Fit For An Autopsy Merch


Fitting for an autopsy merchandiser is an excellent way to support their band. Their comfortable and soft clothing comes in various styles while being breathable and self-deodorizing, so you’re guaranteed warmth and comfort in any environment.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY has long been one of the metal scene’s fiercest acts, and their latest album, Oh What The Future Holds, continues that tradition by taking an even darker turn with socially conscious themes and intense personal diatribes as prevalent as ever.


Fit for an Autopsy is an aggressive Deathcore band that has emerged on the music scene with its devastating sound. Their music is devoid of preachy politics or political ideology; their lyrics explore some of humanity’s darkest sides – themes that resonate strongly within their core community and have led to immense success for this dark Deathcore act. As well as performing their music at live shows and festivals worldwide, Fit For An Autopsy uses its platform to raise awareness for environmental problems and social injustices, be that through an awareness T-shirt or hoodie. You’re sure to find one at any concert or festival where their live sets or performances will take place!


In contrast to t-shirts, which are composed of lighter fabrics like cotton jerseys, the hoodie is thicker and warmer. Crafted using sinker weave machines, which create a heavier, denser fabric that insulates and protects against the elements, its design usually features illustrations or text on its front print and has become popular with young people in America – particularly hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Cypress Hill who embrace urban fashion by wearing it themselves.

Hoodies’ negative connotations have been magnified since Trayvon Martin was killed wearing his hood up. Additionally, it’s been linked with culturally biased perceptions of black masculinity, leading to instances such as profiling and violence against blacks.

Hoodie has come to mean “a person who wears such a sweatshirt.” In British English, it can also be used as a derogatory term similar to “chav” and “yob”, and sometimes insulted as in: “you’re a hoodie!”. Fit For An Autopsy is known for its aggressive sound and lyrics, which explore some of humanity’s darkest themes; their fans are passionate and have played an essential part in their band’s success within the music industry.


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Fit For An Autopsy was formed in 2010 by vocalist Joe Badolato, guitarist Peter Spinazola, bassist Josean Orta, and drummer Tim Howley, with the goal of spreading their music far and wide. Their crushing metal sound delivers a punch in the face while their honest lyrics explore some of life’s darker corners. Since their inception, they have traveled all over the globe, establishing an impressive fan base.

In 1920, Benjamin Russell Jr. of Alabama Crimson Tide football fame expressed discomfort from their wool practice uniforms, causing chafing and itching during practice sessions. To alleviate his discomfort, he worked with his father’s company (Russell Manufacturing Company) to design a cotton shirt more suitable to his comfort – coining the term “sweatshirt.” It quickly became a trending piece of sportswear!


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Fit for an Autopsy is a deathcore band that creates powerful music without preaching politics or political agendas. Their latest album, Oh What the Future Holds, is an uncompromising journey through genre. Far From Heaven conjures memories of Gojira with its heavy chorus and stompy beat, while The Man That I Was Not shows their ability to balance melody with heavy riffing with flawless precision.

This t-shirt is constructed from a unique fabric that’s both breathable and insulating and offers anti-static, self-deodorizing, and self-rinse properties. Additionally, its soft material makes it the ideal companion when running errands or going to the gym – not to mention medical professionals working in infection control who need protection against harmful bacteria and germs! With multiple colors and sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be one to meet your style preferences!