Bloomchic Fashion Review


Bloomchic Fashion provides stylish yet cost-effective mid to plus-size apparel. Their goal is to help women easily find something flattering that will boost their confidence – offering sizes M to 6X to ensure inclusivity in its offering.

Their business model centers around a data-driven product development process that utilizes predictive models. This method identifies emerging trends for colors, patterns, and fabrics before producing styles in small batches to prevent overproduction.


Bloomchic is an online fashion store for mid to plus-size women. Committed to inclusivity and affordability, this trendy clothing line features sizes 10-30 (M-6X). Established in 2021 by L Catterton Investment Management Company Limited (LCAT), its offerings expanded and reached more customers thanks to its investment. Bloomchic aims to bridge the gap between fashion and curvier women by making them feel desirable and empowered through clothing tailored specifically for them while hiring plus-size designers who create chic and comfy styles for each size grouping.

Bloomchic provides customers with stylish yet budget-conscious apparel at great prices, such as sweaters, maxi dresses, and chic tops at unbeatably affordable prices. In addition, their selection of shoes and accessories, such as hats and purses, makes their products versatile enough for daily life – plus, their hassle-free return policy lets customers exchange unwanted items within 45 days for full credit back!

BloomChic is a relatively new player in the fashion industry. Yet, it has made an immediate impression on size-inclusive shoppers due to its affordable prices and wide selection of fashionable clothing. However, some shoppers have voiced concerns regarding its quality and customer service standards; additionally, many have criticized BloomChic’s sourcing practices.

The label sources its products from factories across China. Company founder Bill Hu and other senior officers possess vast expertise in China’s fashion world, enabling them to work directly with manufacturers for more cost-effective prices for its products.

Though this brand offers an expansive selection of items, its ethics and sustainability policies remain unclear. While its website states it abides by fair trade principles, no mention has been made regarding how they monitor suppliers to ensure compliance. Furthermore, low price tags suggest workers in China may be being exploited under its watch, which would not be sustainable.

BloomChic may be ideal for budget shoppers but not eco-conscious buyers. Operating a fast fashion business model that sources merchandise from China factories means keeping costs as low as possible to stay competitive with Shein and achieve profitability – something which does not support environmental or worker sustainability.


Bloomchic is a fashion brand designed specifically for women with curves. Their clothing is trendy yet affordable and comfortable, ideal for curvier women. Additionally, the company promotes body positivity by featuring models with varied skin tones, ethnicities, disabilities, etc. As a result, this brand has enjoyed considerable traction, including being featured by Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Fashion Magazine, among many other media.

BloomChic offers an expansive range of fashion products, from sweaters to dresses, including its best-selling sweaters, maxi dresses, and chic tops collection. Their pieces are constructed using high-quality materials like cotton and rayon and come in various colors; furthermore, they provide a 45-day return policy.

Indulge is committed to inclusivity and offers sizes 10-30 (M-6XL). Their founders recognize that the fashion industry fails plus-sized women, so they strive to bridge that gap by employing experienced plus-size designers who create designs and styles that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Though BloomChic is highly successful, there remain questions regarding its sustainability practices. According to its website, it donates returns directly to women’s shelters or resells them at plus-size thrift stores; however, recycling becomes difficult because its garments often include multiple fabrics.

Besides donating clothes, the company employs a sustainable production model dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. They use eco-friendly bags and order smaller batches to minimize fabric waste; additionally, they use recycled materials as packaging boxes which also helps them reduce textile waste.

Rethinking its manufacturing process has helped the company enhance the quality of its clothes. By streamlining design and production processes, the company can produce items more quickly while keeping prices affordable; plus, it has implemented stringent measures regarding chemicals or toxic substances used during production.

Overall, the company is making strides toward sustainability initiatives and is an attractive option for shoppers searching for ethical fashion. However, its business practices should be reconsidered in light of environmental and social considerations.

Committed to inclusivity

Bloomchic has set itself a mission of providing stylish clothing options to women of the plus size community. This goal has been accomplished by employing designers experienced with plus size design and providing comfortable yet flattering pieces inspired by current trends and designed to be as versatile as possible. Additionally, their collections come with free shipping and returns to promote inclusivity further.

BloomChic’s website is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive user interface that enables shoppers to locate items by category, brand, and price range; they can also filter by item type, color, and size to save time when searching for what they need. Customers have applauded BloomChic for meeting their tastes and style preferences and providing reasonably priced trendy fashion.

BloomChic, launched in 2021, focuses on inclusivity and body positivity by offering trendy styles at budget-friendly prices for curvier women in sizes 10 through 30. Their online retailer sells products in various cuts, fabrics, colors, and techniques that cater to every taste imaginable – recently received a significant investment from private equity firm L Catterton.

BloomChic’s investment will allow it to increase its presence in US and international markets, diversify its product range, hire additional employees, and develop digital capabilities. Furthermore, its founder Bill Hu is highly knowledgeable of China’s fashion industry and can successfully leverage BloomChic’s network of factories throughout Southern China.

As part of its commitment to inclusivity, the company also works toward body positivity by refusing to edit its models’ photos for body editing purposes. This strategy has helped them resonate with a broader range of women – an essential factor behind their success.

However, serious concerns remain over their sustainability and ethical standards despite their dedication to inclusivity and diversity. Their selection of low-priced clothing may appeal to customers but could come at the cost of workers in their factories.

Easy to shop

BloomChic is an innovative plus-size clothing brand founded in 2021 that caters to women from sizes 12-30. Committed to inclusivity and affordable pricing options, this company provides everything from cozy sweaters and maxi dresses, all at an attractive price point – plus promotional codes can even save money off your purchase!

The company website is easy to navigate and features comprehensive product descriptions, comprehensive sizing charts, customer reviews, and ratings to give customers more insight into the quality and fit of specific pieces. Plus, they have a customer support team available 24/7 who are happy to answer questions or address concerns.

Bloomchic employs a data-driven business model. They anticipate trends, design clothing in small batches to avoid overproduction and use eco-friendly fabrics like cotton and elastane that ensure comfortable garments for curvier women.

As it offers ample sizing options and affordable prices, Asos makes an excellent selection for every budget. Furthermore, their return policy is very generous, so if something doesn’t satisfy you enough to wear, Asos provides refund or exchange services without penalty if an item doesn’t suit you.

Customers love the company’s high quality and affordability, yet many have reservations regarding its returns process. Some shoppers have reported issues returning items that cannot reach companies’ customer service departments and had to wait several days until their returns were processed.

BloomChic is an excellent option for women looking to add variety to their closets. Their trendy styles and inclusive sizing make the company perfect for plus-size women. Furthermore, the user-friendly website features helpful sizing information, making shopping for dresses effortless. Unfortunately, BloomChic does not currently offer organic or GOTS-certified fabric options.