Miss Circle Dress – High-End Party Dresses For Curvy Women


Miss Circle Dress is an online fashion brand specializing in high-end party dresses designed for curvier women. Their designs are limitless and undeniably sexy!

This month, the New York-based brand opened its inaugural store in Soho with a selection of its latest collections on display. Their mission is to help women feel glamorous and sensual – this space spans over 2,600 square feet!


Miss Circle’s stunning flagship store recently made its debut in the SoHo district of New York City, providing women with glamorous yet sensuous moments to create moments that empower them and enhance their sense of femininity and sexuality. Offering pieces made with glittery fabrics, curve-hugging silhouettes, and strategically revealing cutouts – Miss Circle strives to help women feel glamorous while looking their best at every moment!

The 2,600-square-foot space exudes luxury and regal charm–characteristics that align perfectly with the brand’s vision. Vaulted ceilings and a grand staircase are hallmarks of elegance, while recessed niches line opposing walls to spotlight more oversized products like dresses and gowns from their selection.

Miss Circle has amassed over 455K Instagram followers and steady growth on TikTok and is fast gaining the attention of influencers and celebrities such as Iskra Lawrence, Alison Holker, Gabi Demartino, Sierra, and Lexi Wood. Miss Circle’s signature styles have caught the eyes of Iskra Lawrence, Alison Holker, Gabi Demartino, Sierra, Skye, and Lexi Wood, among others.

Miss Circle’s event dress offerings span across an array of colors and shapes, from red crystallized corset high-slit satin gowns to royal blue draping corset high-slit gowns. Plus, with its luxurious bodysuits that feel like second skin with their silky fabric material and feature a crisscross neckline with gold buttons – Miss Circle has something suitable for every event or special occasion!


Miss Circle Dress has made a name for itself as a women’s apparel line that excels at curve-hugging silhouettes and daring cutouts, drawing the eye of celebrities, models, and influencers alike. Their latest collections lean seductively with sparkling fabrics and seductive cuts that catch celebrities’, models’, and influencers’ notice. Most recently, they opened their first retail store during New York Fashion Week, which showcases their dedication to quality and detail – it spans 2600 square feet!

At our flagship store, our selection of trendsetting event dresses and gowns will make any special event unforgettable. Whether it be a cocktail party or a black tie event, you are sure to find a Miss Circle piece perfect for every special event in your calendar – from cocktail parties to black tie weddings. Its captivating strapless corset gown design showcases draping and ruching detail across the waist and hips with high slits for sexiness and peek-a-boo cutouts that add glamour; high slits; high slit cutouts add sexiness while its light weave double duchess luxury satin fabric flatters the figure perfectly for glamorous events or black tie weddings – complete with gold Miss Circle engraved zipper!


Miss Circle offers dresses suitable for every special event or casual wear occasion imaginable, including prom gowns and evening gowns, as well as something more casual like jeans or casual separates. Each Miss Circle gown is handcrafted using silky soft yet heavy bend and super stretchy material to provide you with the ideal fit and features lace designs on the back for added detail. Plus, they come in various colors and sizes!

Customer reviews for this company have been highly positive, as its dedication to inclusiveness and high-quality products have earned rave reviews from its customer base. Furthermore, its customer service is unrivaled, as is free shipping on all orders – making it a fantastic option for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe without breaking the bank!

Miss Circle launched its inaugural retail store this month in SoHo, New York City. Miss Circle strives to create moments for women to feel glamorous and sensual, which their flagship store embodies perfectly. Social media influencers, including Lori Harvey and Tessa Brooks, attended this exciting event!

Isabel Deng created her brand in 2015 to produce feminine garments featuring flirtatious elements. They prioritize high levels of craftsmanship in every step, from design through production and packaging, thus ensuring all their gowns meet the highest quality standards.


Miss Circle stands out from other women’s brands by taking an aggressive stance toward seduction, with shimmering fabrics, curve-hugging silhouettes, and unique materials like feathers making an impressionful statement about its designs. Their newly opened flagship store in Soho, New York City, showcases these latest creations while its grand staircase and vaulted ceilings capture the desired essence of luxury and royalty that characterize this brand.

At its opening event during New York Fashion Week, this store hosted an impressive lineup of attendees including Lori Harvey, Mary Fitzgerald, Lexi Panterra, Tessa Brooks and Sierra Skye – to name a few! Attendees could enjoy drinks provided by Loverboy and McBride Sisters Wine Company while listening to DJ Erica Tedd spin beats. Plus, guests could take advantage of on-site Tarot card readings by Ivy League Witch!