How Much Does a Martin Brothers Custom Car Cost?


Joe Martin and his team at Martin Brothers Customs travel across Texas in search of old cars they can repair and transform into beautiful automotive masterpieces, which will then appear on the reality show Iron Resurrection.

Martin Brothers cars represent an investment in exceptional artistry and craftsmanship. These stunning vehicles represent excellence in every regard. Cost depends on several factors, such as the level of customization, material choice, labor requirements, and expertise needed.

Level of Customization

Joe Martin is an award-winning metal fabricator, most famously seen on Velocity’s Iron Resurrection program. Alongside his wife Amanda, Joe uses his expertise to give old cars new life by turning them into automotive works of art. Their shop in Texas includes a team of staff dedicated to restoration vehicle services; in their search for old motorcycles and cars for rebuilding purposes to sell back to customers, they frequently find what they need on Texas farms and countryside.

The cost of the custom car from Martin Brothers depends on its level of customization; the complexity of the design and materials used will impact the final price. Our experts at Martin Brothers will be able to estimate total costs on your behalf.

Time can also affect the cost of custom car creation, depending on its size and scope, as well as on shop workload. Therefore, when first approaching a company, it is advisable to request an estimated timeline as this may help in setting expectations about cost and delivery dates.

Martin Brothers custom cars offer many advantages beyond the initial price, including unique creations reflecting their owners’ personalities and styles. Furthermore, these cars provide exceptional performance and reliable investments that retain value over time.

Planning can make buying a car less of a headache, so setting a realistic budget and knowing what you can afford are crucial steps. Prioritize the features you value most, then explore loan or lease-to-own programs to determine the most viable.

The purchase of a Martin Brothers custom car is an investment, so you must research all available options thoroughly. Consider everything involved, from customization levels and costs related to upkeep/insurance, before making your final decision.

Choice of Materials

Enhancing your car customization to its fullest will require investing in various materials, and these investments may quickly add up. Exotic wood accents or carbon fiber features may cost extra; intricacies like paint jobs and intricate detailing could further drive up costs. Such upgrades not only look attractive but will also add value and enhance driving experiences.

If you are considering a Martin Brothers custom car, you must understand its price factors and associated expenses, such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. Although these expenses may exceed expectations, they will help determine whether purchasing your dream vehicle is worth the investment.

Joe Martin and the crew at his Texas-based hot rod shop have become well known for turning automotive dreams into reality, appearing on various television shows, including Iron Resurrection. Joe does not enjoy being on reality shows; instead, he prefers working under the hood rather than making faces at cameras for entertainment value; nonetheless, he and his team make this show fun to watch!

This show follows Joe and his team as they work to convert salvaged automobiles into high-performance vehicles, often racing against time to complete builds that meet all legal requirements for street use. Furthermore, team members possess skills in repairing vehicles damaged in accidents.

Each episode sees Joe and his crew searching the Texas countryside for junkyard treasures that can be transformed into excellent vehicles. Shag and Amanda search out hidden gems in backwoods, sheds, and car lots that Joe can transform into mechanical masterpieces. After weeks of work at his shop transforming these finds into breathtaking rolling works of art, their final result will impress car enthusiasts and collectors alike!

Labor and Expertise

Martin Brothers Customs is a family-owned company specializing in car and motorcycle customization, as seen on the reality show Iron Resurrection. For over 35 years, they have been offering services at their shop located in Texas – they charge $100 an hour, have certified welders on staff and fabricators onsite – and charge $100 per hour of labor time spent working on cars!

Joe Martin leads his team consisting of Shorty Martin, Mikey Martin, and Jason Martin in overseeing every project that comes through their shop. Joe is a master welder and metal fabricator, possessing an eye for detail that makes him ideal for handling restoration and customization of vehicles. Amanda provides financial expertise that assists Joe’s efforts.

Martin Brothers begins every project by consulting with their client to understand their vision. Once this step has been taken, their team sets about creating their vehicle into an automotive masterpiece through body modifications, paint jobs and interior redesigns, body swaps/engine upgrades/suspension upgrades, etc. These processes take considerable time and expertise, increasing the overall cost of their projects.

Labor costs should also be taken into consideration. Martin Brothers employs highly skilled craftspeople who dedicate themselves to crafting automotive masterpieces with great skill. Their commitment to excellence has earned them worldwide renown, and many unique bespoke vehicles they create are sold at auctions at high prices.

Investment in a Martin Brothers custom car is an exceptional way to showcase your appreciation of outstanding design and performance. These hand-built vehicles reflect not just your love for automotive art but also the passion and dedication of their owners, with numerous Martin Brothers cars sold at auctions as valuable investments; plus, you can customize it further according to your specifications – increasing its worth even further!


Joe Martin, founder of Iron Resurrection, and his team have an incredible ability to transform junk cars into some of the world’s most beautiful automobiles. Their squad boasts extensive skills, including welding, painting, and metal fabrication – making them the ideal partner for your custom car project. Additionally, their excellent customer service makes them stand out as true artists, treating every vehicle like a work of art!

Martin Brothers’ custom car design requires both time and skill. Their team begins by consulting with their client to understand their desired vision and concept before starting to transform the base vehicle with body modification, custom paint job, and interior customization – as well as performing mechanical upgrades such as engine upgrades or suspension modifications – before spending countless hours making sure every detail matches with what was initially envisioned for their finished design.

Martin Brothers cars may be costly, but their luxurious driving experience and exclusive nature more than makeup for any price tag associated with these vehicles.

Martin Brothers can make your dreams of owning an antique muscle car or contemporary hotrod come true with their meticulous work, unparalleled commitment to excellence, and global clientele base.

Building a Martin Brothers custom car may take considerable time and dedication, but its creation is always an incredible labor of love. Joe Martin and Mikey Martin, certified welders, and metal fabricators, have worked on several fantastic cars for clients ranging from full restorations to customized chopper builds – as well as celebrity projects like building an iconic 1964 Chevy Corvette Stingray for actor Danny Trejo!

Costing of a Martin Brothers custom car depends on its level of customization; to get an accurate quote, contact them directly and discuss your vision in depth; they’ll then provide you with a customized quotation based on these specifications.