IGNOU University


IGNOU offers numerous educational programs through open and distance learning, with 21 Schools of Study, 67 Regional Centers, 2000 Learner Support Centers, and 20 Overseas Institutions as part of its network. Get the Best information about IGNOU Grade Card.

IGNOU’s curriculum and books are considered some of the finest in India. Notable IGNOU students include Karthik Gurunathan Iyer and Sudipta Chakraborty; furthermore, this university also assists those from reserved categories.

Study Materials

IGNOU study material is an indispensable element of distance education and plays an essential part in helping students prepare for exams. Available across all courses at IGNOU, this self-directed material comes in various forms like textbooks, study guides, and assignment booklets, and it is digitally available on their website.

IGNOU’s eGyanKosh portal is an invaluable resource for students searching online for IGNOU books. Offering comprehensive study materials for all undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs; download it free and easily use it; students should keep in mind, however, that loading times for the website could take some time; therefore, it is recommended to plan.

If you are planning on enrolling in an IGNOU degree course, the appropriate study materials for your subject must be at hand. With so many courses to choose from, selecting one that meets your educational goals may require selecting books over notes – here are a few tips that should help make selecting IGNOU study materials easy for your program.

IGNOU’s e-Gyankosh portal is an invaluable starting point for any student enrolled at IGNOU. The platform serves to index, preserve, distribute, and share study materials across India with its student body. Students can log onto the site with their enrollment number and select their program of choice; chosen once, they will be taken directly to a page with subject-wise study materials available in PDF format that can be downloaded by students directly from there. e-Gyankosh platform is free for students all across India to use and easily accessible on mobile phones and tablets, providing students with easy access to study material whenever they please – which prepares them for examinations seamlessly! This is a massive plus for all those wanting to ensure they’re ready when test day arrives.

Study Centres

IGNOU Study Centers provide students with all the assistance and support they require. Conveniently located across India and run by experienced professionals, these centers can offer assistance with studies or any queries you have about the university. Visiting these study centers also gives you an excellent opportunity to network with fellow students and faculty members alike!

The university maintains an expansive network of Regional Centers, Recognized Regional Centres, and Learner Support Centers that offer students a range of services such as counseling, placement support, and course development. They also feature facilities like libraries and computer labs.

Study Centres provide students with rented spaces where they can come together and study together. Under the direction of a coordinator who provides part-time academic and non-academic staff members’ support, study centers play an essential role in overseeing various programs while supporting open education systems.

Each Study Centre features its library with books and other resources available for students’ use, as well as audio/video lectures that supplement course materials. All enrolled in the program have access to this resource.

IGNOU offers courses across a wide variety of fields – engineering, management, business, and science, among them – at its study centers spread throughout India and internationally. Students come from diverse backgrounds, but all can find an ideal learning environment at any of its centers.

IGNOU’s study centers are an integral component of their operations, offering vital student services and support. Not only can they offer academic and career advice, but they also host relevant seminars and workshops pertinent to the current job market. Furthermore, study centers assist with assignment submission and project completion assistance, as well as financial aid issues or any other personal matters concerning students.

Admission Process

IGNOU offers a comprehensive selection of courses spanning academic, technical, professional, and vocational subjects at different levels – resulting in Competency Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees for its graduates. Students can register with IGNOU either online or by visiting one of its regional campuses to submit all pertinent documents; after registration, they will receive an admission confirmation letter. Candidates should read carefully through admission instructions to determine their eligibility before taking one or more courses offered by IGNOU.

Checking their application status online with IGNOU is quick and straightforward – simply entering their registration number will do. IGNOU will notify them of their admission status via email and text message so they can begin the course they select immediately.

IGNOU application season typically opens in June and closes in September. Candidates interested in applying must visit their official IGNOU website to select a program before filling out an online application form and uploading any required documents, such as high school/college transcripts, standardized test scores, or personal statements.

Once an application has been submitted, students must pay their admission fee through the IGNOU website with a credit or debit card and also send original copies of documents directly to its admissions office for processing and review by university personnel before being given an offer letter.

Once a student’s admission has been processed, they will be assigned an ID and password for the IGNOU website, which allows them to access study materials, assignments, and exams and take exams as they wish. Should any problems arise, they can contact their designated regional/study center. IGNOU also features an active placement cell as well as one of India’s premier libraries with thousands of books for all students enrolled – this collection boasts hundreds of books alone! Countless IGNOU students have found employment with top companies worldwide!


IGNOU offers courses at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, as well as certificates and diplomas. Most admission decisions to IGNOU courses are determined based on previous academic records as well as factors like standardized test scores or personal statements; students can apply online via IGNOU’s website by filling out an application form – they will then receive their books and ID cards by mail for classes to be taken on weekdays or weekends.

ignou students have access to study materials via the university’s e-GyanKosh portal for free, making this an invaluable resource with thousands of books and hundreds of video lectures available for their use. Furthermore, dedicated instructors are always on hand to answer their queries or offer assistance – another fantastic benefit of attending ignou.

Furthermore, the e-GyanKosh platform features an expansive library of textbooks to make finding relevant resources for any course easier. Moreover, university e-GyanKosh is frequently updated with new material, while the library holds numerous DVDs and audio recordings from past lectures.

IGNOU’s Term End Examinations (TEEs) are held twice each year – in June and December – for all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses offered at its university. All enrolled students of IGNOU take part, with results usually released between August/September and January of the following year. Other components of each course, such as practical exams, fieldwork projects, or practical exams, are assessed along with theory exams at these exams.

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