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Buzzr is a digital television network owned and operated by Fremantle that showcases classic game shows. Launched in 2015, the web can be found through cable/satellite providers and over-the-air with an antenna.

Match Game and Hollywood Squares have proven immensely popular marathons on the network, while Press Your Luck and Card Sharks also stand out as highly-attended events.

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You can pause/resume or reset the buzzers at any point during a game. Pausing stops any countdown timer (if enabled), locks the buzzers to prevent additional players from pressing them, and locks any newcomers from joining the competition. Resuming resumes the timer while unlocking all buzzers so those yet to buzz in can enter their scores; additional players may be called upon by clicking their names at any time.

The player table shows which players have buzzed in, their buzz order, the button they pressed, and their score. Clicking a player’s name highlights their screen and allows you to either call them on or uncall them (this feature can help manage multiple players simultaneously). To order various players quickly and efficiently, you can check one or more checkboxes next to their names or make one bulk selection or removal action at a time.

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To download BUZZR Casino – Play Free Slots, search the title in Google Play and click Install to launch it. When the download completes, a pop-up window with the required permissions will appear; accept them, and your installation will begin! You’ll see an installation progress bar as you go!

Buzzr is currently hosting a marathon of old and new game shows, such as Talk About’s long-awaited revival, which will begin its two-week marathon beginning May 29th before becoming part of their entire schedule starting June 1st, along with classic episodes of Family Feud (Dawson and Anderson), Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth, and Card Sharks (Eubanks). Furthermore, their series called “Most Iconic Game Show Moments” showcases classic episodes like Sale Of The Century Blockbusters Hollywood Squares Classic Concentration Million Dollar Password Match Game that they showcase along with classic episodes such as Sale Of The Century Blockbusters Hollywood Squares Classic Concentration Million Dollar Password Match Game for fans to enjoy.

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BUZZR is a television channel that modernizes classic game shows with more modern, hip, and loud-mouth approaches. Launching initially on YouTube and expanding across digital TV networks since, its original programs include Big Batsu, Boyfriend Wars, and Guess That Food; initially, it only featured Goodson-Todman/Goodson game shows but later added new programs.

In 2022, the channel hosted a marathon called “Supermarket Sweep,” featuring back-to-back episodes of its popular show in which contestants compete for cash and other prizes. They also conducted two marathons: Beat the Clock (two hours) and Body Language (two hours).

On May 29th, 2022, Buzzr hosted a marathon of Talk About, a word game not seen since 1980 on American television. After this event, Talk About became part of its regular programming lineup and a full-time part of Buzzer’s.

On November 10, 2022, Buzzr hosted its second Veterans Sunday Salute marathon dedicated to veterans called Buzzr’s Veterans Sunday Salute, featuring members of the Armed Forces on Beat the Clock (Collyer), I’ve Got a Secret (Moore), Card Sharks (Eubanks) and Family Feud (Combs). This marked their second appearance since 1992 on Feud with host Bob Eubanks.

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Many games don’t require physical buzzers, like head-to-head game buzzers free on iPhone/iPad. It allows two teams or players to compete head-on using this mobile application with its precise answer timer and scorekeeping function, making this perfect for family game nights or smaller trivia quizzes.

Who’s Looking Forward to Classic Game Shows on FAST Apps (Free Advertiser-Supported TV) Apps like Sling, Roku Channel, and Pluto? Stream your favorites like Sling, Roku Channel, or Pluto at no cost in their original pace – for instance, in 2019, Buzzr aired Let’s Make a Deal’s 1963 pilot as well as both 1962 and 1973 Pilots for Match Game in its “Match Game Time Machine Marathon.”

Buzzr hosted their “Super Duper Password Summer Beach Party” marathon featuring Brett Somers and Jack Klugman from 1971 in an episode of Super Password from 1971 as part of its programming, as well as classic episodes from Sale of the Century, Blockbusters Classic Concentration and Card Sharks.

Buzzr’s multi-station digital network, Buzzr, is another way of watching old game shows from Fremantle-owned shows that were popular during the 70s and 80s. You can access this network using iOS devices, Android phones, or Roku.