Muscle Nation Leggings Review


Muscle Nation is well known for its booty-hugging designs that can transform even the most giant mom butt into a toned bubble bum. Additionally, their leggings are affordable and come in various lengths to meet different body types.

HBXMN’s activewear collection, made from recyclable materials like plastic bottles, is durable and breathable for hiking trips. Our resident yogini put them through their paces during a recent hike.

1. The design

These leggings were developed with a women’s health physiotherapist for maximum support without restriction and stretchy enough for high-intensity interval training sessions. Our resident yogini Trudy Vains says these leggings are her favorite postnatal workout wear: comfortable yet supportive enough for long runs, featuring a high waist that keeps tummies snugly tucked.

Muscle Nation is Australia’s fastest-growing activewear and supplements brand, having grown from a start-up to a $27 Million business in just four years. Their family-oriented company has established a supportive culture around their brand.

Recently, they unveiled their inaugural sustainable range HBXMN made using recycled materials. According to the brand, its fabrics come from consumer waste and recycled plastic bottles (such as water bottles) collected, sorted, melted down, and sent to spinning mills to become yarn or fabric, then spun and woven into activewear fabrics.

2. The fabric

Muscle Nation offers gym apparel to assist with even your most challenging workouts and fitness goals. At the same time, their supplements help reach peak performance, whether training in the gym or on an athletic field.

Aussie activewear brand Hattie Boydle Active has gone from starting up in a Sydney study to an estimated $27 million business within four years, thanks to their e-commerce setup selling more than 800,000 products so far through e-commerce alone and its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales of 2020 which netted them $10 million. They have also made strides toward sustainability by creating their HBXMN line of recycled activewear made up of 75% recycled polyester sourced from consumer waste or recyclable plastic bottles collected before being melted down/melted down/recycled into chips before sending it onto spinning mills.

3. The fit

Muscle Nation is an Australian fitness brand offering supplements and gym apparel designed to assist users in reaching challenging fitness goals. Their diverse product portfolio caters to both men and women alike, while their high-quality clothing draws orders from around the globe.

This company, founded by two entrepreneurs based in Sydney, has seen phenomenal success within four years since its formation. Attribute this growth to customer engagement and product excellence.

These high-waisted leggings feature figure-hugging contoured panels for extra lift (say goodbye to sagging joggers!). In addition, each thigh features an easily accessible zipped pocket and a practical drawstring, so you can keep them up without falling! Furthermore, their durable construction means they won’t droop after repeated washes!

4. The price

Muscle Nation is an Australian fitness apparel and supplements brand with an expansive global presence, known for its range of products to assist gym enthusiasts and sports performers in reaching complex gym and sports performance goals. Their offerings include supplements, fitness apparel, and workout equipment.

They recently released their inaugural sustainable collection ‘HBXMN,’ designed with former WBFF world champion and brand ambassador Hattie Boydle. This line of polyester apparel contains at least 75% recycled content derived from plastic bottles collected for recycling; then compiled, melted down into chips sent off to spinning mills where further melting occurs, creating new fabric material.

Do You Want To Grow Your Booty, Build Muscle, Or Feel Confident? These leggings Are For You. Constructed with figure-hugging scrunch fabric and featuring the MN Classic high waistband to support and shape your physique.