Insanity Fit Test


The Insanity Workout program is not suitable for beginners and includes a Fit Test to evaluate whether or not you can handle its rigorous workouts. Furthermore, this workout regimen should not be undertaken by those suffering from certain medical conditions.

These workouts consist of high-intensity interval training that uses exercises such as power squats, jumps, pushups, and mountain climbers to burn plenty of calories quickly.

What is the Insanity Fit Test?

The Insanity Fit Test is your initial workout in preparation for beginning a 63-day Insanity workout program. Designed to get your heart racing and push you out of your comfort zone, the intense Insanity workout promises results if you can stick with it – burning calories like never before while simultaneously building muscle mass!

The Fit Test workout lasts 25 minutes and features eight different Insanity moves as well as stretching exercises to help you recover after your workout. Each move lasts one minute, and you should aim to do as many reps as possible within that minute to measure progress over the 63-day program.

Before diving into any fitness program, it’s a good idea to complete an Insanity Fit Test to give yourself an idea of what lies ahead and how much effort needs to be exerted for results. This test provides invaluable information.

How to do the Insanity Fit Test

The Insanity Fit Test is a short workout designed to gauge your progress throughout the Insanity program by counting how many reps of each exercise you can complete at each fit test attempt. Your aim should be to increase this count each time!

This workout lasts 25 minutes and begins with warm-up and stretching exercises before Shaun T guides you through fit test exercises with two backup friends who are familiar with Insanity workout. They can give an idea of its difficulty by reporting how many reps they did on each move as compared to what they accomplished during their first round of Insanity. After each move, they announce how many reps they completed on that move compared with how many they met initially in the workout.

Once your fitness test moves are completed, you will begin your cool-down period, which typically includes traditional stretching and breathing exercises to lower your heart rate and relax you. When finished with this phase, it is essential to drink lots of water as the Insanity workouts cause you to sweat profusely, causing you to lose valuable water through sweating.

The Insanity Fit Test is an excellent way to assess your fitness level before beginning the Insanity workout program. If you aren’t currently in good physical shape before embarking on Insanity, I suggest starting another workout program first before trying Insanity out for yourself.

What exercises are included in the Insanity Fit Test?

The Fit Test workout provides a glimpse of what to expect from Insanity’s complete 60-day Insanity program. It combines high-intensity cardio exercises with aerobic and resistance movements to burn a ton of calories; such moves include jumping switch kicks, power jacks, power knees, globe jumps, suicide drills, push-up jacks, and low plank obliques. Please be aware that this workout may not be appropriate if you suffer from back or knee problems or aren’t in excellent physical shape.

Shaun T leads participants through an Insanity workout program beginning with two minutes of warming up and stretching before moving through eight exercises that should be repeated as many times in one minute as possible with 30 seconds rest between reps. Each participant records their number of repetitions on an Insanity Fit Test sheet to gauge their fitness level and track their progress throughout this workout program.

Beachbody, the company behind the P90X exercise program, recently unveiled another workout regime called Insanity that promises weight loss and muscle gains within 60 days. Like P90X, Insanity utilizes body-weight exercises combined with high-intensity interval training for effective workouts to burn a significant number of calories; additionally, it features core, ab, and yoga-type stretches as part of its workout regime.

Is the Insanity Fit Test a good workout?

The Insanity Fit Test is an excellent workout that will allow you to assess your fitness level before beginning Insanity as a complete program. Furthermore, this test serves as a great way to track progress over time as you complete Insanity – aim to take this test regularly in order to beat your scores each time!

This workout lasts approximately 25 minutes and includes a warm-up, stretch, and 8 Fit Test exercises that each last one minute; your goal should be to do as many reps as possible in that time and get one minute of rest between each move. Finally, the cool down consists of stretching and breathing exercises to help recover from an intense workout session.

Insanity workouts are challenging and may not be suitable for everyone. Their intensity can lead to injuries if done improperly; however, with dedication and proper techniques in place, you will be able to achieve incredible results from this challenging program. Backed by scientific research and proven effective at burning fat more efficiently than traditional cardio, Insanity can provide impressive results when followed correctly – just be sure to speak to your physician first to ensure it’s safe! If interested in starting Insanity sessions, ensure you consult them before doing any intense or intense workout.