Bristol Public Schools Calendar


School Health Services provides medical clearance for students. Services provided include emergency care, assessment of illness/injury, administering medications and treatments during school hours; mandatory screenings for vision, scoliosis, and pediculosis, as well as infectious disease control.

Ilayda Akbayrak has been leading efforts in her district to add Eid al-Fitr to their calendar, meeting with administration and School Board members alike and hoping that Eid al-Fitr will be included starting in 2023.

Fairmount Elementary School

Fairmount Elementary School, situated in Bristol, Connecticut is an urban school serving students from kindergarten to grade five. Offering various educational and recreational programss, including vocabulary development, math problem-solving classes, writing lessons and an anti-bullying program, as well as maintaining a library with over 30,000 books for student use as well as fundraising and volunteering initiatives – Fairmount offers something for every child here!

Academic Calendars at schools detail essential dates such as registration deadlines, payment due datess, and graduation commencement, as well as school breaks and holidays. They are updated frequently to reflect any changes, with official versions accessible by visiting each school’s website or checking with its district’s office to learn more.

Bristol public schools calendars are invaluable tools for both parents and teachers alike, showing essential events such as school holidays, teacher prep days, and teacher services days, as well as important dates such as the first and last days of classes. Parents can use this calendar to plan for vacations and activities with family.

Fairmount Elementary School students are predominantly White, while approximately 5% are Hispanicc, and 4% represent two or more races. With a diversity score of 0.22 – lower than the state average of 0.61 – Fairmount’s teachers average 10.9 years of teaching experience on the DonorsChoose classroom funding website and have 15 projects funded on DonorsChoose for classroom of the financing projects. Furthermore, Fairmount also boasts a comprehensive special education program featuring team teaching in mixed-age K-2 classrooms as well as visual, auditory and physical therapies for those students with disabilities.

Vance Middle School

Vance Middle School serves students in grades six to eight. Its curriculum offers courses such as mathematics, science, English, foreign language, and social studies. Additionally, student clubs, intramural athletics an interscholastic sports league, and an on-site peer mediation program are all offered here, as well as remediation opportunities before and during school days.

Vance Middle in Bristol, Tennessee is an exceptional public school. Students perform well on state tests and boast high graduation rates. Parents and peers consistently give teachers high ratings at this school. Unfortunately, its suspension rate exceeds the state average due to issues like behavioral issues or academic struggles that need addressing.

The Bristol Rotary Club recently honored Bristol’s outstanding teachers during the 34th Annual Frank W. DeFriece Outstanding Teacher Awards ceremony. Teachers nominated from both VA and TN public school systems were selected, each receiving a $500 cash award at an outdoor celebration at Bristol Trainstation that also featured marching bands, flag and cheerleader teams from both systems, as well as flag and cheerleader squads from both systems.

At the ceremony, students of all ages lined up at the entrance to pay tribute to the honored teachers. Awards were given out by the Bristol Rotary Club with sponsorship provided by Baker’s Construction Services Inc, Bank of Tennessee, Bill Gatton Automotive Group, Bristol Herald Courier, Bristol Regional Medical Center, Bristol Motor Speedway, First Bank and Trust Co, Johnson Commercial Developments King University Massengill-DeFriece Foundations Strongwell Corporation among others. The Bristol Rotary Outstanding Teacher awards are named in memory of former Bristol President Frank DeFriece, who also sponsored them with sponsorship by Baker’s Construction Services Inc, Bank of Tennessee Bill Gatton Automotive Group as part of Bill Gatton Automotive Group as part of his legacy of serving his community as President before retiring after two decades with honorable service to fellow Rotary President Frank DeFriece who hosted numerous meetings of his fellow Rotary clubs before being announced as Bristol President by Bristol Rotary.

Niche recently released its rankings of North Carolina middle schools, placing Vance County Middle School at number 515-687 overall. Ranking criteria includes test scores, graduation rates and how well it prepares students for high school, as one of the highest ranked public middle schools in its region and a great choice for families looking for quality schools near cities or towns with great reputations.

Volunteer High School

Students at this school enjoy a well-rounded education, boasting both vital arts programs and exceptional athletic programs – the boys’ and girls’ track teams have won state championships! Other academic programs are equally impressive, including having produced one national Latin scholarship winner, one valedictorian, and one state basketball champion player, as well as having an exceptional Ambassador group to welcome newcomers into the school community.

Volunteer High School scored 0.13 on its diversity score scale, which is below the state average of 0.59. With 1,028, including 72 teachers enrolled at Volunteer, its diversity score can only improve over time.

Volunteering can make an enormous difference to high school students’ communities by engaging them in something that matters while making new friends. Furthermore, volunteering has been shown to improve mental health while giving kids the chance to socialize, which benefits cognitive development and overall well-being – this is why making volunteering part of your child’s life is essential!

Bristol Consolidated School

Bristol Consolidated School, part of Central Lincoln County School System / AOS 93 and serving grades K-8 students, boasts an 11:6 student/teacher ratio. To date, four projects have been funded on DonorsChoose by its teachers.

Bristol schools are recognized as among the finest in Maine due to their outstanding academic performance and graduation rates. Offering classes such as science, mathematics, social studies, music, and language arts – as well as offering a summer reading program – their students have performed exceptionally well on state tests, placing among the top 10% of Maine schools.

Bristol Consolidated School offers more than just academic education – its staff includes nurses, speech therapists, and counselors; it also boasts an after-school program with comprehensive after care for children; educational opportunities include culinary arts classes and Spanish clubs as well as being home to a competitive robotics team that has competed nationally and internationally in competitions.

The school strives to create an inviting and secure learning environment for its students. Staff members are dedicated to each child’s success and actively involve parents in their education process. Furthermore, life skills taught to students will equip them with essential tools needed for becoming good citizens and leaders within their communities.

Bristol is home to many outstanding educators and students. Its schools boast high enrollments, and teachers strive hard to provide every child with the best education possible. Unfortunately, it’s funding still falls below the state average, thus prompting school committee members to brainstorm how best to address the situation.

Academic calendars serve as key reference points that serve as the backbone for daily operations at schools and universities, including payment deadlines and financial aid submission deadlines, school holidays, and graduation ceremonies. On this page, you’ll find Bristol Schools’ 2022-2023 academic calendar, which contains various activities and holidays such as Thanksgiving Break, Fall Break Sprinkling Date, and School Closing Date.