How to Use Henrietta’s Map to Find the Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy


Henrietta’s Map is a treasure map that will open the side quest “The Hippogriff Marks the Spot.” You can locate it in Manor Cape near Clagmar Castle’s Floo Flame in its southern area.

Clear away enemies to reach the entrance beneath a large, abandoned structure. Inside will be found a statue of Hippogriff with braziers surrounding it; follow Henrietta’s map instructions with Confringo and Glacius to light these up as instructed.


Hogwarts Legacy allows players to embark on and complete numerous side quests connected with treasure maps, offering many rewarding experiences. However, finding and understanding these puzzles may prove challenging at times.

Hogwarts Legacy players will discover their first musical treasure map at Henrietta’s Hideout, located in the southern region of the world map and accessible using Poidsear Castle floo flame fast travel point. Once there, players must clear away enemies in the area before dismantling stairs leading underneath Merlin Trial to complete it.

Henrietta’s Hideaway offers players a chance to come face-to-face with a Hippogriff statue surrounded by burning braziers. Players must replicate the pattern of fires found on the musical treasure map to open a concealed wall behind it and reveal a treasure chest containing Treasure-Seekers Gloves, which will complete their Treasure Seeker appearance set.

Henrietta’s Hideaway offers many ways to solve its musical treasure map puzzle, and players should use Incendio, Accio, and Glacius spells to proceed. First, light Henrietta’s statue braziers to begin the journey using Incendio or Accio spells or tapping buttons around its base. Once done so, an underground secret wall will open directly behind his statue hippogriff statue – opening up your way backward.

Once players find the treasure, they can complete the Hippogriff Marks The Spot side quest and earn themselves the Treasure-Seekers Gloves. Like any treasure map or puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, this one involves following clues on a map to locate its contents – following clues is essential in finding these incredible items – so players should keep their eyes peeled for such maps while traversing Hogwarts Legacy!


Henrietta left clues for you on her map to help locate her treasure. One is the location of Henrietta’s hideaway – a Dungeon in Manor Cape with an entrance just beyond Merlin Trials on the cliffside stairs. Once inside her hideaway, you will discover it contains several puzzles that must be solved; Henrietta’s map provides solutions as well as two spells called Incendio and Glacius that Henrietta has included on it as part of Henrietta’s map!

Henrietta’s hideout begins in its first room, where you must light and extinguish fires surrounding a statue of hippogriff to match those shown on Henrietta’s map to advance through it. Once completed, an opening in a wall will allow access to her treasure chest!

Henrietta’s Hideaway contains two puzzles. The first involves ringing bells in an exact order to open their chest; failure to do this correctly will result in discordant tones from each bell, and an inaccessible chest will remain. Henrietta’s map provides helpful notes with the exact timing for hitting each set of bells in succession.

Once you have solved all the puzzles in Henrietta’s Hideaway, the final step in Henrietta’s Hideaway is eliminating Ashwinders within. Once this step has been taken, a treasure chest will appear near one of the stone walls and complete the Hippogriff Marks the Spot side quest, granting you Treasure-Seeker Gloves as a reward.

Once you’ve discovered Henrietta’s Map Treasure, be sure to explore its immediate surroundings for any other clues related to treasure hunting. You might find ancient paths or trails used by other treasure seekers that will bring you one step closer to reaching your goal. Remember that treasure hunting can be intimidating; don’t give up easily and stay persistent – eventually, you will discover your reward! Hayley is a writer and avid gamer. She has an MBA background, but her passion for writing and gaming led her to pursue an entertainment career. Currently, she writes for several online publications and blogs covering video games and anime – with hopes to publish her novel one day!


Henrietta’s Map is an essential tool in Hogwarts Legacy for quickly navigating its expansive castle grounds. You can use it to find classes, secret passageways, and hidden treasures – though getting used to its use may initially prove challenging. Here are a few helpful hints that’ll ensure maximum effectiveness of Henrietta’s Map:

Once you’ve completed the main story of Hogwarts Legacy, additional side quests may become available to you. One such side quest is The Hippogriff Marks the Spot, which requires using Henrietta’s map to locate an exclusive treasure. Step one in this quest requires retrieving the rolled parchment from Poidsear Castle; step two requires traveling to Henrietta’s Hideaway situated within the Manor Cape region for step three and clearing out this dangerous dungeon before continuing.

As soon as you step inside Henrietta’s Hideaway, you will encounter various puzzles that must be solved to access Henrietta’s treasure. Once enemies have been cleared away, seek two boxes that can be moved with magic; move these over-pressure plates throughout the room by matching their symbols with those found on each plate until you activate all four dishes and open the door behind a statue.

Several items can be moved in this room using magic, including a hippogriff statue with the same symbol as on Henrietta’s Hideaway boxes. By following instructions from screens and your map, lighting braziers near this statue is critical to unlocking Henrietta’s Treasure Chest, which contains Treasure-Seeker Gloves.

Once you’ve solved all the puzzles, use Henrietta’s Map to locate Music as the final treasure. This treasure can be found near Floating Candles and Music but may require more effort. First, travel to Bandit Camp Castle and clear it of all enemies before entering one of its tents to search for a blue chest with this hidden treasure.

Final Words

Like any treasure hunt, it’s crucial to remain calm and persistent. If you find yourself lost, retrace your steps and look for clues; when all else fails, use Henrietta’s map as an aid and use Henrietta herself as your guide if possible! Even if you don’t find what you’re searching for immediately, be sure to return later- the journey’s rewards will more than make up for any lost time!

Hogwarts Legacy boasts many side quests, but one of the most captivating ones is “Hippogriff Marks The Spot.” To complete it, unlock Henrietta’s Map located near Poidsear Castle floo flame and activate Henrietta’s Map to complete this side quest. Once you’ve obtained it, follow its directions to arrive at Henrietta’s Hideaway and fight enemies before solving a puzzle involving lighting and extinguishing braziers around a statue of a hippogriff. Confringo and Glacius will guide your lighting, so use their expertise to light or destroy them. When the correct patterns have been matched, a wall behind Henrietta’s statue will open to reveal her treasure chest; at this point, you will earn the Treasure Seeker set of gloves as a reward for completing your quest!