Flighthub Complaints


Is Flighthub worth the hype? This article examines Flighthub’s seat selection fees, refusal to issue a refund, and more. In addition, the writer outlines her experience trying to reach a Flighthub customer service representative, who simply hangs up on her. The company has not responded to CBC News’ requests for comment. However, we’ll provide a sample of Flighthub customer service complaints. We hope you find them helpful.

Flighthub conceals fees for seat selection.

A federal investigation into the practices of flight-booking website FlightHub Group Inc. found that it intentionally concealed fees for seat selection and inflated prices for consumers while falsely promoting that the service was free. Consumers found that FlightHub’s hidden seat-selection fees amounted to millions of dollars. The Montreal-based company admitted to increasing prices after consumers selected their flight and promoting false pricing information. As a result, two FlightHub directors were ordered to pay penalties of $400k each.

Airlines have always been notorious for using clever ways to sneak in additional fees. Previously, most U.S. airlines eliminated change and cancellation fees, but seat-selection fees are back. And while Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska are among the lowest-priced carriers, these fees are slowly increasing across the board. On the other hand, Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee. It is unclear why the fee is being reintroduced, but it remains an issue for consumers.

Flighthub refuses to issue a refund for canceled flights due to COVID-19.

A law student at a California university has created a smartphone app called Formidable Solutions to help travelers who have had their flights canceled due to COVID-19. Based on the Documate platform, Formidable Solutions allows users to input their flight confirmations and cancellation notices and draw up a formal legal complaint. The app allows customers to use their cancellation or refund policy to seek compensation from the airline.

After receiving notification that his COVID-19-related flight was canceled, Al Shayeb called FlightHub to request a full refund. The company advised him to hold onto his ticket. However, EgyptAir decided to cancel the flight, which meant he was not getting any money from FlightHub. Despite contacting EgyptAir, FlightHub told him he was responsible for getting his money back.

Despite the widespread cancellations, many travelers have not yet received their money. This is large because travel companies are still pushing for consumers to accept vouchers for future flights instead of refunds. As a result, many travelers will likely be disappointed if the next COVID wave hits in the coming months. Thankfully, the Department of Transportation is tracking airline complaints and refunds and says that 81 percent of the complaints were related to refunds.