Best Places to Stay in Casablanca


Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is an exhilarating mix of iconic historical landmarks, world-famous restaurants, and modern shopping. Determining your stay depends entirely on your interests and requirements – various accommodation options exist. Check out to know more

Casablanca’s best times to visit are spring or autumn when crowds are thinned out and temperatures remain comfortably warm yet not oppressively.

Ain Diab

Ain Diab is a beachside neighborhood ideal for those seeking relaxation on the sand. This beachside community features several high-end hotels, cafes, and restaurants with international flair, popular stores, and proximity to Parc Sindibad theme park and zoo.

Old Medina gives visitors a glimpse of Morocco before French influence, featuring narrow streets brimming with local vendors selling traditional Moroccan goods and street food.

The Habous, or New Medina, neighborhood offers an authentic experience to visitors seeking something more cultural. Boasting traditional and modern architecture with an emphasis on religion and spirituality and being home to top-rated restaurants near the Hassan II Mosque, Habous offers something unique for any traveler looking for an immersive cultural adventure.


Habous neighborhood offers visitors an enchanting journey along narrow streets lined with ornate buildings and bustling local markets offering souvenirs. Cafes also line its narrow alleys for relaxing tea time or pastries – this neighborhood lies adjacent to the Maarif district for easy access to Royal Palace.

Habous was constructed by the French in the 1930s and is known as “New Medina.” Tourists frequently visit it due to its cultural and religious centers. Additionally, Habous offers plenty of restaurants and shopping malls for convenient shopping trips.

When visiting this area, autumn is the ideal season. Temperatures are pleasant, and there are fewer crowds; Morocco Mall and Sindibad theme park can be found nearby, as are budget to high-end accommodations options that range from hostels.


Most travelers who plan to visit Morocco typically imagine narrow streets, authentic markets, and delectable local cuisine as part of their dream trip. Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque and Rick’s Cafe can also be found here, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences! This neighborhood makes an excellent base to experience it all and more.

Quartier Habous is an excellent neighborhood that showcases the cultural collision between Moroccan tradition and modern French style, known as the New Medina since France constructed it in the 1930s.

Location: South of the city center and close to Sindibad theme park as well as many of the finest restaurants of Mumbai, this area offers some of the city’s best luxury stores for shopping.


The Gauthier neighborhood is an art lover’s delight, providing an abundance of restaurants, attractions, and experiences for visitors. Here visitors can admire paintings at Laredo Gallery before stopping at Jungle Concept Store to peruse handmade furniture and other crafts for sale.

The Old Medina of Casablanca is a historic district that showcases Morocco’s vibrant culture. With narrow streets lined with traditional houses and bustling markets, it provides an ideal way to immerse oneself in Casablanca’s past and experience its history firsthand.

Plage Ain Diab and Marabout Sidi Abderrahmane beaches are popular among beachgoers, while Morocco Mall and Sindibad theme parks provide shoppers with ample shopping opportunities. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Casablanca due to the warm temperatures and breathtaking coastal views; winter crowds dissipate more quickly, allowing you to experience more peaceful surroundings.

City Center

City Center, situated west of Hassan II Mosque and overlooking the ocean, offers a modern experience in Morocco. Packed with hotels and shops and its charming 1930s cathedral that blends European and Moroccan architecture and numerous cafes and restaurants, this neighborhood provides visitors with everything they need for a fantastic Morocco stay!

Shopping tourists will appreciate this area for its many internationally-recognized brands and famous attractions like Murdoch Park, Ain Diab, and Lalla Meyem beaches, Sindibad amusement park, Morocco Mall, and nearby plentiful transportation options. Should you decide to stay here, book your hotel quickly, as the most desirable accommodations often sell out quickly.

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