Finding Nemo: Turtles in Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo is one of the most beloved movies by Pixar and has won over audiences of all ages worldwide. Featuring aquatic creatures like turtles and other incredible aquatic life forms, this entertaining tale won the hearts of millions worldwide.

Crush is an easygoing green sea turtle known scientifically as Chelonia mydas, which lives in tropical waters around the globe.


Finding Nemo was filled with incredible characters, but turtles stood out as genuinely memorable. The movie is famous for accurately portraying marine life – and these two turtles helped Marlin and Dory along their search. Crush and Squirt quickly became fan favorites who made lasting impressions upon audiences everywhere they appeared.

Crush, the Green Sea Turtle in Finding Nemo, is a friend and mentor to Marlin, Nemo’s worried father. Crush enjoys surfing EAC currents while imparting his soothing wisdom – giving nicknames such as “The Jellyman” or “Little Blue” to Marlin and Dory to help them relax around him.

Andrew Stanton has long been associated with Pixar and many of their films; he voiced the turtle in Finding Nemo and provided voices for Evil Emperor Zurg in Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3, respectively. Additionally, this actor provided voice talents for movies such as Spider-Man and Jurassic Park.

Crush’s energetic son, Squirt, enjoys riding EAC currents and helping others. Squirt also had an extensive role in Finding Dory (2016) when it was released.

Fans have speculated that Crush might be high, based on his relaxed demeanor and catchphrase “Duude.” However, scriptwriters have denied this possibility, stating that his character represents someone who enjoys living life to its fullest.

Finding Nemo features fictional sea turtles inspired by natural species. Green sea turtles are well known for their powerful swimming capabilities and long journeys for food, consuming seagrasses and algae as their primary food sources. Unfortunately, green sea turtles are considered endangered; however, the movie has spurred conservation efforts to help save them.

Finding Nemo features many aquatic characters beyond turtles, such as clownfish – an anemone-dwelling variety. Also present are Bruce, Chum, and Anchor Sharks, who invite Marlin and Dory over for dinner aboard their submarine.


Finding Nemo is an incredible film with an outstanding rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie depicts numerous species of aquatic animals with very distinctive personalities that reflect their actual natural behaviors; among these creatures are turtles such as Coral, Dory, and Squirt as part of its storyline; fishes and birds also play vital roles.

At the core of it all is Squirt’s spirit of his father, Marlin: always looking for fun and adventure, with an easygoing nature and fondness for surfing ocean currents.

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have become two of the most beloved films of all time, boasting an astounding 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and touching millions of hearts across the globe. Their moving storylines will leave an indelible mark that everyone must watch! Don’t miss this unforgettable movie experience.

Finding Nemo features real-life turtle species as its characters: Crush and Squirt are depicted as green sea turtles found in Australia waters; in reality, these animals feed on algae and seagrass scrapes, as well as travel long distances on the East Australian Current current.

Crush the sea turtle can often be heard engaging in humorous dialogue with his sea turtle friends in the movie, particularly Marlin, who asks how old he is; Crush replies by telling him he is 150 and still young! While Crush might have lived longer, turtles typically live up to 152 years on average.

In addition, this movie featured other marine life creatures such as whale sharks and beluga whales; their portrayal by Pixar is an outstanding example of marine life in cinema. Furthermore, Pixar’s turtle characters have inspired many pet owners to name their animals after them and redesign homes with nautical decor items.


Finding Nemo introduced audiences to an array of endearing characters, one being Crush the sea turtle, who became Marlin and Dory’s mentor and friend. Crush is an enjoyable character who displays kindness and wisdom during his adventures with forgetful tang fishes like Nemo. Crush’s easygoing demeanor and use of catchphrases like “dude” make him memorable and enjoyable company.

If you want your turtle to have an engaging personality, consider naming it Bubbles or Squirt. Both names are colorful and lively, like those seen in Finding Nemo; Squirt can even be found as the name of an Australian citrus-flavored soft drink! Alternatively, try Caramel or Pebbles as options for something mellow and mature.

Avocado is another popular turtle name, highlighting your friend’s fondness for food. This delicious soybean snack brings to mind green flippers and the color of its shell; Guacamole or Kermie might also work, depending on their suitability.

Try going with something traditional like Frida to nod to artist Frida Kahlo while referencing the St. Patrick’s Day green hue. Jemima also works well, providing another lovely shade of green.

Name your magical turtle with something from mythology or fantasy; dragons or griffins might serve as good models. Or try names that evoke power, such as Jagged, Chaos, Blitz, or Venom – which all may bring the right feel!


Pearl is an adorable young flapjack octopus who befriends Nemo in Finding Nemo. Although initially shy, she becomes very close with him after discovering her unique color scheme stands out amongst all the blue and black ones in the tank. Pearl has a pleasant disposition; she loves exploring her world while remaining extremely curious – one of the film’s most unique and intriguing characters!

Finding Nemo features many new friends for the turtles to meet, including yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens), who live near Hawaii and feed on algae as well as invertebrates; they even perform cleaning services by clearing away algae from turtle shells! Voice actors Stephen Root and LuLu Ebeling voice these characters for Finding Nemo.

Another character, Sheldon the Seahorse, is another classmate of Nemo’s, and has become great friends. His name combines his surname with his mother’s first name, Sheila; as a result, he has quite a humorous side! He and Nemo share many adventures.

Elizabeth Perkins stars as Coral, Nemo’s mother, also known as the false percula or common clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris). As humans capture them on an adventure, a mother-son bond forms between Coral and her son, who escape into an experience together.

Finding Nemo is an animated movie with memorable characters such as Nemo, Marlin, and Dory. At first, Marlin has difficulty letting his son have adventures without him but eventually learns to let go.

Chum and Anchor also appear while Philip Sherman plays the part of Nemo’s dentist who keeps him and his tank gang in an aquarium; Sheldon, the young seahorse, and Darla Sherman are other characters in this film. Different familiar faces from Finding Dory appear, such as Fluke Rudder Smutje and Boje from Fluke Rudder Smutje, whose Germanic namesakes also feature, as does her husband Tom, who acts as Fluke’s husband! Animals such as Bruce and Anchor appear in these films, too.