High-End Chocolate Fashion


After the pandemic struck, high-end chocolate suffered. But now it has recovered beautifully; bean-to-bar makers promoting more transparency have revived this area while salted Swedish black licorice bars are taking the style game to new heights.

This artisan bakery provides its almond croissant with just the right amount of butter so that you can indulge without going overboard on calories.

1. La Maison du Chocolat

Chocolate isn’t only delicious; it can also make for an incredible fashion accessory! At Salon du Chocolat, models strutted down the runway wearing dresses made of chocolate crafted by chocolatiers and designers in collaboration.

La Maison du Chocolat debuted in Paris in 1977 under the leadership of Robert Linxe, who wanted to restore chocolate’s original nobility by creating exquisite ganaches and pralines using premium quality ingredients. Today the company boasts stores both within Paris itself as well as around the globe.

One of their best-known creations is a Louis XVI chair made entirely out of chocolate, worn by Katie Musser in this year’s Sweet Charity Contest and raised money for DC school libraries; outfits must correspond with an assigned theme, such as Musser’s Cruella De Vil costume that featured a fur stole edged with hanging chocolate balls.

My brother loves purchasing 24-piece gift boxes at this Columbus Circle kiosk; their packaging is superb! Each piece stacks perfectly into place within its respective slot – perfect for his slight OCD! Additionally, their staff is knowledgeable and friendly – I recommend stopping by this kiosk if chocolate interests you!

2. Laderach

Since online shopping has steadily increased, and record store closures in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in record store closings, many predict brick-and-mortar retail is doomed. But Swiss chocolate retailer Laderach stands against such predictions; their specialty brand of freshly produced, artisanal chocolate has recently opened its largest global flagship in New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

Laderach’s flagship store stands out from its counterparts with a one-story cocoa bean sculpture designed to demonstrate every stage of chocolate production from start to finish in Switzerland and sold through stores where each product originated. World Chocolate Master Elias Laderach oversees quality control at every location. He leads the quality of all chocolate sold throughout his store chain.

The company has established itself in the United States with over 85 premium chocolate retail locations and an expanding online sales platform, and plans to complete a coast-to-coast presence by Mother’s Day with two new locations opening this week – one in Cerritos, California, and another in Tysons Corner Center, Virginia – featuring their iconic FrischSchoggi counter displaying large slabs of chocolate that can be hand broken for gift giving or everyday occasions.

3. La Maison du Chocolat Paris

La Maison du Chocolat chocolates are carefully hand-made using only premium ingredients and techniques, such as cocoa beans of superior quality sourced sustainably from farmers worldwide. Each chocolate is hand-filled and decorated with intricate decorations or unique patterns before being carefully packaged and distributed to stores nationwide. Their offerings include various chocolate flavors and textures, such as ganache or pralines, produced in small batches to maintain consistency and precision.

La Maison du Chocolat was established by pastry chef Robert Linxe in 1977 and has since grown its presence throughout Paris and internationally. They are well known for their imaginative chocolate creations, combining unconventional ingredients.

My brother visited Paris recently and was impressed with their packaging and how nicely the chocolates fit inside their boxes, so he purchased several 24-piece boxes to take back with him home for family and friends in America.

Online purchases of these chocolates come in custom isothermal packaging designed to maintain optimal conditions during their travels and keep them cool and delicious on arrival.

4. Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry chocolate brand is beloved among professional chefs worldwide, with their mission being to foster creative thought by providing quality ingredients and tools that allow chefs to craft desserts, unlike any others. WWC offers Cacao Barry products, including baking sticks, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter – so stop in today to order from Cacao Barry!

Cacao Barry offers this useful compound, which features low cocoa fat content and requires no tempering, for coating candies, confections, dipped fruits, and cookies. Formulated from 18.1% minimum cocoa solids combined with fully hydrogenated vegetable fat, milk sugar, and soy lecithin for optimal results.

Cacao Barry Grue de cacao nibs make an effective mix-in or filling for cookies, pastries, and cakes to add a nutty flavor that balances sweetness. Crafted using ground cocoa beans that have been roasted before being ground down to reveal their natural flavors and textures, their delicate chocolate flakes boast high levels of antioxidants – providing a tasty treat with balanced sweetness for every bite!

5. La Maison du Chocolat France

Georges Berger is a master at his craft, and his bakery offers some of the finest French food in South Florida. He bakes all bread, pastries, cakes, and ice cream himself with only the freshest ingredients used to craft each delicious item from scratch – making this an excellent spot for lunch or brunch service with amiable and quick staff members!

Robert Linxe founded La Maison du Chocolat France in Paris in 1977, pioneering ganache-filled chocolates while creating his signature flavor palette for them. Since then, La Maison has expanded and opened a boutique in New York City in 1990.

New York is known for its monuments, parks, squares, restaurants, and shows, so it is no surprise that La Maison du Chocolat chose New York for its first boutique outside Paris. Being such a tourist-oriented city made this location ideal for showcasing their delicate yet subtle products – the Madison Avenue store provides easy access for locals and visitors.

6. La Maison du Chocolat Switzerland

Robert Linxe established this brand in 1977, becoming one of the early significant advocates of using ganache in their chocolates – this light yet the luxurious combination of chocolate and cream lend their signature smooth and velvety texture.

La Maison du Chocolat offers some of the world’s finest artisanal truffles. Their delicious chocolate treats come in various sizes and flavors – from plain to dark chocolate – and come wrapped in luxuriously glossy red gift boxes perfect for St Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Visit Paris to enjoy an extravagance-filled experience at the Salon du Chocolat, an annual chocolate fair that welcomes chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and other food lovers from across the globe. As it’s the most giant chocolate fair worldwide, this lavish event attracts people worldwide!

At Chocolate Fashion in Coral Gables, it’s essential to know that each weekday there is a new lunch special available – this enables the restaurant to focus on providing a professional crowd with varied and quality meals while still keeping prices reasonable and using the freshest ingredients daily. Georges Berger of Chocolate Fashion says this approach allows him to keep costs affordable while using only the freshest ingredients daily.

7. La Maison du Chocolat United States

La Maison du Chocolat takes excellent care and precision in its chocolate-making process. Beginning with only premium cocoa beans from around the globe that an experienced team has handpicked. Next, their master chocolatiers use temperature regulation techniques to create silky textures of their chocolate. Finally, it is wrapped with delicate layers of cocoa for an exquisite finishing touch.

La Maison du Chocolat was established by Robert Linxe – known as the “Sorcerer of Ganache.” Since then, Nicolas Cloiseau (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier) has led this iconic brand with great success around the globe.

Attracting true Francophiles is no simple task in this store’s brightly lit pastry case, where there are super-sized fruit tarts, delicate cakes, and cookie creations as big as babies’ faces – guaranteed to put smiles on all fronts. Additionally, customers can purchase traditional German cakes called Stollen or Christmas-themed buche de noel (yule log) made of sponge cake in December.