Distance Between Two Cities Google Maps


Distance Between Two Cities Google Maps is an online tool that calculates the distance in miles or kilometers between two addresses on a map, making it an excellent way to determine travel time between locations via car, plane, or even walking. Check out the Best info about driving distance calculator.

To use, enter city names and click Calculate; results are then displayed beneath the map.


One of Google Maps’ most valuable capabilities is its ability to measure real-world distance between any two locations, both mobile and desktop web browsers. To use it, right-click a starting point and select “Measure distance” before clicking another place to display their distance in either miles (mi) or kilometers (km).

When calculating the distance between two points, this approach works best. It’s beneficial for planning an event and needs to ensure all attendees can quickly arrive. You could also use it to figure out how far away an attraction or landmark is located from where you are driving.

Example: With this tool, it is simple to determine the driving distance between New York and Paris; however, finding out the distance from home to your nearest coffee shop or hospital could prove more challenging. A helpful approach for calculating distances between cities is using Haversine’s formula – this straightforward calculation takes into account both the distance between points as well as Earth’s spherical surface area.

Although Google Maps provides an accurate method of calculating straight-line distance between two points, it doesn’t take into account factors like road congestion that could alter travel time. An alternative would be using Routes API’s more accurate measurement of travel distance by simulating actual paths taken – although this requires some programming knowledge, it provides more precise distance calculations between locations.

Most people find the easiest and most efficient way to calculate distances is with mapping software programs, available both online and on computer systems. Most come with user-friendly interfaces that make navigation and understanding simple; in addition to calculating distances, some programs also help plan trips, provide driving directions, and identify nearby restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, or offices.


Google Maps can be an invaluable resource when traveling to unfamiliar destinations, helping you quickly determine the fastest route there. From finding routes and hotels nearby to measuring walking distance and distance between two places – no matter whether using the mobile web version of Google Maps or an iPhone app, measuring walking distance takes only minutes!

If your location is on a map, click it to drop a pin and display its distance on this page. When done, a number will appear next to “Distance.” Additional markers can also be added in order to calculate multiple distances at once; however, not all distances will be displayed when there is more than one marker present.

Use the Maps API to plot out a route between two points on a map. This method is more complex than simply measuring straight line distance, as it will return not only their distance apart but also a route that would take them there. It is best suited for situations when planning an extended trip as it includes necessary turns and understanding traffic patterns in that region.

Start by opening Google Maps in your web browser. Click any location on the map as your starting point; click another location as your destination point; you will then see an indication of distance in miles or kilometers between these two points. Alternatively, mobile users can use measurement tools by opening the Maps app, entering starting address information, and tapping the person icon for measurements.

Google Maps’ distance calculations utilize the Great Circle formula, which takes into account both the shape of Earth’s surface and the direction of travel – this distance estimate can also be known as “as the crow flies.” While this approach provides reliable estimates for most destinations, its accuracy may be compromised when used to measure irregular paths or roads.

If you require more accuracy, try adding more points to the map – the more points there are, the more precise your results will be. You could even use it to measure distances between cities by entering them separately and selecting an option accordingly.


Google Maps on your Android phone, iPhone, or computer makes it easy to estimate distance as the crow flies – an invaluable feature when planning bike routes or finding out how long it’ll take from office to cafe. Use Google Maps and right-click on any location, then select “Measure distance” in the menu that pops up to get started with this tool. It is ideal for determining how far away your hotel is from the airport. To do this, open Google Maps and navigate directly to it before selecting any starting points to calculate routes between. To get started using this tool, you will first need to open Google Maps with an initial location chosen as the starting point – then right-click and select “Measure distance” from therein the pop-up menu that appears. Your distance will then appear both on the map itself and at the bottom of your screen. To add another point, click to mark its location before using “Measure distance” again – and see the total distance of all three points!

Google Maps’ measure distance feature can be found under a menu icon that looks like a lightning bolt or by creating a path between any locations on its homepage and selecting “measure distance between these points,” after that, you’ll be able to specify the distance in either miles or kilometers and see results displayed accordingly.

This tool is particularly beneficial to cyclists who frequently commute by bicycle, enabling them to find the optimal biking route based on factors like your schedule, weather forecast, and other considerations. Furthermore, results include information about nearby bike shops and services, which may assist your journey-planning process.

No matter if you’re traveling by plane, train, or car – knowing the distance between destinations can save both time and money by helping avoid delays and unexpected costs. Plus, it helps prevent getting lost! Google Maps can even help determine approximate distances based on their coordinates!


Google Maps is one of the best tools available for calculating distance between cities. It can help you estimate an approximate distance between locations as well as provide other relevant data like traffic conditions. Furthermore, this helpful application offers several travel-planning tools, such as counting travel times. This service works equally well on PCs and mobile devices alike.

For optimal use of Google Maps to measure the distance between two points, first, open its app on an Android phone or iPhone and select your point of measurement before dragging the map around to position it as you desire. When your map is in position, a red pin will drop onto it so you can either add another location or delete one already listed.

Once you have the lat-long coordinates of two points, use the Great Circle formula to calculate their distance using lat/lon coordinates and take into account the curvature of the Earth as you measure between them. Although not as accurate, this approach still can provide valuable measurements in many applications.

Google Maps not only calculates distance but can also estimate time of arrival (ETA). This feature can be beneficial for travelers who are uncertain how long it will take them to arrive at their destination.

Google Maps now includes an innovative feature that automatically guides drivers towards the most eco-friendly route when driving. Currently being tested in certain cities, this new option will soon become widely available as part of their larger initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

TripTally provides an advanced solution for calculating distances in Google Sheets, providing accurate distance calculations between multiple locations with both miles and kilometers as outputs. Furthermore, it can even calculate travel times based on factors like road closures and speed limits as well as estimate travel times when walking, cycling, and taking transit – plus customize its settings based on user preference!

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