Getaway Car Chords


The getaway car is designed to assist criminals in fleeing from law enforcement after committing a crime. It may be fast or stealthy depending on its use; either way, having the ideal getaway vehicle will ensure you remain undetected by them.

Taylor Swift wrote and recorded Getaway Car for her sixth studio album, Reputation. Many believe that the song may refer to former flame Tom Hiddleston.

Verse 1

Typically, most songs use verses to tell their main narrative. Although their specific structure varies from piece to music, naturally, they stand apart from Choruses with unique lyrics and are distinct.

Verse sections often feature distinctive instrumental textures that differ from those in Choruses, creating an element of transition by introducing something new or going in a different musical direction.

One of the critical aspects of a compelling Verse is supporting and creating anticipation for its arrival. If music stops or slows during your Verse, listeners might lose interest before tuning in for your Chorus! Learning to incorporate melody and chord progressions can make all the difference here.

Verse 8

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Guitar1 plays this verse with a clean tone, employing an arpeggiated Dsus2 pattern over the chord progression. Each picked note should ring out and sustain. Guitar 3 follows suit but up an octave; listen to the record to witness this effect.

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Verse 9

Getaway Car, recorded and released by Taylor Swift as part of her 2017 album Reputation, is a Pop song with moderate chord-melody tension. On this page, you will find the ukulele chords for this tune in its original key of C.

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