeds!

Cafe 4’s Ripe Strawberry Salad

This strawberry salad is a sweeter take on classic Caprese that makes an easy main or side dish option. Combining juicy strawberries, basil leaves, and tart balsamic vinegar makes a flavorful salad perfect for non-kale lovers! Add crunchy pepitas or pistachios for additional protein and crunchiness for added enjoyment, or serve alongside BBQ jackfruit sandwiches, veggie burgers, or portobello mushroom burgers at your next picnic or potluck event!

This summer salad offers the perfect combination of crisp greens and bright flavors. Its zesty vinaigrette and crunchy toppings make this mealtime favorite truly healthy and ideal as a light lunch or snack option. Made using only fresh ingredients easily found at any grocery store.

Hudson Market’s Ahi Tuna Salad is popular among diners looking for something lighter yet filling. This tasty salad features avocado, cucumbers, green onions, edamame, and sesame seeds – and its sweet citrusy ponzu vinaigrette is ideal for enjoying as a summer lunch!

Twisted Root Burger restaurant in Louisiana offers an incredible salad option called the Turkey Cobb that will please anyone searching for more hearty fare. This salad features whole chopped turkey patties, fried eggs, and creamy honey mustard dressing – an ideal meal to pack in their lunch box during work or school days.

When craving Thai-inspired salad, look no further than Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen for their peanut noodle salad with its silky Sriracha soy dressing – you won’t resist ordering another serving! So flavorful is this dish that you might find yourself ordering more!

If you love seafood, Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant in New Castle has just what you need: their Lobster Salad! Served in a hand-fried flour tortilla shell that allows for convenient scooping up of greens and seafood, topped off with spicy chipotle lime sauce that creates an ideal balance of flavors and textures.

Mike’s Royal Diner

Are You Tired of Boring Restaurant Salads? Look No Further: New York City restaurants are elevating restaurant salads with hyperfresh produce from NYC Farmers’ Markets – from Sweet Grilled Strawberry Salads to Classic Caesar-Inspired Salads, these standout restaurant salads prove that an impressive plate of greens should not simply be seen as obligatory additions to meals!

If a salad isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. These NYC restaurants offer delicious alternatives that won’t just fill you up healthy but will leave you satisfied and not eating something that should belong in your refrigerator. Here’s where to go if you’re searching for delicious burger or chicken sandwiches, pizza, or pasta dishes without leaving you feeling unfulfilled or like they belong tucked back inside it later.

Nolita’s airy Nolita eatery may be best known for its homemade Greek yogurt–offering an array of flavors and toppings like strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate–. Still, the Greek salad is worthy of ordering as well. A generous slab of feta sits atop cherry tomatoes halved lengthwise, cucumber slices, red onion rings, high-quality Kalamata olives, and Cretan rusks, which absorb olive oil.

Rawia and Jumana Bishara provide Carroll Gardens residents with top-of-the-line Middle Eastern home cooking, including a fantastic Fatoush salad adorned with lamb, roasted cauliflower, toasted croutons and soft-boiled eggs.

Jonathan Waxman’s West Village restaurant is known for its delectable desserts, but its salads are equally impressive. Their Roast Carrot and Avocado Salad is sure to please, while Nicoise Salad with Goat Cheese ravioli is another satisfying option.

Brooklyn Salad Bar’s menu boasts abundant, nutritious salad options that satisfy dietary preferences, making this restaurant’s salads the ideal way to kickstart any meal and increase green intake.