Swedish Fish Shot


Swedish fish shots are easy and enjoyable for adults to kickstart any party, satisfying tastebuds with sweet candy-like sweetness while making for an effortless drinking experience.

A classic combination for this cocktail includes vodka, blackberry schnapps, and cranberry juice – but feel free to experiment with other ingredients to give the drink an original touch!


A Swedish Fish Shot is a refreshing cocktail featuring the sweet taste of Swedish Fish candy. Perfect for parties and an easy way to start any evening, this beverage consists of vodka, blackberry schnapps, and cranberry juice that takes just minutes to mix. It’s also great as an afternoon dessert shooter.

Swedish Fish cocktails are easy to create or purchase from bars or party stores, offering adults and kids a simple mixed beverage they will all enjoy. Perfect as an after-school treat for candy fans, Swedish Fish offers unique flavors that may bring newcomers over.

Multiple variations of the Swedish fish shot vary slightly in ingredients and appearance, each adding something extra that sets it apart. For instance, one version contains tequila for an unforgettable flavor, while others have blue curacao to give their drink an electric blue hue.

A Swedish Fish Shot typically combines vodka, blackberry schnapps, cranberry juice, and triple sec. All these ingredients should be mixed in a cocktail shaker before being strained into a shot glass for serving. You can garnish your drink with Swedish Fish candy as an added touch or reduce cranberry juice to increase the alcohol content of the drink.

To create the shots, combine equal parts of blackberry schnapps and vodka in a cocktail shaker before adjusting its consistency with some cranberry juice for color adjustment. Pour this mixture into a shot glass topped with Swedish fish candy as a garnish, or add mint leaves or lemon drops for a more fragrant aroma. Remember to shake before serving your cocktail for best results.


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker until evenly blended, then pour into a shot glass, garnished with Swedish fish candy for decoration, and enjoy! This shot can be prepared quickly in under one minute! For additional flavor, variations use cranberry juice or triple sec instead of vodka to achieve different effects.

Once your desired consistency is reached, adjust the water to achieve your ideal character. Using different colored gelatin for shots that look similar to Swedish fish gummy candy (blue food coloring is used here) or serving this beverage with either mint leaves or lime slices instead of the confection will create the effect that the Swedish fish is swimming through the drink’s depths.


Swedish fish shots are an easy, fruity drink that will satisfy adults’ and children’s tastebuds. You can serve these at parties or snack on them anytime during the day. Plus, their quick preparation makes for fun entertainment all its own!

These shots are prepared with Blackberry Schnapps and Cranberry Vodka, then enhanced with Cranberry/Cherry Syrup and green food coloring for color contrast. Finally, these shots are finished off by topping each with Swedish Fish Candy before returning them to the refrigerator to set. Once set, they can be served.

Shots may be served in a regular martini or shot glass and decorated with decorations like Swedish fish or candy to add festiveness. Liquor such as lime or strawberry could add even more flavor.

When creating this recipe, be sure to use high-quality ingredients. Cheap vodka may taint the taste, so measure all of your ingredients carefully before starting – ideally using a cocktail shaker, although blenders also work.

Swedish Fish shots are beverages designed to replicate the flavor and shape of Swedish Fish candy, popular since its invention by Malaco Company in 1950 and still very much enjoyed today. Gummy sweets of various hues (red, yellow, orange, or rainbow) come together in this treat invented and still enjoyed today by millions worldwide. The beverage closely emulates their flavor for an unforgettable drinking experience!

Drinks like Swedish fish shots can be easily created by mixing blackberry schnapps, cranberry vodka, and cherry or cranberry syrup with gelatin. Some people add blue food coloring for images that resemble their namesake Swedish Fish candy more closely. Serving this drink in disposable shot glasses or cocktail glasses allows it to be enjoyed any time of the year!


The Swedish Fish Shot is an intriguing newcomer to the bar scene, made of vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, and sweet and sour mix. Inspired by popular candy that features colorful fishes, its sweet-fruity taste is balanced by tart cranberry juice for an enjoyable flavor experience that’s great for hot summer days and parties! It makes a unique statement.

Swedish fish shots come in 1-ounce servings. You can easily prepare this beverage in either a martini glass or cocktail shaker, using crushed ice to determine how diluted the drink is. Furthermore, mix all your ingredients until all flavors have fully integrated before pouring them into a shot glass for consumption.

Add ingredients to make your Swedish Fish shot even more flavorful, such as lime juice or different flavor mixes. A few drops of grenadine may add a special touch. Plus, why not garnish it with edible decorations or garnish the shot itself?

Swedish Fish are popular snacks and candies sold worldwide, being fat-free and low in calories while gluten-free, making them suitable for vegan diets. However, it should be noted that Swedish Fish contain significant amounts of sugar, so consumption should be done with caution.

The Swedish Fish Shot is an easy and delicious cocktail to create at home, sure to impress guests and your hostess! Only three ingredients are required for its creation, and its sweet-and-refreshing finish makes this an ideal treat to sip on during those hot summer days!

Swedish Fish Shot is an effective and delicious way to satisfy cravings for sweet Swedish Fish flavors while providing a healthier alternative to peanuts or other bar snacks. When creating this drink, high-grade vodka should always be used.